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"Want to come to our resort and be pampered by the most beautiful maids and most handsome butlers? Then come to Sakura Resort and Spa! We are here to cater to your desires from rest and relaxation to a nice stress reliever. The staff here from Maids and Butlers to the Management will help to make your stay as enjoyable as we can! We hope you enjoy your stay!" Server is 18+. To enter you must read and agree to our rules. If you have any questions please feel to DM our CEO or other Managers.
What we offer:
- Lewd, Dominant Masters/Mistresse
- Maids and butlers moaning for love
- Active Staff like never before
- Erotic Roleplay channels for every topic
- Daily events with some chat fun
- Custom Emotes
- Lewd and awesome bots
- Alot of Roles to show who You are!
- Many channels to post lewd images
- Level system so you can show everyone your dedication

And much more that this server can make you cum at least 100 times with each member this unique system makes sure you have a sex happy life so join in on the fun that everyone wants and desires at the famous Lewd Dungeon

Join Now:
Hello and welcome!
This is the Neko Café, a 16+ new server that revolves around ERP and the like. We hope to keep expanding our numbers and add in new features as we go along, but for now enjoy your fine selection of Hentai rooms, general chatting, memes, and more!
We have a place for everyone, so even if you’re odd, you can find your niche!

Server was just made so we have no members however if you'd like to join feel free to help expand the community with us!
Welcome to Velvet Rose Hotel
We are a completely new server looking for active semi literate roleplayers!

we have maids and butlers to be at ur service and if u become an active customer u can be a VIP!!!

please come join todayy (:
A cute server with a really nice community! Café themed! Lots of games and fun features! We hope you'll join!
The Kinky Dungeon is a place for maids / butlers / masters / mistresses.
Join us today and have fun with many other people.
The server provides a variaty of the Roleplay channels, along with it's own economy! Frequent events [ Currently looking for Staff ]
A hotel with an all female, submissive staff! We like to have fun and entertain our guests. Positions are open! Now hiring!
Welcome to Ero No Caffe!!
This is a cafe you have always dream off. A cafe where you can choose either maid or butler to do anything for you, feed you, comb your hair, date you and their best traits, SPECIAL TREATMENT. You guys just ping or call the maid after looking at hall of fame. Just choose any of those that you want and fuck them, or do anything to them. They're yours. Write a response everytime after you have special treatment so that our maids will know to improve. Let's give it a shot! Bam! Bam!
Cafe Gozadera - a Maid Cafe RP Server in which customers ask to be serviced by maids, individuals with special roles whose job it is to obey the customers.

At the time of writing this description, we are looking for members and staff.
Maid House: E' un Server incentrato sul Gaming e il mondo degli Anime; con una comunità amichevole, attiva e variegata. Oltre a giocare con gli altri utenti puoi anche divertirti con i Minigame, SoundBoard, Cinema e altro ancora.
MAID RP is a new roleplay where you play as a maid or butler, serving their master! Character creation is dice roll-based, and there are many possibilities. Rolling dice is actually a major part of the roleplay, defining actions and attacks! Sorry, did I say attacks? The maids can fight eachother too, for fun or to gain trust for the master! This roleplay is unique with new ways to write! We have days where it's regular roleplay, and days where multiple people can sit down and play a dungeons and dragons-esque game! Now, to recap, we have:

❤️Maids and butlers!
❤️Special character customization based on rolling dice, including LOLI CATGIRLS.
❤️Maid battles!
❤️Regular roleplay AS WELL AS scheduled tabletop-like games

Warning: You have to read 18 pages of a PDF to be eligible to join. The pdf will be given to you as you join.
The server is VERY new and we haven't started the actual roleplaying yet, so join to be one of the early few!
Well, come on and serve the master with us! We hope you join and have fun!
This server mocks a replica of a Maid Cafe, which is heavily common in Japan!
This is as similar to a maid cafe as possible.
You can meet new people, have fun, and socialize!
We have NSFW channels!
Advertise-friendly and partnership friendly!