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Hello there! We're glad to have you as a customer here and Sakura Spa and Resort. Here at the Sakura Spa and Resort, we have many channels to spend your time. The clean-chat is where we have all general conversation, nsfw-chat is when that chat gets a bit sexy. Nsfw posting is for all the porn you wanna share, and meme-talk is well... for memes. And looking below general chat we have the refs! This is where you can read up on the maids and butlers serving you, and if you're active enough even post your own! Now what are the maids and butlers for you might ask? Well, simple go to the check-in lobby, request one, and they'll "see to your needs". Beyond that, we have other rooms for rping, such as the kitchen, pool, and others! There's more description on them in their own rooms, so check them out! Furthermore, we're always open to suggestions and will hear out complaints, which go in the respective channels. With all that said, we hope you have a great time here!
The Kinky Dungeon is a place for maids / butlers / masters / mistresses.
Join us today and have fun with many other people.
The server provides a variaty of the Roleplay channels, along with it's own economy! Frequent events [ Currently looking for Staff ]
A cute server with a really nice community! Café themed! Lots of games and fun features! We hope you'll join!
Maid House: E' un Server incentrato sul Gaming e il mondo degli Anime; con una comunità amichevole, attiva e variegata. Oltre a giocare con gli altri utenti puoi anche divertirti con i Minigame, SoundBoard, Cinema e altro ancora.
MAID RP is a new roleplay where you play as a maid or butler, serving their master! Character creation is dice roll-based, and there are many possibilities. Rolling dice is actually a major part of the roleplay, defining actions and attacks! Sorry, did I say attacks? The maids can fight eachother too, for fun or to gain trust for the master! This roleplay is unique with new ways to write! We have days where it's regular roleplay, and days where multiple people can sit down and play a dungeons and dragons-esque game! Now, to recap, we have:

❤️Maids and butlers!
❤️Special character customization based on rolling dice, including LOLI CATGIRLS.
❤️Maid battles!
❤️Regular roleplay AS WELL AS scheduled tabletop-like games

Warning: You have to read 18 pages of a PDF to be eligible to join. The pdf will be given to you as you join.
The server is VERY new and we haven't started the actual roleplaying yet, so join to be one of the early few!
Well, come on and serve the master with us! We hope you join and have fun!
This server mocks a replica of a Maid Cafe, which is heavily common in Japan!
This is as similar to a maid cafe as possible.
You can meet new people, have fun, and socialize!
We have NSFW channels!
Advertise-friendly and partnership friendly!