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OFFICIAL DISCORD PARTNER! We are the furthest reaching and all inclusive LGBTQ+ Geek & Gaming Community that's been established for 7+ years on Facebook! 10K+ Members on Discord alone. Talking about anything from Anime to playing games and beyond! Wherever your geeky passion lies, and whatever letter in the LGBTQ+ spectrum you identify with (Straight Allies too), we have a place for you.
Bienvenue dans « Discordopia », un discord fabriqué par et pour une communauté appréciant les mangas, l'informatique et les jeux vidéos dans sa globalité, dans le but de les réunir afin d'échanger dans la joie et la bonne humeur.
Dorkside cookies is a community for people with geeky interests, whether it is star wars or cosplay!!! Join our community today and participate monthly prizes, posts and straight up cool streams!!!
In this server we try to make friends, the outcasts are the ones who come in, geeks nerds etc
We are a League of legends/Fortnite community! full of fun and laughter! we are also a hangout discord! heart we host fun tournaments on LoL that can sometimes be rewarded with skins! fireworks We are currently partnered with other servers and are all working towards one Goal!... "We all aspire to help the community grow, meet new people, make new friends, play games together, and to all around have a great place for everyone to hangout and have fun together!"
Feel free to join us here as we love to meet you
Here lies the art of literature, once considered the one thing anyone wanted to learn and do; many people’s dreams were crushed. Now many despise it; people calling lovers of the craft nerds. Now, it makes a comeback, here is a haven for anyone who loves to read and/or write books!
This is A SFW Community server, for chatting and story telling (not to be confused with RP) like a Crossroad for other servers, you can show and tell your funniest moment with others, or just chill. Increase you level of Mateness and go for the top. Participate in challenges and... most of all... be ready for RECALL!!! Please note this server is in early stages.
Welcome! Looking for a sever to play with your friends or to make new friends?
Then this server is the one for you! A group of gamers and general nerds.
Memes, Dreams, and Laser Beams!
For chilling, chatting, playing games. Mostly gayming (18+)
🏳️‍🌈lgbtq LGBT🏳️‍🌈
Do you oftentimes find yourself to be a disappointment? Do you make many mistakes/have no friends? Then Disappointments Anonymous™ is the server for you! Join disgraces to humanity such as yourself in this social discord server! We welcome you with open arms.
Warning: This is a young-adult-ran server and there are topics not meant for young minds. There are also NSFW channels in this server. We encourage you to consider these things before joining.