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Potato Land
Welcome to Potato Land!! Our dream is to have a community where we provide a fun and relaxing environment for all members.
We are offering:
- Friendly community
- Levelling up system which includes being a VIP
- Purchasable roles - with our own currency
- Gaming, anime and NSFW categories
- Self-assignable roles
- Music Channel
- Venting channel
- if you would like to become a member of the Potato Family to be sure to join us!

Looking for members to help grow this server

A new, family friendly, non-toxic, Kirby-themed general community server with a slight focus on health and sleep. Very accepting, humble, and welcoming users.
Earth. Separated and reunited by humanity itself. We will flourish again. All we need is you.
For cute art and artists, no nsfw, on the whole clean, made for doodles, Instagrammers, Kawaii art
We are a Rainbow Six Siege server who welcomes good players and want to find a platform to grow your skills on and communicate with some pretty dope as fuck players!!!

We have a News section, A helpful tools selection , which will have tools for seige so you guys can play at your best, a NFSW section" you know who you are," and perspective lobbys for what you want to do in seige with another player!

Take a moment to explore what we have, that other servers simply don't have!

this server is clean meme stuff and amazing stars, small group, hopefully its gonna change l0l
This server is all about making your day happy when your down And to come and chill with active cool people.
It is WW4. World War 3 did not end in a destroyed Earth somehow, so there is another one. Prepare for war!
(Keep this server PG please)
🛑🛑 Join up with your friend and Play! 🛑🛑

♫ - Interact with our Music Bot!(Powered by Rhythm)

🤖 - We have the basic bots but we also have some custom made ones!

🎮 - Play games with your friends!

🎉 - Active Staff!

We hope you enjoy your stay at the Liquid0 Gaming Community from all of our staff members!
We're a friendly and clean (SFW) server looking to make new friends.
We accept everyone of all ages.
This Is a sever for people who play a variety of games but they don't have anyone to play with
Come join a 'christian' (for the meme) discord server. A place to meet new people, a place to meme, a place to discuss and play games with people. Very laid back with various rooms for different things. Brand new server, so get in quick for a special rank with special abilities
Welcome to DDiablo
This server is made for gamers who would like to chat and talk on a nice discord server

What do we provide
-we provide good staff and modding
-we provide achievable roles
-we provide a few custom emoji's :triggered: :boi: :__:
- we provide an active chat :keyboard:
-we provide a nice stable server
-we provide some useful tools and bots

discord server link
hopefully you now how a invite works
Hey everyone! Come and join That Club and make new friends! We are a community where you can roleplay, game on, share your art, writing, and so much more! Don't hesitate and come on in!