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Hi! I’m so glad you stumbled upon my server, I’m a guitarist who really loves what I do and really want to help other people get into the instrument. If you join this server I’ll be your instructor, teaching beginner level and Intermediate level.
Free one on one help with all subjects thru university level 201 all subjects. There is a focus on teaching American-dialect spoken English to nonAmericans.
Hi,If you wanna learn coding/programming then you are in right place! We teach many languages like html,css,python,roblox lua and much more! You can clear your doubts and have fun in server :D!!
Join this server for English help! Send me a DM if necessary! friend#5330
A fun server where we sing. We have Auditions and lessons to help you with your singing based on the role you receive

Hey there! Welcome to CodeHaven, a programmer's retreat of all shapes and sizes. We offer free lessons on how to code Python and other languages! We have an exclusive paid service for only £0.99 which is a crash course on Python called Python Premium! Join the server today and discover what you can learn in the world of CodeHaven
This is a server where it unites people with their world with people in their real world. Come and join us to experience something new!
A friendly and welcoming community to share everything about programming, mostly C#. Our main goal is to create an environment where people can learn, collaborate and have fun all at the same time!

We help with all programming questions, we have weekly lessons given by a few teachers.