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We're a new server exclusively for guys of the LGBT+ community. We're looking to create a small group of friends rather than grow into one of those servers with 100+ members and no decent conversation.
We offer:
-General chat and venting channels to get to know snazzy people
-Games channels for all the gaymers out there
-NSFW channels for other thingies
-This server is for guys of the LGBT community only. Meaning it's solely for people who identify as male and aren't straight.
-This server is 18+, if you're younger than that then you'll be kicked out immediately.
-This server is still pretty new, we're still looking for staff members too, so if it's a bit inactive it's because we're starting out, not because the server is dead.

Help us grow into the community you'd like!
This server is a safe space for men and boys, come on in guys, we got a whole bunch of cool shit, and we do game nights almost nightly

Na naszym serwerze:🔻
🔹 Znajdziesz ludzi do grania w Fall Guys zarówno na PC jak i na PS4!
🔹 Będziesz na bieżąco z newsami ze świata gry!
🔹 Możesz stworzyć własny, prywatny kanał głosowy!
🔹 Zdobędziesz rangi wynagradzające twoją aktywność, oraz poziom karnetu w grze!
🔹 I wiele więcej!
New Server to serve NYC’s gay community!
- SFW and NSFW (18+) channels
- video/voice chats

Come join in on the fun and let’s talk NYC and the surrounding areas. VERY NEW so stay awhile so we build up!
Hey there, this is a new server for trans guys and transmasculine folk who are ages 16 and up. We hope to create a community where trans guys can share their experiences and meet fellow brothers. If this sounds like something you'd be interested please stop by!

Please do not bother joining if this does not apply to you. We hope for you too, to find a loving community, but this is not the place.
-we like talking to new people
-we are friendly
-we love each other
-join the family
You made your way to 🌴🐪The Outback!🐪🌴

We're a fun crazy and edgy community that wants you, to come on over to the other side too!
Join us in the crazy stuff we do, the nutso memes that get spawned into this server, the girls that rant about their boyfriends, the fun roles and fun owner and admin interaction with members instead of controlling them, you all have a spot here in the far wild outback with us. And that's guaranteed, with miles of open land, what more could you ask for?!

- We take members as young as 13 and above!

- Tired of childish BS? We have a 18+ section for you mature humans so that they don't kill you with their stupidity!

- This Our Offer! -

- Incoming Meme Bots and Bot abuse channels to abuse the heck out of those helpless AI Machines! -
- Unisex and Gender Separation Channels for those who want to be with their own but also unite!
- Selfie Sections
- Personality Roles
- Gold Membership upon extra verification
- Admin and Owner interaction and friendships with the community
- Barely any rules at all just some simple ones not even enforced yet

And more on its way as we hit 500 and then 1000 members!

So stop sitting in the city, and come to the wild wild west and get crazy! We allow it here!
This a normal social server, its pretty new so im configurating this, its not finished, so if you see a error tell me, im online much time.
Good luck!
Welcome to End. We're an Over 18 community founded upon friendship over years. We are a new server but we've all had a lot of experience in this kind of server. Our Main goal is to just create a community. NSFW is togglable, Required Verification for Self Posting. We're seller-friendly too!
Heyo simps, are you trying to find people to play with games to have fun, love & laugh with.
If the Disboard fails to send a valid invite,, here is a permanent invite. We welcome everyone,have fun!
[FR] Hey ! Si tu aimes le jeu Fall Guys, alors ce serveur est fait pour toi ! Il contient une bonne communauté, des drops et giveaways, des espaces de recherche d'amis et pleins d'autre choses !

[EN] Hey! If you love Fall Guys, then this server is for you! It contains a good community, drops and giveaways, spaces to find friends and a lot of other things!
Join us now!
We are the only legit server that you dont need to invite people to get in! Or some stupid process to see everything
Just join, assign your roles and enjoy our server!
Naturist Guys server is an 18+ community for men who like to be and live naked as much as possible. Chat, pic sharing, and discussions are available to all verified members, and while generally respecting typical naturist ideals, we're not prudes!

Refugees from Kik naturist and nudist groups are welcome here!
⋆𐐪𐑂┈┈┈┈﹤୨♡୧﹥ ┈┈┈┈𐐪𐑂⋆

welcome to 🖤 we take pride in having a loving community where people can come together and find a safe community to relax and have fun!


here's what's on our menu!
- a safe and welcoming community for all
- a place to connect sit together in a friendly environment!
- fun game nights with games like minecraft, animal crossing,, and overwatch!
- a staff team that is always there to help when you need it


we hope that you consider stopping by and joining our community!
- 𝑅𝒪𝐼𝒟 🖤

⋆𐐪𐑂┈┈┈┈﹤୨♡୧﹥ ┈┈┈┈𐐪𐑂⋆
𝐅𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐂𝐲𝐛𝐞𝐫


Searching for an active Fall Guys Community?
It looks like you have come to the right place!

We offer a bunch of channels to post wins, show your fall guy, looking for group and not to forget memes.

We have roles based on your progress and achievements.


Join us to meet new people who all like the same thing, Fall Guys!
We offer a channel where you can ask for other players to join your game!

Un servidor creado para jugar con personas de habla hispana, al famoso juego Fall guys, que esperas para unirte
Cotton Mouth (Remastered)
Join us now!
We are the only legit server that you dont need to invite people to get in! Or some stupid process to see everything
Just join, assign your roles and enjoy our server!
Szukasz ludzi do pogrania w Fall Guys?
Na naszym serwerze discord znajdziesz osoby do wspólnej gry. Oferujemy też dawkę informacji o nowościach które będą pojawiać się w grze. Zapraszamy

💪 Nous sommes majoritairement présent sur toutes les plateformes pc, ps4 , xbox (même si le jeu est cross-play et que les joueurs venant de tout les horizons sont bienvenu).

nous sommes le gros serveur discord français dessus ☄️

🔎Nous faisons tout notre possible pour vous proposez le meilleur et pour innover notamment grâce à nos propres bots🚀

👉 Qu’est-ce que tu attends ? Rejoins nous ➡