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We are a decently small, fun and accepting community. Come together in our server with furries, friends and weebs! Lets make something awesome! We hope to see you there <3

We have:
Music Bots,
Fun channels(Like pokecord, OwO Bot, Fur Bot, Phonecall Bots! )
Gaming Channels,
Movie Events (Livestreaming Movies)
and more!
A furry roleplay server with an extra thicc plot! Come join the fun!
Come join us in the Furry Mansion! We’re a furry server with many different channels including gaming, anime, art (SFW & NSFW), and more! If you’re looking to hangout, chat, or make new friends within the community, then come on in!

We're always open for suggestions, so if you wanna suggest any ways in which we can improve just let us know <3 (we of course take more in consideration suggestions from active members than inactive ones).

•You must provide ID and be 18+ to access any NSFW sections•
We are a group of friendly furries who have vewwy active staff! Come join us in the adventure to grow the furry community! We have a multitude of fun text and voice channels to choose from! Lewd is always welcomed with open arms with our server, no judgement here!
A muti purpose furry server intended to be free of drama and server rivalry.
The furry family invites you to join this wonderful server with heaps of friendly furs and non-furs! What we have to offer include awesome fun bots, Cool people to talk to, Events and many other things to do! Rules are simple and we can't wait to see you there ♥
Heya, I'm Akamaru and welcome, this server is a place for furries to meet up, get to know each other, and even role play with one another! I hope to see you in here if you're interested.
Welcome to the Lounge
The fun new furry server where everyone is welcome
This is a server is LGBTQ friendly
We have roles to identify yourself
With many a friendly staff
Hello you furball!
Welcome to the lounge, this is a place to
-Make new friends and chat
-Show your art or promote others art
-Roleplay in our open roleplay channel or roleplay in a private roleplay channel
-Like gaming well find people to play with you
-We have a active and friendly staff
-No shame in anyway this server you can express yourself
I hope you join and have a great time!
Would you like to join a primarily SFW community? Well **YOU** came to the right place!
Wolf Squad is a SFW Community with the following community activities!
🚸- SFW Community
🐺 - Joint Furry / Human Server
🎨- We have artists and looking for more!
‼️ - Active staff and ready to help!
🔴 - Youtubers!
Why wait?

-For questions see a partner representative for our group!
-Founder FedoraTheWolf#9150
Welcome to Protogenics!
This server is specially dedicated to all Protogens and Primagens!

Here can you chat around with other fellow -gens and make great friendships!
As well can you try to help the community grow!

This server has things such as roles showing off what type of -gen you are, and how old you are.
People who are not a -gen are acceptable to the community so don't worry about not being one!

We've got ;

🎨Arts! For those whom like to share their artworks and drawings from other creators!
🤖Bots! To check your current stats and see how long you've been in the server for!
❗NSFW! You know where this leads.
🦊🐺Roles! To make sure what type of animal you are, or what your character is!
💬General! A place where everyone can talk to each other!

A furry community server!! Com chat, make friends, share art, and have fun!
Fur and beyond is a friendly community that was just created to welcome furries from all around the world. The server is designed for multiple interest once you passed the manual verification process. Any OCs from other fandom are welcomed.
We're a group of friends that decided to expand from a group chat to a server.
You don't have to be a furry to join.
Come join this furry server! Relax, Chat and have a good time with other members of the furry community, share art, and roleplay with your friends!
Top Furs is the server for furs who are looking for professional furry server where things are taken in professional way by experienced staff team. We have everything you need or even more as it is packed with fun and friendly furs from around the world. Be a part of this magnificent server and you will understand why people like it and adore the way it is ran. Join now!
Furry Hangout is a new server that welcome all furs around the world that can speak english. The channel is SFW and NSFW and we offer chats to talk in, places to share art or music that you created and roleplay. It is currently in the works and we look forward to having you here!!
This is a server for all furries and humans alike. We're a very new server, but with a loving community and robust set of varying channels for whatever you may be looking for. Have a question or suggestion? DM Inferno about it!
just a place to meet and talk to furs near you
This is a furry server/twitch server for the streamer on Twitch MelodyTheFolf! Join today and see why we're a good choice for your furry needs
Hallo! This is a server to chat, hang out, and make new friends. It is furry based however all people are welcome regardless of whether or not they are a furry. We have tons of cool bots, including Pokécord and Scout, the backtalking sassy robot. Pop in and say hello today!
FUR ROCK CAFE is a Furry (Hard Rock Cafe Themed) Community dedicated to making its users happy and comfortable. We achieve this through having a wide array of topical channels to talk in, thousands of users to chat with, and plenty of events for users to participate in each week/month.