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Chara Chara
Super friendly and respecting and loving community, the people who leave are missing out on all the fun! I love this server.
Ectoplasm Ectoplasm
Does not give me good vibes
This server is one of those that don't give off that good vibe most servers give, it's going very slow and i've seen literally no action going on during my stay.

The character template is extremely generic and I've probably seen it in atleast 10 servers, and contrary to those other servers the template was separated in 4 different posts making it extremely hard for a mobile user to copy and paste it onto a single post.

Thing to add: They don't seem to accept Google Docs, something that can cripple a server real fast once the people that like to write come by.

Wouldn't really recommend this one unless you are really desperate for a server.
National Furzie National Furzie
They try and the songs get better!

Like a true rock band, it takes time to create every song.
Samba Samba
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Game Discord
Isa Isa
Amo esse servidor
Eu gosto muito desse servidor, conheci muita gente legal, é bem organizado, recomendo uma visitinha, beijooos
Vang88 Vang88
lmao good server no pedos hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Ren Jelly Ren Jelly
My favorite server
Good channels, good vibes, good lads.
Perfect for the discussion of ketchup and a lovely place to meet interesting people. There's neat events and active vc to chill and listen to music in. Overall ketchup kingdom is an awesome place that I will always feel welcome in. Thanks bois 🦀
Sp Sp
[EN] Why are you still reading this rather than joining the community?
[PT] Por que ainda está lendo isso ao invés de entrar na comunidade?

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caralinhos caralinhos
O incentivo ao avanço tecnológico, assim como o aumento do diálogo entre os diferentes setores produtivos pode nos levar a considerar a reestruturação do processo de comunicação como um todo. Nunca é demais lembrar o peso e o significado destes problemas, uma vez que a revolução dos costumes cumpre um papel essencial na formulação das diretrizes de desenvolvimento para o futuro. Por conseguinte, o acompanhamento das preferências de consumo assume importantes posições no estabelecimento dos métodos utilizados na avaliação de resultados. Neste sentido, a valorização de fatores subjetivos faz parte de um processo de gerenciamento dos modos de operação convencionais. Do mesmo modo, o novo modelo estrutural aqui preconizado garante a contribuição de um grupo importante na determinação das novas proposições.

Desta maneira, a competitividade nas transações comerciais causa impacto indireto na reavaliação das direções preferenciais no sentido do progresso. Caros amigos, a constante divulgação das informações exige a precisão e a definição do sistema de formação de quadros que corresponde às necessidades. É importante questionar o quanto a expansão dos mercados mundiais facilita a criação do remanejamento dos quadros funcionais. Podemos já vislumbrar o modo pelo qual o desenvolvimento contínuo de distintas formas de atuação obstaculiza a apreciação da importância dos índices pretendidos.

A nível organizacional, a necessidade de renovação processual ainda não demonstrou convincentemente que vai participar na mudança das formas de ação. Acima de tudo, é fundamental ressaltar que o desafiador cenário globalizado acarreta um processo de reformulação e modernização dos paradigmas corporativos. Todas estas questões, devidamente ponderadas, levantam dúvidas sobre se a mobilidade dos capitais internacionais representa uma abertura para a melhoria de alternativas às soluções ortodoxas. Pensando mais a longo prazo, o comprometimento entre as equipes estende o alcance e a importância das condições inegavelmente apropriadas.
Wisp Wisp
Friendly and Great!
Hi! The members of this server are very friendly, and the staff is kind and helpful. I have enjoyed my time here so far.
жефт жефт
I've been preparing for this. I remembered reading online that when alligators hear a low b flat they get ravenously horny. Ever since learning this I have been laying awake at night, fantasizing. The image of an alligator forcefully thrusting it's white, rubbery penis into my asshole, it's scales rough against ass and balls sends shivers of excitement and lust throughout my entire body. Today marks the beginning of the alligators mating season. It only cost me 20 dollars and a Kevlar vest for a tuba player from Craigslist to come out into the Everglades with me and continuously play a b flat for 20 minutes. 20 minutes should be more than enough.

As we board the airboat, I feel my desire soaring. I want to touch myself to the thought of what will soon happen, but I withhold. I don't want to lose my appetite before it even begins.

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On the boat ride back to dock, I slip the tuba player an extra tenner.
obra de arte
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Abu Tahsin al-Salhi Abu Tahsin al-Salhi
Hiro and Waiez are based
They’re arguments against other religions are based. I support their approach of dealing with Islamaphobes and other haters. Also found this server to be very inclusive. And the rawafid here are kind I was surprised.😳
KurdishMuslim KurdishMuslim
good server
well it's a good server. the people are chill and sympathic. also you can learn about islam here really well.
Kombi Kombi
É um server bem caloroso, as pessoas ali são sempre bem vindas e tem muita organização e esforço dos mods / adms. Com isso, espero que cresça ainda mais :)
IsmailWTF IsmailWTF
They are F***ing AWESOMEEEEEE
excuse my language tho.. but fr.. they are just a bunch of muslims and non-muslims who just chill and chat... They gonna give you positive vibes. I promise
GreekGod GreekGod
This is awful
The owner is running a meta-circle jerk off with her and her close friends. Her character manages to "feel" everytime someone is about to move against her, and has secret DM made plans revealed with zero rp execution and states they succeeded. Anyone with an IQ above 3 will find the quality of the posts to be mind numbing, and anyone with rp experience will find the fairness to be non-existent. I'd 100% recommend you stay away and instead stare directly at a lightbulb, as that is a better use of time than this server.
»Głįtčhëś«… »Głįtčhëś«…
I love the growth
As the owner you can guess I’m not a rate you can go off to join but I’m happy how this server is growing and how nice people are here! Come and join in the fun!
Triplexic Triplexic
Life has a Hopeful undertone
Pup and Nikki put a lot of work and love into this server and it truly shows. With time they've grown an amazing, kind, caring, and fun community. While it's focused on helping you get through the woe's of life, you have a lot of funny people to keep you smiling all day long. At the same time, When someone is having a bad day, We tend to rally around them and try our hardest to uplift them. It's truly a one of a kind amazing community! I can never thank Pup and Nikki enough.
Nabi Nabi
Super ludzie, świetna organizacja.
Z każdym da się dogadać. Jest tu pełno miłości i zrozumienia ^^
Ava Ava
VERY, VERY lovely server! Check it out guys! Don't forget to invite people to get those sweet rewards she is offering! Definitely not a scam. No regrets!
Zaidebot Zaidebot
Has my seal of approval
A discord created and managed by one of the most dedicated and caring server owners I've ever seen, Constant improvements to the discord, constant fun and engaging live streams, and active and non-toxic community
Leadbej Leadbej
Good community always easy to find a match
friendly community and if i wanna play a match its easy to find a premade quick. its basically got what you want from a gaming server.
Güzel ve realist!
Pek çok güzel,rol ve topluluk öğeleri var çeşitli permler kazanabiliyorsunuz kendi hikayenizi oluşturmanız ise ayrı bir güzel başarılı! 5 yıldız!

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