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lechuga 🥬 lechuga 🥬
5 stars
10/10 would recommend to join
i finally made friends and they're very nice
i love lettuce
Vor 40 Sekunden
𝔰𝔞𝔦𝔩𝔬𝔯𝔪𝔞𝔫 𝔰𝔞𝔦𝔩𝔬𝔯𝔪𝔞𝔫
servery very very giood ive never seen server so good the mods are very good the yso active server yes i love this server i cant get enough of the mods they are epic i love them
Vor 1 Minute
MMDFrogie MMDFrogie
Epic server
People are so nice here!! You see I’m a frog people don’t like frogs but here they Accepted me for being a frog
Vor 3 Minuten
Babey Tangerine Babey Tangerine
Amazing server full of kind people!!
They are all kind here and do their best!!! tho they may trip at times everyone does. They do still be kids but don't question their ability to be amzing and kind.
Vor 6 Minuten
Bee ♡ Bee ♡
This server
Very respectful of everyone and makes sure to watch out for trigger warnings and keeps it friendly <3
Vor 8 Minuten
LittleLibbs LittleLibbs
Great Atmosphere
Friendly community, free boosts and modded items available for everyone! Diverse range of gamers who are all supportive and friendly.
Vor 10 Minuten
!sage !sage
hottest server ever
so cute and super nice people! everybody is so supportive and sweet and so fun to be around! :D
Vor 11 Minuten
Kat Kat
I joined this server not to long ago and I’m not very active, but everyone is super nice and the mods and owner are there and willing to help and answer questions. There are many fun things to do and everyone is super supportive
Vor 11 Minuten
mxlkii mxlkii
very helpful
this server has honestly been very helpful for making graphics and if it wasent for them im sure I would've stop making them. This server has also been very helpful to making some really good friends, I have made so many friends from this discord server I really recommend you join :).
Vor 11 Minuten
tsaiyo tsaiyo
pretty good ngl
they really nice and they vibe hard, u should def join ;)
i feel pretty nice after talking with peeps on here tbh, cure ur loneliness and be stupid with us
Vor 16 Minuten
1 1
Soft Kit ❜ᴥ❜ Soft Kit ❜ᴥ❜
Super cute + sweet server~!
People in this server are very kind and welcoming to all new members, and are also very sweet and funny to get to know and befriend. I suggest this server to anyone who's looking for a small group of friends to chill with!! ^^ Hopefully the server will grow more within time.
Vor 17 Minuten
!Odd !Odd
I co-own
hello I am the co-owner of this sever we have a good community and we have nice people please join
Vor 19 Minuten
ClownsAteMyMommy ClownsAteMyMommy
Never been yelled at for this
Well this server is crazy. Never have I ever been muted and then yelled at for helping people with there writing. The owner and mods think my help is there to control. That they decide who is worthy of help. Yeah not cool with that. If someone wants help yeah I am going to give it.
Vor 23 Minuten
A Wealth Of Information
Friendly staff, knowledgeable user base. The other reviewers complaining about getting banned were likely soliciting information about illegal acts, which is strictly against the rules. Those who lack any sort of moral compass seemingly find it easy to take risks with other people's stuff, since they themselves have nothing to lose. If you can follow the common sense rule of "don't make inquiries about things that are in flagrant violation of the Discord TOS and could therefore get the server permanently shut down" you will find an enjoyable community to engage with and learn from.
Vor 24 Minuten
hope latexwolf/wolf/furry hope latexwolf/wolf/furry
its my babes
im co owner and i love it and striker is my bf and he is awsome and cute we always rp together
Vor 29 Minuten
he playz (The Fake One) he playz (The Fake One)
AMAZING __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Vor 31 Minuten
ItzShane1230 ItzShane1230
Legit Giveaways
Recently the owner made a monthly event of whoever gets the most invites will win nitro and I got the most and within 5 mins the Owner DM'd me and gave me my prize.
Vor 32 Minuten
レミリア レミリア
This server is really great!
The members and admins in it are all very nice, and as a Touhou fan I really like this server. Sometimes it's a bit quiet but that's really all. A very great server with a kind and nice community. Should definitely join.
Vor 36 Minuten
caulifla_offical caulifla_offical
My sis is rocking...
This server is awesome 😄, pls you guys join it I hope you guys like it!!, But this server is not having booster yet just just got updated a new server alrounder I hope you all will like it too..
Vor 41 Minuten
wolf wolf
very nice made me a man
my pp grew so much after joining this server im now a macho man who hunts for his own food in the jungle, the only downside of this server is i almost drowned in pussy
Vor 42 Minuten
??? ???
Unreasonable Bans/Bad Staff
This server seemed so nice and wonderful, I loved the look and all the nice bot commands along with how many art channels there were! I as a new furry, really thought this community was going to be very inviting because a friend of mine recommended it to me! But that all changed when i realized their moderation staff isn't very fair, or nice.

I then noticed that I was banned for no reason, even though i was lightly active, and from time to time popped in and talked in some of the chats. I messaged their ModMail bot to ask why I was removed from the server with an alt account, and proceeded to be banned again with a threatening message saying "Don't try to come here again, or we will remove both your accounts".

I proceeded to look for a ban appeal server, and I joined and attempted to ask in their #why-I-was-banned chat in their appeal server, and within seconds i was banned from there too!

Do not join this server if you are a shy individual, or if you don't feel comfortable right away talking in a new server. This place may look welcoming, but in reality its just a place where people get banned for no reason or given a voice.

Would rate this 1/5 stars, very disappointing as a furry server for a new furry and furry artist. If they could at-least let a person speak for themselves or more, then I would give it a slightly better review for how nice it was when I was there.
Vor 44 Minuten
ShyRigan ShyRigan
I liek it cause its mine.....................................................................................................................................
Vor 45 Minuten
𝓗𝓪𝓻𝓻𝔂 𝓗𝓪𝓻𝓻𝔂
Very Great Server!
I have just joined this server and it is filled with people who are ready to discuss and help out. Great Server! Would def recommend joining!
Vor 45 Minuten
ItzMeOfficial ItzMeOfficial
Best server ever!
The best server in my server list. It has giveaways, and we can enjoy and make friends here. So, what are you waiting for, join now!
Vor 46 Minuten

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