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Cole_Sprouse Cole_Sprouse
Vor 1 Minuten
tomelom tomelom
Super Server
Infrarot gehört zu einen der besten linken Servern auf Discord mit großartigem - wenn auch oft leider englischsprachigen - Archiv zu klassisch marxistisch-lenistischer und marxistisch-leninistisch-moaistischer Theorie. Hinzu finden gelegentlich abendliche Runden und Schulungen statt.
Vor 2 Minuten
Sgt.Wurstfinger Sgt.Wurstfinger
Ein sehr schöner Server auf dem ein angenehmer Austausch zwischen verschiedenen Linken Strömungen stattfindet. Dazu kommt ein sehr nettes marxistisches Archiv, das zu vielen Themen Literatur beherbergt
Vor 3 Minuten
Sgt.Wurstfinger Sgt.Wurstfinger
Eigentlich ein sehr schöner Server, aber...
Der Server ist eigentlich sehr gut. Dort findet ein angenehmer Austausch zwischen verschiedenen linken Strömungen statt, seit einigen Tagen wird jedoch nur Shitposting betrieben. Dies stört und die Admins machen nichts dagegen. Deshalb nur 3 Sterne
Vor 5 Minuten
5354 5354
Kann man machen
Überdurchschnittlich ordentlicher linker Server, sehr diskussionsbereite Leute und Möglichkeiten zu lernen.
Vor 6 Minuten
ShiroMisaki~ ShiroMisaki~
nice ppl
there are so many nice ppl in here who will support you with different thing. there are so many personality around this server too
Vor 11 Minuten
fathermarian fathermarian
i like yes it is very sexy :)

bible study 24/7 there

sexy members who will willingly eat my ass

Vor 12 Minuten
arc25275 arc25275
Cute server
Really nice and cool server, would reccomend that u join. (The owner is rlly nice)
Vor 13 Minuten
BabyVali BabyVali
Very cool
I like it in here,Alot of nice people and very kind hearted and you can find your soulmate if you want to :P
Vor 14 Minuten
Bish Bish
Cool chill giveaway server
Nice people. Good rules. Dank memer community. Fun Its has everything and is still developing. What a great server!
Vor 14 Minuten
↬ Toto 💓💍 ↬ Toto 💓💍
Best serveur ever YAH
Ce serveur est magique. ça me met tellement de bonne humeur, je me sens mal ? Pouf ! Je viens dans ce serveur. Il est juste magnifique en plus il fait gagner pleins de chose. Un staff agréable et une créatrice aimable !

Rejoignez <33
Vor 15 Minuten
ShadowNinja46 ShadowNinja46
Acest server este super bun daca vrei sa iti gasesti o echipa sau doar daca vrei sa te amuzi împreună cu noi, te asteptam cu mare drag!
Vor 17 Minuten
𝕊𝕟𝕠𝕨𝕪 𝕊𝕟𝕠𝕞 𝕊𝕟𝕠𝕨𝕪 𝕊𝕟𝕠𝕞
Awsome server!
game n' chat us a great server to make many friends!I'vemade tons, it is also a non toxic server with great staff! :D
Vor 19 Minuten
Punticus Punticus
This was one of the best serves i have ever joined! Would recommend it 100%.

The staff are so nice!
So many channels!
Community is amazing!
Vor 21 Minuten
amelia amelia
overall great group

their pfps are cute and aesthetic just what I’m looking i have loved this server and its a super sweet community

would 100% recommend for a pfp server
Vor 45 Minuten
Обрен1389 Обрен1389
Смијешна реч
Its true most of things about server, join because why not. Now random word spam because i need 80 characters to submit this review.
Vor 51 Minuten
Zoaz0011 Zoaz0011
what a great server
the server is Great fun and entertaining it has a lot of topics like geography,maps, vexillology, gaming, anime etc........... they also have channels for common languages other than English the staff and members are ver respectful tl;tr 10/10 server with a lot if channels
Vor 51 Minuten
LanceTheKing LanceTheKing
This server is great
I enjoy this server allot
there's so many friendly people, so many things to learn, and so many things to enjoy

5 stars all the way
Vor 51 Minuten
ᴺᵉᵒ ᴺᵉᵒ
Vraiment trop le fun, moi j'aime beaucoup le fu n et le gaaaaaaaaaaaaming par ce que y'a rien de mieux que le gaming les amis et vive le gaming
Vor 53 Minuten

nice roles with exclusive perks ....voice lobbys and shit !!
Vor 58 Minuten
yoonglesnoodles yoonglesnoodles
the people in the server are really respectful and fun to be around! i'm not only an army but an ncitizen, blink, etc and they're so welcoming!!! I've met so many different fandoms in this server!
Vor 59 Minuten
Insane9 Insane9
Awesome Server
Really cool server, yes, many chats for different things, yes, good rules, yes, many events like creativity contest, meme contest, country roleplay game, and many more, yes

Join it, yes
Vor 59 Minuten
Lilly 🌙 Lilly 🌙
Started off strong...
Being in the server since it was first established, I watched this place go through many changes; some have been for the better, but unfortunately the past few months it has taken a turn for the worse. It has many systems that had been worked on hard by staff members, yet its short comings overshadow them most times.

Most of the issues in this server start and seem to revolve mostly around the staff;

-A heavy and messy plot that was exclusive and centered around mainly staff members and plot weavers, had many nonstaff rpers feeling like they were background extras to the staff character’s stories. The staff did try and get more people into it towards the end, which will be noted, though not for lack of complaining from the community.

-Moderators regularly break their own rules by using banned words (Words that were banned for the reason of being offensive and/or triggering) on the server though they get an auto-infraction from the bot...but those warnings don’t seem to hold any weight or merit.

-Lack of communication between staff members and the community when it comes to important issues concerning the server and characters.

-Lack of social events where rpers could just have their ocs meet and have a good time, but the staff is actively trying to change this now, which is greatly appreciated.

-A messy progression system that we were told would be completely changed...over five months ago.

I still have hope that all of these issues could be addressed and fixed, but it will be difficult. That being said, there are also great things about this place;

-A friendly community that is supportive and truly wonderful. There is the bad apple or two, but the community does a great job of not letting that ruin the whole bunch. Genuinely a good group of people who are fun to speak and interact with. If you are looking for a server to just chat with a great group of people, then I do recommend this place for you!

-Great and helpful irp systems with a lot of potential to grow your character.

-Fun list of powers to choose from that are truly creative.

Overall; with the state that the server is in at the moment, I would pass on recommending it to anyone until the issues have been addressed and see that there is the initiative being taken to fix them.
Vor 59 Minuten
Killer Mojo Killer Mojo
Pretty Cool
Its the best place to find new draft leagues.With this server always being active and holding some of the biggest leagues itself.Cool place,cool people whats more to ask.
Vor 1 Stunden

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