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If you like anime or hockey, this server's for you. Standard formula is:
Be an Otaku in the Summer
Watch Football, Hockey, and MLB Postseason in the Fall
Focus only on Hockey with one day for the Super Bowl in the Winter
Once Spring hits, and NHL playoffs are in full swing, put all normal life on hold until the Stanley Cup has been awarded.
What's most important? Throughout all this, you balance your love for animu and Hockey.
Just remember we hold the principle that Hockey fans are superior to nonfans of the sport.
A server for NHL hockey fans! All teams are discussed here from the Anaheim Ducks to the Winnipeg Jets and everything in between including defunct teams. Join today and let's talk some hockey!
A hockey server for all of your needs. Active members, live game updates, and we are constantly improving
this is an nhl 17 sim league join and see, how good it is