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Alrighteo; if you're reading this you have an express invitation to the spectacular "I'm Not Crying Cafe" If you're like me and get bored easily with nobody to talk to or things to do, than this is the place for you Friend

This is pretty much a place to unleash your inner autism with other similar autists while having fun, playing games and forging life long bonds with strangers over the internet.

If that sexy sale hook wasn't enough to excite you we have amazing things within our chamber of secrets; such as:

• Casual Racism (But not too racist)

• The Obligatory NSFW channels and bots (Everyone loves that DoPe HeNtAi!11?!)

• The Music Bot That Everyone Will Spam Ear Rape Meme Songs On For About 2 Days Before People Get Bored Of It

• A "Friendly" Community

• A Bunch Of Random Bots

• Pokemon Bot (Because why not)

• And Many More Amazing Things (Couldn't think of Anything Else To Say)

So please, come and join the amazing "I'm Not Crying Cafe" and have a little bit of fun
hi yes
I added a nsfw for u porb lovers :ok_hand:
join then leave
cause thats what everyone does
R I G H T?
Croissant croissant,

This is just like a store, but with K-POP and LOONA!

stan me ok thx
my server has a lot of level roles, some donation roles, Chill chat, with advertising, spam, memes (mini-art), Ect. there is more coming to the discord, this discord was made on December 28, 2017. That's it bye :)
This server is currently being under development. If people would like to join to help out, that would be appreciated.