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Hi welcome to Kpop Hell! Here we are a growing server with changing staff a lot! We support LGBTQ+ and accept all fandoms, and you can suggest more fandoms for us to focus on if you choose, please join we promise you'll have an amazing time. :-)
great gaming server with lots of fun

Some things about our server:
game bots
nice people
Great Staff
tons of Bots
Amazing Levelling System
Spam channels & more
In the beginning, there was darkness, a shadow which engulfed all of the early universe, there was but one entity alive at the time. He was the first and last of his kind. He was young, born from the very power of existence. As a result of his inexperience, the creator, the “king of all kings” created the first other beings on accident, they were called “the archangels” and so, in his panic, he tried to destroy his creation before they could flourish, however, he was too late and the very beings which he made turned against him. He didn't die that day but instead, his very being was scattered into shards, thousands of pieces which came to form the first deities, each one taking two pieces of his power. The first two, Divya and Scander, now king and queen of the gods joined the others under their banner and created humans, forming the earth to house them as their sanctuary.

Welcome to the Pantheon of the Gods server, we are similar to many of the other gods servers but with our own take on the theme! We have:

*An active storyline
*Friendly admins
*interactive worldbuilding
*An assortment of channels

And many, many more! Be sure to check us out! Though keep in mind, we do have some rules like any other server out there. This place is fairly new, so do bear with us, we hope to see you and many other dedicated role players join us.
We are a friendly bunch, looking for people who are chill and want to chill. This is a server designed for youtubers, youtube watchers, gamers, game makers, artists, anime watchers, geeks, and music eaters, etc all come to have fun. enter at your own risk. You will have fun.
Welcome! we are so glad you could join! this server is none that you have ever seen before-well no music server- but still, its pretty awesome. there are two wonderful owners that are dedicated to make your stay there as wonderful as it could possibly be, and everyone in the server is kind ant thoughtful. we hope you join in on the music and fun! -luna
Come on in! And meet new friends, make ur own friendship, get to know each other!
It may be called Chessboard but the server is all about talking to nice people with some Chess-based roles and channels.
This is The Random Server!

this is just a server in which there is anything you want inside!

just give us suggestions and we will do it!

come by and give us some suggestions!
Ever felt lonely? Like there is no one to talk to? Getting judged by other people? Feel left out! Well join our server for a great community, where toxicity will not be allowed! We love new members, and treat them with high respect! Join our server now! You won't regret it!
Meet cool people and role play. Peole are really cool!
This is a small server to chat with people about! If you join, make sure to read the rules. Most of the members are humorous and funny.
Hello, this server is new but imma make it more active this server is for people who wanna make new friends so please feel free to join we have custom role colors games and more!
What is Hades Discord?

Hades Official Discord was made for a crew on a Garry's Mod server however we had expanded and decided to change the server into a community and expand to other games.

We are trying to move to more games such as CS:GO, League of Legends, and much more, to which we are searching people to help do so.

We host events, giveaways regularly.

If u wanna come meet some new people and have fun with us then go ahead and join us!
Welcome to The Community:

We have a lot of bots to help enhance the experience, multiple channels for you to chat about almost everything, super friendly and helpful staff, a super comfortable & friendly community, and the ability to level up to the top of the world!

The kinds of channels we offer:
-Promoting your servers, youtube or twitch channels, or any of your other social media
-Areas where you can talk about your favorite games, books, movies, and more. We even have a channel for sharing your conspiracy theories
-A place where you can share your art pieces
-Gaming communities for whichever gaming systems you use
-A music channel with Rhythm (and other bots soon to come)
-Multiple voice channels for you to use

We're a small community for now, but with your help that may change soon.
We are a small server of friends trying to get more people to hopefully grow a bigger community
the pc kodeks is a part english part danish server
it started as a joke but then it growed and now we got 66 members but we are a little striked by inactivety so we are trying to give the server a new blow by adding more members
**__:champagne: Drop Gang :champagne: __**

*A server where you can play with bots, chill, but also have an enjoyable time. We welcome anyone to our server, regardless of orientation, race or sex. :open_hands:*

**:city_dusk: Looking for Partner Managers and Bot Commanders! :city_dusk: **
:cowboy: | **__Founder:__** w$#0610
JOIN MY SERVER now to get a lot of things that you dont want to miss out. WE YOUTUBERS!