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Furry server for fun with nice fluffs.
Prefers mature, civil & active types.
180+ members, medium activity.
Non-furry profiles not allowed.

Furry server for general fun hanging out, chatting, sharing art or more with nice & mature fluffs.
Good fluffs are encouraged to stay, bad or immature ones are removed to keep the place tidy.
180+ members, moderate activity, averages a thousand messages daily.
Channels for general talking, image sharing, artworks, music, VC & RP are available.
Some contents for Poke-Furries, Fat-Furries & Hyper stuff are also supported.
Members are expected to stay furry, non-furry profiles are not allowed.
Wir sind ein duetschsprachiger Furryserver. Der Server wird zur Zeit von vier Admins geleitet die sich gerne um dich kümmern. Schaut doch mal vorbei wir freuen uns auf euch.
Hello, welcome to the Wooloo Centre! We are a server with a passion with Wooloo, the new Pokemon revealed for the new generation 8.
Hopefully you'll enjoy it here!
#Wooloo4Life ,,OwO,,
We are an awesome discord server dedicated to providing a fun time and community experience for the furry community. We have a level up role system for cool perks and rewards, a global leaderboards, awesome staff, a place for you to advertise your Twitch/YouTube/Mixer and much more!
Our server is a community server!

We offer:

~ Friendly Staff
~ Staff Applications
~ Role Colors
~ Music Channels
~ AFK Channels
~ Voice Chat Channels
~ Lots of bots!
~ Friendly people

And more will be added! Now, I hope you join and if you do I welcome you with open arms!