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This is a friendly BTS server with welcoming staff and a lot of customizable roles and currency to buy fun aesthetic roles. We also have fun events such as interactive story-telling/scavenger hunt activities that we host at least once per month! We're a community that would love to grow and we consider everyone here as family. Even if you don't like BTS but just want a place to talk, we'll still welcome you here. <3
Привет, кто бы ты не был(а) заходи скорее к нам! Тут очень уютно и очень лампово! Тут есть люди, которые, возможно, играют в те же игры что и ты! Да-да, я не вру! Быстрее заходи к нам, только тебя ждём ♥
Here you can meet all type of k-pop fans. You can also chat with friends, and even makes new friends. We here accept everyone! So don't feel left out please!
Last Hearth is a castle themed server based around meeting new people, learning new things, and having fun in general~ ♡ Come and make some new friends! ⊂◉‿◉つ
:rose: A happy, safe, comfortable setting to hang out, make friends, and meet other adults! :rose:
TT 18+ is an extremely friendly chat that is accepting to the LGBTQ community, any religious and political views that are respectful, and all people who are kind! Our motto is to remain happy, safe, and comfortable, and our staff is on constant watch to insure our motto is met. We hope that everyone who joins finds that they make incredible friends and have a great experience.