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Introducing: The r/agario official discord server!
We're the first, biggest and only agario community discord!
-> Owned by the subreddit community!

-> A total of 5900+ members!
-> A perfect place to find teammates/clans!
-> Awesome weekly events and promotion deals!
-> Promotions: We're promoting clans starting at 25 members!
😃 clan😃: The Invincibles Clan was created on the 15/03/2020.
We have 473 members already and counting 💗.

We are a bunch of pro players that are expanding our empire across the PC platform on 🔴 We are always looking for new applications from players.

Do you have what it takes to enter? 😎

🗺Region: ANY (EU time most active)
💻🖥Device: COMPUTER
Extensions used: OGAR.IO, AGAR TOOLS, HSLO.iO clan
Origin clan of the most used mod of agario ,
created Legend clan ℄ Discord Server (Est. December, 14th 2019).
Lc is probably the oldest alive agario clan (Est. November, 12th 2016)


Extensions used: Legend mod and agartool

We are Pros and we are open for new applications for players.
We are a computer clan that plays on the NA servers.
We are looking for new players to join our clan but be quick our roster is almost filled up.
10,000+ members and counting. This server is the official discord.
Copyright  Miniclip 2019

We are striving to make a great community and would love to have you on board.
Some things you can do on the discord server:
- Find a team mate
- Read the latest updates
- Join a community!
● Doit être de niveau 65+
● Doit avoir une moyenne de 1k +
● Doit avoir 10k + jeux
● Doit avoir 30 minutes + temps de survie
● Doit être actif
● Ne soyez pas toxique

●Must Be Lvl 65+
●Must Have a 1k+ average
●Must Have 10k+ games
●Must Have 30min+ Survival Time
●Must Be Active
●Don't be toxic
ᙢᧁ​ꪶ​ᦔ​༻ 𝘊𝘭𝘢𝘯 𝘙𝘦𝘤𝘳𝘶𝘪𝘵𝘪𝘯𝘨.
• Mobile Clan

Level 50+

average 1K+
Over 10k games played
Stay Active

𝘈𝘣𝘭𝘦 𝘛𝘰 𝘋𝘰:
Cannon,Tricks etc
Server made for solo players, playing and similar clones, like,,, etc...

Join if you play too :)

This server IS NOT A CLAN, it's a community where every solo player can meet and talk, discuss and have some good moments.
Hello, Welcome to KIA Clan, or Killed In Action.

We are a Northern American Clan. Come in if you want to have some fun! We currently play, but are looking to expand it further if we get more people.

Once you join, you may ask an Admin (@Admin) or Moderator (@Moderator) to try out to be an Official Member of the Clan.

Enjoy Your Stay!

(Side note: this is both a pc and mobile clan)
*ThornClan is an Agario clan, we apply anyone above level 30.
Its more a fun clan
We play on Mobile much on the DNS :
You can also if you arent in the clan play other times with ThornClan
We really want more members, like you!*
Hello. This is an discord server which offers great take overs and a lot of active players! Come join us today! ( New server )
- Must be pro -
- Must know all kinds of tricks -
- Must be level 50+ -
- No toxicness -
This is a server for a unblocked Agario server/website we made for school.
💤💤👽 W€ᒪco𝐦Ẹ 𝕥σ D𝐫έaмs ¢ℓᵃη 💀💤💤

We are an exclusive PC clan in the NA region looking for new members. Anyone is welcome to join but you must complete a tryout to become an official member. All experience levels are welcome! We can help train you to be a pro, come play with us! 🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊

More details on the server
Join the EXP clan, this is a new server because a idiot named swax corrupted the old one and took it over. We play agario experimental mode mainly.
✞𝙼𝚁𝙼 Clan ✞| IOS & Mobile Clan

> ***MUST*** Be Level 30 Or higher.
> Average Score ***500 or higher***.
> Highest Score ***30k*** and up .
> ***MUST*** Know How To TrickSplit, Cannon etc.......
> Longest Time Survival 20m and up
> Do ***NOT*** Be Toxic .

Enjoy the clan!

Discord server :
We are a mobile clan! We are recruiting players from any region but mostly from the middle east.
We are a growing proffessional mobile agario clan looking for players like u!

If you wanna join pls follow these rules...
You must abide by these Rules as you stay in our server, Doing not will result as a Warn.
1. Swearing Is Tolerated, But overusing this or using any type of N-Word will be a ban, we like to keep a healthy community.
2. Please don’t send any Harmful Links or Gory or Scary content as Others might not like it and isn’t a good idea anyway.
3. Please be Respectful and Responsible at all times, again we would like to help a healthy community and this is another way.
4. Please no any type of scamming, whether it’s or anything, it’s just not right and shouldn’t be done, so please don’t.
5. Be Active or not doing so will result in kick!
————————————————— Rules :
1. Must be level 35+ as we would not like “Noob” or “Bad” players.
2. Average score of 550+, this bases did you die off spawn or can keep mass.
3. Be formal with How to Team and Cooperate With Teamates.

Final rule
Must agree To Discord’s TOS! This is very Important....

Thank you For Reading our rules and agreeing with them!
Hi! And welcome to ᴬᴳ戀 Clan!
We are a new clan that focus on and we are recruiting RIGHT NOW!
Everyone here is kind and good at the game feel free to join and play with us se you there ;)
Ein Ort wo sich deutsche/vllt auch Europäische Agario Spieler treffen können. Jede Gruppe muss einmal klein anfangen. Also lasst euch von der Mitgliederzahl nicht abschrecken und tretet bei. Viel Spass in der wahrscheinlich ersten Agariogruppe in Deutschland.
The server is mostly for experimental players, for everyone who is in a clan, who has no clan and who wants to be in a clan. But this is not a clan, just a meeting point for players.
The purpose is to quickly find your friends from experimental and find out if they are in some clan and which.
I hope you wouldn't be rude to each other.
Hi we are new PC agar io clan. We are a bunch of good players are collecting new additions from good players to make our clan first. If you play agar io and you want to be part of the future best clan you are welcome! !!
!!!!Any region!!!!