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A staunch Rightwing think-tank and movement, focused on combatting the Leftstream narrative - through spreading awareness and education by historical accountability and ideological reference, and upholding the principles and values of Western conservatism and traditional Rightwing Radicalism.

This is a serious Rightwing and conservative server dedicated as such to be a think-tank and movement. Therefore you should be 18+ to join. We DO NOT accept Absolutists, Leftists, Socialists, Social Liberals, Nazis, Fascists, Marxists or Communists. The verification process is extremely thorough. We follow the Discord TOS to the letter. We DO NOT allow journalists or anyone who wants to simply "debate" or "check it out" or "hang out". You've been warned.
Just a server where ideologically active people can chill and hangout and also be on completely opposite sides of the political spectrum. B)
Hello! This is a conservative server! We also have a custom bot that I made, based on the daily wire!
We have:
And Much More!
Thanks for checking it out!
a new server for right wing midwesterners, from the politically tolerable to the politically incorrect, if that is you then you are great too. please come along and make a great community full of family first traditional types of men and women. inclusive of LGBT! 16+ will need to verify age 18 plus if you want access to nsfw stuff
India PATRIOTS - Proud Nationalists

A group to hangout and make friends, and chat about politics, and current affairs and developments in the world.
We are the Stars and Stripes Party of the Conservative Republic! We are Conservative who support Ultra-Capitalism/Objectivism, Cultural Nationalism, and Traditionalism. We are a Rightwing/Conservative party and we DO NOT accept anyone to the left or on the center.
We are the New Age Union! We are a user-friendly political discussion server, meant for Conservatives, but all other ideologies are allowed. Please follow Discord TOS, as well as the server rules. We seek for Active members, who are open to free discussion. We hold Mock elections for positions of power, everyone has a voice in this server!
We are a new server that welcomes anybody that's not an idiot.
if your not a crybaby and interested in joining our community you are welcome.
Server Re-initialized.
Hello and welcome to the Politics Segment, a friendly discord server for anyone, left or right to come in and talk and debate, as the motto says, we are free to speech server unlike many other servers and we condemn political censorship as seen in many servers, If you like to debate or just casually discuss without typical limitations, and certainly lighter rules, come on, join in! I'll be glad to meet you!
Hey all! We are a right wing political community of friends that are trying to spark activity by opening up our server. People from any position are welcome, but keep in mind we are mainly right wing. Trolls or those looking to cause drama will be instantly banned. Otherwise, welcome!
This server is mainly aimed at followers of ThuleanPerspective (Varg Vikernes)

***We do not want the following: Christians, Wiccans, Non-whites, LGBTQ, Alt-right, "conservatives", drug users, porn addicts. None of that shit. Click off this page immediately if you are one of these.***

The aim of this server is to establish a community of dedicated people to exchange discussion and ideas on topics relating to SHTF, tribe building, and the preservation of kin. This server is not meant to be "public", but a small community where everyone knows each other and can discussion related issues. Make friends with everyone and get to know each other. One day we may form a large survivalist tribe. Take this server seriously. Trolling will not be tolerated.

NOTE: We have TWO servers. They are duplicates, the members in each are different but they are run by the same admins. Do not join this server if you are in the other.
We're a conservative/nationalist/right discord server, feel free to join we talk basically about everything in politics and other things also.