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| ♕Kakegurui Role-Play♕ |

//Semi-Literate OC Role-Play//

Welcome to Hyakkaou Private Academy, this is a prestigious school where students from powerful families in the political and financial world attend. This school does not evaluate you on your studies or athleticism, but your social status and your ability to gamble. Everything here is determined by your gambling skills in a harsh and competitive environment.

— Interested? Come join us for more information!
Come join our prestigious school! Find fellow classmates and compete head to head in gambling rooms designed to fit your needs! Access is simple, and we are looking to expand our lovely doors to you and your friends!
Attend a prestigious school centred around gambling (fake money) and try to work your way up the ranks and join the student council, or even be the head of it!
Hyakkaou Academy is a private academy where grades really don’t matter. Yet all students are focused on the status of gambling. The thrill in this rp comes from trying to make it to the top and to stay away from the bottom. There is a ranked hierarchy in where the worst gamblers become house pets. Based of the anime kakagurui this rp is a school for gamblers where you can find other rp friends.
This server is the ultimate server designed for fans of the Kakegurui anime and manga series!
We are a growing community of Kakegurui fans. We have roleplaying opportunities, but the server is not just about roleplaying. Everyone is warmly welcomed!