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And then, there was Star Wars: Galaxy’s Reign. There had been servers before, but none quite like this.

Canon and OC characters, set in a Clone Wars time period.. locations, Jedi and Sith to see.. anything was possible.

Maybe it’s not the best idea to give a server this power— but then again.. they’re just starting out.

Come build our legacy.

This is a Star Wars roleplay server - (Obviously) - that is based in the Clone Wars era of Star Wars. We are a brand new Discord server, so sorry if we’re a bit of a mess at the moment. If you join and nobody is online, just stick around, an admin will almost definitely be on to rank you and get you started! All are welcome!
A stat wars rp server between episode 3 and 4. For balance, jedi and sith are banned from character creation.
A Star wars Clone RP, where you take the role of a cadet, rising through the ranks, develop your characters story, while taking place in a larger one.
If you love Star Wars, the prequels to be specific then this is the server for you. We are very little at this moment but I want to create a big prequel era Star Wars Roleplay server. My reason is simple, I like reading.

At this moment I am currently working on new servers and I may take suggestions, I might give you ARC, ARF, or Mandalorian armor if you're lucky.

The timeline is set shortly after the Phase 2 clone armor was created. We have major events such as Order 66 sometimes and we may do some of the most suicidal battles for even the Republic Commandos and ARCS combinded such as Umbara. If you don't know much about the prequels I suggest watching Geetsly's or other Star Wars Lore Channels on YouTube.

Follow the rules or you will be restricted of speaking in any channel.