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Epix Lounge is a cafe. come and chat with us!
We have MEMES! bots! we have our webpage too!
come and chat with us.
Wanna chill?Hang out?Promote your twitch/youtube/writing site/art? COME JOIN ★ᴊᴏxᴏ ᴋɪɴɢᴅᴏᴍ★ ALL AGES CAN JOIN !
Just a fun server to find friends and have fun! We love and respect all of our members, please do join us. We're looking for more people to communicate with, we are waiting so join!
This is an off-branch community for Mastro! This server is open open to the anime section more than Mastro! Gaming is still allowed to be talked about, but our main focus is talking about any type of anime in here! Everyone is welcome to join!
This is a discord server where you can share all your artwork! (Including Poetry, photography, sculptures, etc.) And you can hang out with other fellow artists aswell! This is a new server so it's very small. We have a music bot, one moderator and many text channels!
We're a very small community and we have time difference (Mostly on night if you are talking about America time). We accept people of any age, any gender or any sexuality!
No NSFW. All ages welcome, dating allowed. No racism, bullying or other.