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Phoenix Arena
Combat/proving grounds rp
Train hard to fight a god and when you win become a god yourself!!
Get jobs as Hunter Trader Beast tamer Or give suggestions for a job you want!!
We are all friendly here and Love to spar so if you’re interested come on in. Choose a god to follow and let’s get started
A Discord server where you pick a clan and fight other Discord servers! We have a simple system and awesome community! Join today!
Once you join this Server you'll be given an Entry Ticket, to create your own Challenger and enter... THE FESTIVAL FOR FIGHTING CHAMPIONS! With multiple energies to choose from using Energies ranging from Elements to Ancient and more! All while in one Ring, can you rise up the ranks against others and deem the Champion?
There is a variety of martial arts that can throw, punch and kick someone skillfully. In this world, being a martial artist is a dominant career where people treat with respect. There are special people who have special abilities, these people are called 'Abnormalities', these people people are needed to defeat creatures that have appeared on earth recently called demons so the government has decided to create multiple schools for teenage abnormalities where they can compete in 'turf wars' or study to become a powerful Abnormal Martial Artists that can defend the world from evil demons.
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If you’re looking for a fun new roleplay server where you can interact and control all of your favorite characters, look no further. Here in Universal Chaos, we offer:

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💙 Multiple channels to explore and bring your imagination to life!

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💖 A helpful mod team who is ready to listen to your complaints. We also aren’t very strict ((:

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💜 A wide variety of fun bots to play with!

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🧡 A friendly, growing community!

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💛 And much more!!

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{:} Plot {:} The world of Tre Sidor was unlike any other nation to exist. Technology and innovation flourished in the treacherous mountain biomes that covered the planet. There, two tribes coexisted: the Bevara and the Utrota. The Bevara was ruled by their respectable leaders Soul and Jihyun Kim. While the Utrota were ruled by their nefarious leaders Thora and Raine. For a long time, peace was prevalent until the Bevara tribe began creating a light cannon that would preserve life. When the Utrota tribe found out, they were infuriated. Fuelled by their anger and jealousy, they manufactured a drill that would destroy planets. Tensions grew stronger, and war broke out between the two. In an attempt to get more soldiers, each side began taking the inhabitants of other dimensions. There was a catch to these weapons, however. Two keys are used to power each weapon when the time comes. Overall, four keys in total. To ensure that the weapons are not set off unintentionally or without another leader’s approval, the leaders of each tribe have hidden their keys somewhere in the village. They are extremely difficult to find, but it is not impossible. Each tribe’s goal is to find the other tribe’s key, and prevent the weapon from being used.

*:..。o○ We can’t wait to see you here! ○o。..:*
Years ago, a group of young heroes defeated an evil Necromancer named: "Deathwhisperer". Now that the war had ended, the world is finally a safe place for the heroes to roam. However, creatures of darkness still roams about....

Join this Science Fiction RP if you wish and join my teammates and I on an epic adventure. We await heroes like you.
The Nexus 💥💫

A roleplaying community where you’re welcome to fight in any way you see fit. Magic, weapons, seduction? You choose.

-A wide range of races, abilities and backstories
-Roleplaying Events
-Friendly & Helpful Staff
-Creative Lore (which you could become part of)

Despite us still being in development, we have a lot in store and we hope to maintain an active, positive environment for all members and roleplayers. Those who wish to simply spectate are free to do so. Applications for the position Staff are now closed!

Server Owners: Mr.Goodnight#5230 and Mavis#4481
Hi there! Welcome to the Super Smash Brothers Arena, and AU where Galleem and Dharkon team up to defeat our favorite roster of fighters. Choose who you want to roleplay as and summon them into the arena, where they'll make friends and enemies, victories and losses. Have fun talking to our other members, playing online games together, and posting stupid memes! We hope you join the Smash Bros Arena!
Would you like to be a part of the best and most welcoming military Minecraft force? Experience strong and good bonding? Or even learn to understand the complexities of the military?

Well you have come to the right place! Come and join us a Minecraft pocket edition military of the CCR! We are a small server so you will feel right at home!
When you think of Naruto games what are the first ones that come to mind? Maybe the storm series? Some of the Wii games perhaps? If you happen to be an older fan of the series you might have even touched the earliest adaptations of the series to the hands of people across the world. What if we told you that we have made a game here on discord that could give you a video game like experience? Join today, and shape the world of naruto today with you're very own custom character!
Enlist in the United States of America Army today! The following chain of events is all placed in WW1 (World War 1) in 1917, we need HR’s and developers.
(Note: you must be active and have the free roblox app)
Built for the Gods, made by gods this server enhances your standard DBZ exp. 10 fold! With custom races and even New transformations for almost ANY race!
we are a channel for meeting people gaming and more.. verified selfies, Meme galore. age roles colors. gender rolls. come check it out no stupid people
The Psychos. We fight to our ability and train other members to become their best. We roam around the cities of Hong Kong, awating for new members to join. If you oppose us, you will fall in our hands and crush you. Nothing can stop us in Arsenal. We are the Psychos.

Warriors of the Light is an Warriors Roleplay where your character grows and develops, meeting new characters and friends.

Come start your journey into the light!
Since the Edo periods of Japan, gladiator arenas have existed in various forms around the world. In these arenas, wealthy business owners and merchants hire gladiators to fight in unarmed combat where the winner takes all.The server is set in an universe where Tokita Ohma , the protagonist of the original mastepiece known as Kengan Ashura never existed.This place is cruel and unfaire , it's a place where only the strongest and most skillful roleplayers can survive.If you think you are good enough to be able to survive in this world full of cruelty , we are waiting you to join us and become a part of our community.

A small server description.
•Active staff!
•Endless support!
•Helpful tips to improve your roleplay skills!
•Events frequently happen!
•Over 20 channels!
•Awesome Rewards!
•Friendly community!
•Pro roleplayers!
•We also have special festivals!
•Special events and Holiday events!
•And much ,much, much more!
•An experience you'll never forget!
•Epic characters and story!

So join us and help us to be a great growing community!
This is set in the event that Katniss, Peeta, Joanna, Beetee, Finnick and Wiress were killed by the careers during the quarter quell during catching fire. Cashmere ended up winning the 75th hunger games so the mockingjay was never created. Panem carried on as normal and the hunger games were never stopped.... and you could be selected as a tribute.
A new Jump Force Discord server with regular game announcements and server updates. Come join the community! Over 1k members, hell yeah.
Martial art discord open to all. Focus on networking and sourced discussions of martial arts, open to beginners and experts.
__**And your story begins**__

Welcome to Rosewood High! a battle school for those who thrive to battle and well looking for some romance aswell. You’ll get to form a team, go on missions and even make your oc god tier!

Okay, I’m going to be straightforward with ya. This is a place where you have the maximum freedom you can get ability wise. Some powers are banned—the server itself is being balanced as possible for those who doesn’t like fighting that much..this have some romance in it if y’all ladies are looking for some strong; but anyway this server is open to all and you can use anything to your liking—just follow the rules and you are good okay, furthermore welcome to ROSEWOOD HIGH!!
sup, we're hitstun nation, anyone is welcome no matter the fandom or community.
mostly fgc-related but it's cool to be social about anything else also, since we're chill.

we have discussion of most fighters here and auto-roles so you can choose to show which fighting games you play.
Hey, and welcome to Dark Murderers!
-------------------[ Why Join? ]-------------------
1: We have a nontoxic and working server with nice admins.
2: We donate to the scammed.
3: GIVEAWAYS! Who doesnt like giveaways.