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Hello! Are you looking for a community or a clan to stay in?

Well, you might have to look for the right place to stay. We are in-need of people for our clan. First our requirements are you need at-least 1000 trophies to join our clan. But if you're looking for a community or a server to talk to? Well you can stay here and give tips to each other and improve everyday!

This is what we include in our server:

Talkative and Activeness
Tips giving
Community building

Please join this server! We need your help!
We are a new and upcoming team recruiting in Rocket League, COD, Fortnite, Rogue Company, and soon to be more.
A friendly and a comfortable place for members to chill and interact with community, share memes and get the good laugh goings and in the process build a solid and a reliable channel where members are trusted with what they share and build a clan for scrims and tournaments for codm. Positive Vibes Only!
Welcome to NFG - we are a competitive clan who're looking to recruit skilled & dedicated players. We mainly play Minecraft, but welcome people from all different games & communities.

Mega-active, friendly community, helpful staff, fun events & guaranteed good teammates for a variety of different gamemodes! Join now to improve on your skills, make new friends, & become a Clan Member!

If becoming a Clan Member doesn't appeal to you, no worries! You do not have to be a Clan Member to talk & play games, anyone's welcome!
Erst einmal kurz zu uns. - F-E-A-M - Fortnite Events and More.

Wir sind eine Community geführt von Mitgliedern diese durchweg im Leben stehen und hier, neben der Arbeit, ihr Hobby mit Fortnite gestalten und verbringen.

Unsere Community füllt sich mit vielen verschiedenen Menschen, in der wir einige junge begabte Mitglieder fördern mit Moderationsaufgaben und auch denen die Verantwortung übergeben.
Die jüngeren Mitglieder der Community bezeichnen wir als YoungGuns (unter 21 Jahre), alle Älteren als Ü21er.

Zu unserem jetzigen Programm:
- wöchentliches Zonewars/Boxfights (geteilt nach Stärken der User oder auch nach dem Alter)
- wöchtentliches 1 VS.1 im Buildfight (auch hier geteilt nach YoungGuns und Ü21er) in zusammenhang mit einer Punkteliga die jeweils ausgebaut wird.
- M4K - Money4Kills: Hier herrschen verschiedene Varianten (einfache Anmeldung, vorherige Qualifizierung über Customrunden, oder einfach die Gewinner aus anderen Events)
- Young and Old: Jeweils gehen hier 2 Duos in ein Team-Custom mit auffüllen. Wobei ein Duo jeweils aus einem YoungGun und einem Ü21er besteht.
- Clanfights: Hier kontaktieren wir die Clans und laden Sie ein mit Ihrem Clan bei uns mitzumachen. Je nach Clanteilnehmerzahl tritt jeder Clan oder auch eine Community mit ihren stärksten Mitgliedern an.
- die Liga: Die Liga wozu auch das 1 VS.1 gehört komplettiert sich aus den SoloCups die Fortnite anbietet (Paradox-Cup, Hype-Cup, Mischmasch-Mittwoch, #FreeFortnite Cup und auch Dreamhacks), sowie eines Solo-Customs.

Dabei sein und reinkommen ;)
Un clan Francophone sur Destiny 2 !

- Entraide, entre débutants et vétérans !
- Bonne entente, des events
- Quelques nitros à gagner !

Bon jeu Gardiens !
Team Evade
EST. November 2020

Evade is not only a team but a family. Most people out there do not believe in us, but we are motivated by our community. The thing is about us is we do not give up. We just kept grinding and are still continuing to grind to this day! We hope you can be apart of it!

What we offer:
✯ Active chill community
✯ Monthly Nitro Giveaways
✯ An organized Discord server
✯ A place where you can be yourself

What we're looking for:
✯ Staff
✯ Investors
✯ Promoters
✯ Comp Players
✯ Chill members
✯ Creative Warriors

ANX Esports is a gaming clan mainly based around Fortnite and Valorant. We try to achieve the highest level of competitive gaming.
The 675th Legion started just over 3 years ago with the intention to bring together Star Wars Fans to play Battlefront & other Star Wars titles for a common goal and thats to help grow The 675th Legion. In this Clan we have a solid ranking structure and a really amazing staff that help me organize Clan Meets & take part in Server Moderation. We're not an over serious group though we have some rules to keep the Clan in line. We play to have fun and enjoy each others company most importantly.
This is an island royale, strucid clan if you are interested with the bedt mods and a high reputation of winning clan wars.
This is a server full of useful information, an organised LFG with roles awarded for excelling within PvP or PvE!
Welcome to 50 Zones
We are a universal gaming clan that just made this discord server anyone who is a gamer, youtuber, influencer and ect is welcome to come join us we have
- Great supportive Staff
- Nitro Giveaways Weekly
- The Owner is a Youtuber
- Tournaments
- active chat
and more
:trophy: The ShadowRay Clan :trophy:
A friendly and welcoming server for Rocket League Players/Fans !
What is ShadowRay? :candle:

ShadowRay is a friendly server, and we all want members that are going to grow quickly thanks to your help!

What we offer:
▸ :fire: A ranking system!
▸ :crown: Rewards for being active such as, Club Member Role
▸ :globe_with_meridians: A place to share your clips and awesome gamer moments
▸ :video_game: Game events!
▸ :handshake: Friendly Staff!
▸ :exploding_head: Custom Rank roles!
▸ :crossed_swords: Tournaments!
▸ :musical_note: Music channels!
▸ :speaking_head: Channels to hang out , study and have fun!
Hi! This is a clan, it’s called AQUAvibes! It is run by me and my friend, we’re trying to promote it and grow it! It’s going to have tryouts ranks and more! Please consider joining and maybe even subscribing to our YouTube channel!
Hello @everyone this is
๖ۣۜ𝕭ລⅆ ҌסỾﮑ࿐
Its a clan for decent players (MOBILE we play EU central 1)we are active erveryday so join if you want to have FUN and play with the Boys

Must be above level 50.

High score at least above 40,000.

Average score at least 1,000.

A decent barain
Revival is a friendly community. Here you can chat, play or just chill with other people.

We are a Rocket League clan with awesome players!
If you ever need anybody to chill or play Rocket League with then come join us!
So this discord is for Blood samurai 2, Basically we're a clan for this epic game and we help each other out. I will also provide us with the latest info on the game. I may do giveaways and tournaments for fun and maybe win a prize later on if we get big. Also clan name is, "Samurai's Of Eneru"
Lieber User😁dieser Server orientiert sich an dem Fortnite Clan, namens „FLiT eSports“. Dieser Clan bittet viele verschiedene Dinge, wie zum Beispiel Coaches, Designer und vieles mehr. Damit wünschen wir euch viel Spaß auf dem Server👋

Mit freundlichen Grüßen😊