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Do you like to play Victoria 2 but can't find a good active server? Well well well, I have the right place for you *evil smirk *.

We are a rather small but very active Victoria 2 community which seeks to create a active and enjoyable community.
We are having a Weekly campaign on Saturdays, but there is always casual games, modded fun campaigns or just a nice community sharing their experience and gameplay of the fantastic game Victoria 2

So if you willing to have a great time and play in weekly Victoria game, be my guest, and join us, you will always be Welcome :blush:
Welcome to Red Gaming Evolved! We are a Gaming Network based in many games. These games include, but are not limited to: Minecraft, Roblox, Terraria, ARK: Survival Evolved, GTA V, RDR 2, Fallout, Call of Duty, EA Titles and many more. Established in early 2017, RGE consists of experienced and dedicated gamers who are willing to play and interact fairly and peacefully.

Many of our older members are beginning to become inactive, and we are beginning a massive expansion campaign to recruit new members. This Discord server is part of that campaign. You can help by joining us, and building up the network to one with an active and fun environment.

We have a Steam Group! Keep in mind that it is largely outdated, as it focuses on ARK: Survival Evolved, the game that the network originally started on:

Upon joining, please visit the #information channel before proceeding. You will be able to chat after 10 minutes for security purposes.
This is the official Discord server for the upcoming Semi-vanilla SMP Join to keep up to date with all the updates/changes we make.
★彡hi there!★彡

if you're looking for a squad to play sky with, then look no further! this is the sky squad! a small little server where tight knit bonds are forged in the deep dark armpits of eden, and secrets are uncovered.

if you have no idea what sky is, but you're interested in it? then go ahead, join! we can teach you how to play and show you how fun the game can be!

we are small, but we are mighty little moths! join us!

joinusjoinus!! please.
ProClubs+ server ▪︎supports fifa players ▪︎GFX designers▪︎other games ▪︎giveaways ▪︎social ▪︎emojis ▪community server ▪︎supports Pc/xbox/ps players!!! ▪︎custome emojis ▪︎server booster perks

- IP
Again, we are back. After being destroyed 2 days in a row, we hope to provide anyone with the help they need to get hollow knight multiplayer running
This is the Official Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Discord server, if you are interested, please join! We need as many members as we can before Cold War gets released. (We are competitive call of duty server)
We have a game coming out soon but for now this server is to talk about the game and have fun as well as meet new people.

This is a chill community open to everyone, we don't care who you are, just leave your hateful intention at the door and come join us

We offer a chill community full of active user's, all time zone's open, don't care who you are as long as you can stay chill and have fun
A minecraft server where you can play in a survival world with many people, along side a creative world to show off your building. Now with pvp!

Relaxed server SMP with creative and survival

Chill rules

Friendly community
Terve Tässä serverissä voit pelata toisten kanssa Rumble Fighter: Unleashedia. Voit myös puhua toisten kanssa taikka kuunnella musiikkia
Social Gaming Community that encourages multiplayer and co-op,

We Also have a game gifting and recommendations section! Give games to others or post your most desired game for others to gift if they want.

Social Discord Server for Gifting and Recommending games, also deal and free findings!

Then this server is for you! Offer up games or request games at Gift of Games!
Gift of Games is a Social Discord Server for Gifting and Requesting Gifts, Gifts can be Games, the scope of this is related to the current situation and people who have nothing to do inside might need some support to cheer them on.
We Allow Gifting Offers and Gifting Requests, also posting about games that are made free for a limit time or they are on extreme sales.
We also offer Game Recommendations for people to share their most recently played recommended games as well as ask for recommendations.
We just opened up the server so we need help growing it up (Hence why we are here),

Hope you Enjoy ^^
We're a gaming community primarily focusing on Farming Simulator 2019.

Running 5 dedicated Farming Simulator servers 24/7.

Our servers:
IRTGaming | 24/7 Discord Silage
IRTGaming | 24/7 Discord Grain
IRTGaming | 24/7 DH Farms
IRTGaming | 24/7 Discord Farm
IRTGaming | 24/7 Realistic Farm

We look forward to welcoming you on board 🙂
A Server were a bunch of dudes game, we have lots of different channels and bots so you can enjoy your time here. We have many people who love to play games like among us and minecraft, so please join!
Welcome to Duccio's server! (600+ members)

We offer:
💬 - Friendly comunity!
🎈 - Special events like building competitions and cool minigames such as trivia (about Terraria) where you can earn points and use them to buy roles and other stuff
🌲 - Know all the news about terraria
🎥 - Know when I post new videos or i do important announcements
🆙 - Rank up system with role rewards
📊 - Polls and votes
⚙️ - Bots

YouTube channel:
Worlds FRVR is a brand new browser-based crafting and exploration game where the only limit is your imagination. Join other players in exploring vast worlds while joining together to build amazing creations that you can share with each other and the world.

The game can be played on nearly any device, just visit from your desktop, tablet or smartphone to play!

◆ Play:
◆ Reddit:
◆ Facebook:
◆ Twitter:
◆ Wiki:
Dies ist der offizielle deutsche Phasmophobia Community Discord. Hier findest du die größte Mitspieler - Gemeinschaft Deutschlands. Wir bieten umfassenden Support und ein komplett sorglos Paket für unsere Mitglieder an.

Wir freuen uns auf deinen Besuch! :)
Hey you! Yeah you! Are you sick and tired of factions and everyone stealing your stuff? Are you having trouble finding a good survival server, whether it be bedrock *or* Java? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here, at Celestia, we are molding a cross-platform experience to create an environment everyone can enjoy.
We offer:
- Cross-Platform (you can like your Java with your bedrock account and play as one!)
- Multiple Worlds!
- Faction Claims!
- Community Events!
- Donor Benefits (see patreon for details)

And much more!

Don’t want to play smp for a bit? We recently added Skyblock into the mix!!! If you have any inventive ideas feel free to come share them, we are constantly expanding our gameplay options.

So don’t waste your time! Join us now!
We are a small team looking to build a community, and have fun.
we do competitions and much more!

If you would like to join SIP please contact the owner or a staff member for more information.
Hello Welcome to Identity V 𝓑𝓞𝓞𝓜𝓔𝓡𝓢. Were a Good Identity v server that provides Help with your skills. Or if your looking for a place to hangout with other idv lovers then this is the place for you ^^.

We offer
•Assistant For new players or players that need more tips!
• We have Voicecalls for ppl who wanna Communicate with others
• You can talk and meet new people Who Are Respectful and always warm up to you.
• If you Like Anime, And wanna collect your favorite characters then we have it
•We plan on Gifting Next year!!!
•We are also looking for people to help form Our own Rank team!!!!
If you join us you wont regret it i assure you ^•^!!
Welcome to L3aibA Community, a place where you can make new friends, play with different games, and chill with them. L3aibA is not only a community, its a family. So what are you waiting for ? Come join us in one of the best servers that has ever existed !