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A roleplay server based on the ongoing manwha Tower of God. Nikutai no Kami( 肉体の神, Flesh of God ) incorporates original concepts while fitting within an original Tower of God universe. What do you want, treasure, power, knowledge? It all can be yours all you have to do is climb!

Nikutai no Kami( 肉体の神, Flesh of God ) has original emoji, ever expanding lore and a chance to gain cannon positions!
Deep within a plane of existence known as The Endless Valley, there are safeguards that ensure that none outside of this "omniversal" plane of existence enters it. However, there is a crack in these defenses that allow for all sorts of beings to enter it, such as Gundams, Saiyajins, Eldritch Horrors, Wizards, Warriors with Steam Punk Weaponry, even Superheroes and Villains alike.

This universe allows for anything to hop into it at complete random, allowing for many adventures and battles to occur here, on Planet Earth and many other dimensions outside of the Mortal Dimension...


Heyo wassup my bro, welcome to World PvP! Like what the intro hinted at, any OC Archetype can be let into the server, such as Fan OCs or OCs from your own story! They can come in all shapes and sizes, such as Saiyans, Kryptonians, Killer Dolls, Demons/Angels, Anthros, Transformers, and much more.

Although this is primarily a fighting server (thus why it's called World PvP), there can be stories on the side so you can potentially develop your character!

Here's what we have to offer:

- Over 30 Battle Areas for everyone to fight in!
- Dozens of Story Based Channels!
- A Music Chat to Show Off Your Favorite Songs!
- An Art Room to show off your greatest art!
- Active admins!
- Our very own power system to start off your OCs, building them up as they fight or roleplay here! You start at the bottom and head your way to the top!
- Factions to join when you reach a certain criteria
- Even our own meme chat! Better post some or we will steal your memes!
- And a great community to explore with all of us at home!

We will help you every step of the way to ensure that you have fun and join our family! So what are you waiting for? Hop right in and join in on the fight!
~ The fate of the clans rests upon your shoulders young warrior
»»————- ★ ————-««

Welcome to Adventures Of The Shore! Our roleplay is based around the lives of the clans that live around the shore, Gladeclan, Breezeclan, Farclan and Shellclan. Each clan possess a unique culture and very different members.

»»————- ★ ————-««

But what makes THIS server unique?

Alright, so there are a lot of warriors servers, and this is the part were we've gotta convince you that AOTS is the one you should be joining:

★ Our plotlines are extremely intense and fun to discover, , all decisions surrounding them depend on the entire server- which could lead to great success or a terrible ending. Whether you're looking for a murder mystery or the choices faced after a natural disaster, I’m sure you'll be impressed.

★ For the most part, everyone on the server comes on regularly, even though our server is small- it's still very active! The community itself is a great place to be, full of diverse and amazing people. Everyone is very welcoming and it's easy to make friends.

★ As well as tones of roleplaying areas, we have chat rooms. This includes the famous meme-land where we tell dad jokes, make memes and ask the magic 8-ball if tuftkit will die.

★ We try to keep it PG, whilst this comes with its downfalls it also means that we're able to have more members and it just generally works nicer since warriors has quite a few younger fans. This doesn't mean we can't have a blast though! ;)

»»————- ★ ————-««

So what are you waiting for? Choose your clan and join us today!

├ Thanks for reading... bye~ @Barney ┤
Hello there! I would appreciate it if you join my roleplay server.

This server is about a post-apocalyptic world that has been taken over by zombies, story is explained in the server.

Basically everything you need to know about this server is in the server itself, so please consider joining!
A world divided.

The year is 2020. Seven asteroids have fallen to Earth, seven shooting stars. These are not any ordinary asteroids, for they hold powers from beyond the stars. Seemingly at random, people have started getting strange powers- Superhero powers- dangerous powers. In the wrong hands and with the right influence, these powers could overthrow the government.
Come, enter the world of Fallen Stars: E7er Lasting, discover the power within you and remember:
Not everyone is who they seem.
We are a friendly roleplay server, looking for new members to join and roleplay with us!
Rising Tensions// A Warriors RP is a community based role playing server that is based in the world of Warrior Cats! It is mainly story-based, consisting of individual story lines split up into “chapters.” Participating in these story events are largely optional, and casual role playing is very welcome!

The server revolves around the main Four Clans: ShadowClan, ThunderClan, WindClan, and RiverClan. It takes place in the lake territories long after the events of the books, and the previous characters are known as legends or myths. We are open to suggestions of our story events, and there is a chance your idea will be mentioned as well!

Our community has friendly, welcoming staff, along with a generous portion in each clan/area. We are open to criticism and will be making new staff members as we gain more members! Thank you for reading, and please consider joining if you’re interested.
🎀 You're invited to join, Divine! 🎀
Welcome to my OC based server, revolving around original artwork and story!

We are a friendly, close-knit server dedicated to chatting about artwork, original characters, and stories! Imagine it like...A big group chat community!

Nothing too special but we are hoping to attract a friendly audience we can call a small family who appreciates creativity and fun characters made from our imaginations! Hope you can find something fun to do here!

Come meet new friends! [We are a 16+ server.] NO NSFW!
A community for fans of story-driven video games, i.e. video games in which the narrative is one of the most important aspects of the experience.
This is a small 18+ Roleplay server that follows a story of the aftermath of demon invading the Earth where you, the survivor has the chance to fight or relax in the safety of the hideout. You can make your own story while also having the chance to try the Dice Game RP should battle and RNG suit your needs besides RP or ERP. This server includes:

🏮 A template for Basic/Advance people to create their OC
🏮 Slow and steady story progression that expand the world around Alteria
🏮 A dice system that can allow their character to take on demons and monitor by a GM.
🏮 A level up system to show how is the strongest among the server
🏮 ERP/RP channel to suit your needs besides battling
🏮 Channel to talk or hang with others to learn about each other
Warriors of the Light is an Warriors Roleplay where your character grows and develops, meeting new characters and friends.

Come start your journey into the light
Welcome to the year 2103. The earth has been bought and sold a hundred times over and now giant Mega Corporations hold more sway in the ever shifting politics of the world than governments or peoples. In the shadow of the major corporations lies a populace of humans, machines, replicants and synthetics, all struggling to find their place in the new world where business is war.

New Detroit:
One of the first American Neo-Cities and for a while a utopic metropolis built above the collapsing ruins of the once proud Motor City. While it was once home to Atlas Macrotech, in the last few years Atlas has been pushed out of the city by Atarashi Corp who transplanted their entire headquarters there, causing much upheaval and unrest in the process. New Detroit now stands as one of the proudest acquisitions of the Mega Corp that controls the Pacific, much to the chagrin of the local residents.
Welcome to the Hexa-Diamond Authority!

Homeworld, in an alternate timeline. The first was Gray Diamond. Fair, just, and thoroughly unbiased, he found the planet would be wasted were it not populated. So, he began to create more gems like himself with the resources from the planet. The population grew, as expected, and he began to find difficulty in taking time between his duties and managing the courts. So, he decided to create more Diamonds. The first, one collected from a far off planet, ETP-43, called Earth by the locals, and the Diamond, called Hope. Trapped within its necklace, and taking too long to form, he created others, finally stopping at six. And so, we start at the beginning of their creation.
It's like a game of Mad Libs, except everyone is shouting nouns and nobody is writing anything down.

(Warning, contains some graphic/violent roleplay and rather intense scenes, though you can easily avoid that if it's not your thing)

"The Grocery Store" is, somehow, not spam. It's not nonsense. Characters that flourish here are ones that can be written with depth without being taken too seriously. Roleplayers with strong literacy skill that aren't afraid to say "screw it" and go in depth describing the moral conflicts of cardboard boxes.

The plot? Minimum wage work.

The *plot*: Timeline jumping, homicidal doppelgangers, an infestation of coyotes, massive grey goo that consumes secrets. If you want mystery and science fiction, watch closely when Valenzuela Loud is up to. If you want action and adventure, you can take up arms to fight Canis Latrans. If you want a Horror, the Grey Goo lurks in the warehouse, it's dripping heard just after the screams.

You can be anything. Human? Elf? Furry? Mecha? Goblin? Magician? Sure!

But it must be original. It must be yours.

And who knows - maybe your character will be our next story line. You just need to stick around. We're a lovely community of writers and artists who'd love to get to know you.
Interactive stories! Here you can:
-Make suggestions to progress our text stories!
-Create your own adventure!
-Mess around with bots!
-Chill and hang out with us!
Galum Industries was founded by Sebastian Galum three generations ago when the shadow creatures known as Nightmares began popping up everywhere. It was meant as a branch of military of sorts to try and combat the Nightmares. Eventually Galum Industries became interplantary in an attempt to colonize on another planet to get away from the Nightmares when things were looking very bleak for humanity.

The Nightmares ended up sneaking on these ships that were built and sabotaging them, one crash landing on Orion where the Nightmare population began exploding and thriving. The Nightmares on Earth began disappearing mysteriously but no one complained, they were happy they were gone.

But Mr. Galum wanted to study these creatures and find out more about their abilities so he began sending out trained soldiers to raid areas where Nightmares hang out on Orion and bring them back to Earth one at a time where they'd do experiments on them, which usually result in the Nightmare dying.

Flash forward to today [which is sometime in the future] where there are regular trips to Orion to bring back Nightmares. There's still little known about these creatures but one thing's for sure, you don't want to be scratched by one.
Come check out a massive world Roleplay I am designing; its no where near done yet but it looks so epic and I need help!!
Mobius was once beautiful. It was once a place I was happy to call home. Then, **he** came and ruined it all. Dr. Ivo Robotnik. When he first showed up, all he was was a fat scientist who flew around in an upside down flying dome, his goal being to get the 7 Chaos Emeralds. The first several times, we could stop him, but one day, he got his hands on one. He became so strong that we couldn’t keep him from getting the others and taking over half of Mobius. Then... we were pretty much screwed. Robotnik got the Master Emerald, bringing down Angel Island and killing Knuckles in the process. It’s been three years since then. We haven’t gotten anywhere in our war against Robotnik and his army. But, maybe there’s hope. For Knuckles... we’re gonna keep trying. For all those enslaved by that obese monster. We’re gonna stop him, no matter how long it takes.
Linmora is about you ,a lonely creature trying to carve out an existence on an continent called Linmora. Littered with different types of biomes and climates, it is also covered in different predators and prey.
With the mixture different organisms from different zones of time, survival is even more difficult.
A fun growing server to hang out in!
Come share your art, stories, roleplay! You name it! Its a great place to really be you!

Once we get enough members we'll start
*fun group activities
*Give aways
*contest and more

Join the party baby!
The divided Kingdoms of Ruina make alliances after a large dispute between the orcs, humans and elf’s. Meanwhile, the eleven kingdom crumbles while the courageous humans plan for battle.
Here we like to write stories and have fun. No inappropriate stuff.
Ever wanted to have a well rounded roleplaying server with a good story? Well, looks like you found one. Welcome to WYS (Watch your step,) a mass military related roleplay with customizable character names, personalities, looks, and much more. First players in get more choices on characters. Plus, if you are into it, things can get a little.. rowdy. So come on down, we will be waitin for ya! (Staff needed aswell)
Timeline 16 A:This story begins before the destruction of planet vegeta, in a timeline where the current and another timeline were merged to one (the bardock special)
In this timeline Bardock received psychic 3 months before planet vegeta's destruction to convince some Saiyans to join him to fight or flee from frieza. There where 3 responses to this news some Saiyans ignored it, most did others stayed to fight others including the future new saiyan king fled, bardock and the other saiyans who stayed unfortunately perished.

Once hierarchy and order was reestablished on a planet soon to be called planet Bardock. The saiyans began a new conquest under the leadership of the new king Tarish. They renamed there planet Planet Bardock in honor of the prophet that saved their race.

One planet however changed everything. On this planet were Tuffle survivors, the first Saiyans sent to kill these tuffles did not return. The situation got so bad that Tarish came to the tuffle's himself where they engaged in a long conflict where the king returned with his elite guard though they had tuffle like marks on there faces meaning they lost in combat and were now hosts to the tuffles more tuffles emerged with them these tuffles were different, they were parisitic life forms dubbed modified tuffles they then asserted themselves into saiyan society and became loyal servants and gain a high social standing high above saiyans and because of this the once "Saiyan" empire was dubbed the New Order the king. In response to this the new order began indoctrinating other races Besides saiyans and tuffles. they then declared war on frieza's forces and caused a galactic war sending both forces to chaos

The Frieza force in light of this new threat started accepting anyone with a powerlevel over 900 into there ranks while beginning operation new blood where frieza began making clones of his family or using there DNA to create new frost demons to fight for him however though a success some demons escaped on there own