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The Game: Vampire: the Masquerade (20th Anniversary Edition) Chronicle set in Baguio.

Age Requirement: 18+ | R-Rated.

Beginner Friendly: There is a newbie-friendly character creation guide detailed in our forums, and a dedicated channel for asking any questions you might have.

Discord Link:

House Rules: For those familiar with Vampire the Masquerade, do note that we have homebrewed more than a few aspects of the game - some of which could be seen as fundamental deviations from the core. Please take this into consideration if you wish to join this server.

Medium: 24/7 Play-by-Post Chronicle | Text-Based Roleplay.

Requirements: The only requirement we have is that you make a ProBoards account for our forum! This is where you submit your sheet, as well as submit Downtime actions that progress your character outside of doing scenes. (

Timezone: UTC | GMT +8.

Story: It tells the story of a world turned upside down. Neither the Camarilla nor the Sabbat holds a claim over Manila's pulsing city streets. It is the Wan Guei and the Ma-Yi Mandarinate that claims the city's mishmash of slums and skyscrapers for its own.

Barred from entering the city they once claimed for their own, the Camarilla and Sabbat continue to scheme into The Final Nights. Looking, searching, and waiting to reclaim Manila as their own once more.
Set in 1197 Jerusalem, Dark Ages: Jerusalem is a text based server that focuses on intrigue, politics, and personal horror. Religion, inter-sect relationships, and player actions are all major aspects of the server. You will find that we are a living world where player agency and choices actually matter and impact the world. We are a new server and looking for new players to bring into the fold! We pride ourselves on quality characters, quality writing, and quality people. If you’re interested, drop on by. If you have any questions feel free to DM me directly at Chance#1141.
Welcome to Prague by Night: A Dark Ages V20 Experience

Prague by Night is a text-based living world server on discord that also uses roll20.
Here, you can experience many adventures and dangers as you along with many others will “live” amongst each other within the city of Prague.

For now, though, we are currently accepting new and experienced players to join our server and experience the twilight and secrets of Prague.
We have storytellers/moderators that will help you and your fellow players with any troubles you may have or any questions you have for them.

Thank you and enjoy the night!
Emerald City Nights is a Vampire: the Masquerade (20th Anniversary Edition) Chronicle set in Seattle, WA during the Final Nights. The Discord Server has been open since 25 March 2019 with the Chronicle having been started as a LARP since late 2013. (NOTE: We will not follow the Storyline from Bloodlines 2, but elements of Bloodlines 1 makes a minor appearance.)

It tells the story of the Emerald Domain and the multiple contested years that the Camarilla and the Sabbat have been fighting over the same territory. With a current stalemate exhausting both sides, the Sabbat is changing tactics to infiltrate the Camarilla and rip it out from the inside. Paranoia and fear run rampant as a new threat looms in the city by way of the Great Leap Outward as Cathayans have arrived..

Watch your neck, ..the coterie mate you just allied yourself with could be your undoing.

We run a narrative text based story using Discord. Character sheet tracking, downtime actions, experience requests, and all the information you need to know how to play is listed on Forums.
Welcome to Like Loving the Dead, an 18+ Vampire: the Masquerade roleplaying server set in the Anarch Free State.

Free at last from the yoke of the Ivory Tower, Los Angeles is a haven for the young, the rebellious, the disaffected, and any other vampire seeking refuge from the oppression of the Camarilla and the brutality of the Sabbat. But building a new and better society isn't as easy as kicking down the old, and the enemy is at the gate, waiting for the first sign of weakness to charge in and claim this prime piece of territory for their own. Will you fight to make a better society for Kindred and Kine alike, try to bring the rebels to heel again, or simply try to survive in the World of Darkness?

We use the 20th Anniversary Edition Vampire: the Masquerade (V20) ruleset to tell stories of gothic horror and tragic romance in modern nights.
This is a NEW server played in plot base and sandbox with over 50 npc. We play a healthy mix of v20 and MET systems. Chapter 1 you are a Camarilla Agent assigned to take back the city from the Sabbat's ten year reign. A midnight siege.
Boston by Night
Setting: Boston, V20.
Player base: 60 active players, all sects and independent factions.
Style: Long Prose, Play by Post.

Boston by Night has been running for about three months and in that time has fostered an identity of ongoing improvement and development as we grow and take in new ideas and perspectives. Our style is largely longer posts so that you can develop character thoughts, feelings and personalities over the course of weeks and months. This means that we encourage writers of all stripes to come join us, especially those that prefer to write in greater detail and develop their craft as they go. We have opted to make the server 18+ only due to the risque and dark nature of the setting and some of the material involved, we also feel that this has given our server a more mature outlook and a healthier community for the long term.

Starting with a timeline which created a power vacuum within Boston, and therefore encouraged player engagement with sect politics and hierarchies, over the past three months we've managed to have all three factions build their hierarchies from scratch while also allowing the independent clans to build their own presence within the city, significantly develop the political landscape for the city's kindred and also introduced non-invasive plot points in order to keep the setting interesting and dynamic.
Our server is exclusively player centric: we do not have NPCs where we can avoid it, and where necessary we keep their involvement as limited as possible. We have focused on individually tailored goals and objectives in order to award experience authentically on a bi-weekly rotation. This allows players to set their own trajectories and prioritise what aspects of kindred life matter to them. We have also kept the idea of a relatively flat power curve as this is a relatively low power game and the only way to garner significant experience is by driving your character and faction narratives. Come join us at:

This is my first attempt at running a campaign, and I'm looking for a few more players to join a running game that's just concluding a session zero run. Game is set in a non-canonical 13th century set in the maritime city-state of Genoa. Any further information can be gained by messaging me (swornbyhonor#8269) directly.

Play style is PbP, no voice. Accepting a variety of experience levels.
Currently open for 2+ more players!
Naples by Night is a play-by-post Discord server for Vampire: the Masquerade, set in Naples, Florida in the modern day. Naples is a decedent resort city, home to some of the richest people in the US, but surrounded by deep swamps and rural poverty for miles around. Be it the internal stagnation of the Camarilla under an unstable Prince, the ideological divisions of the Anarchs, the slow infiltration of the Sabbat, or the ever-present fear of Hunters, there is no rest for the Kindred of Naples...

- Multiple Character Slots
- Detailed NPCs, maps and updating news for immersion
- Intertwining stories and events
- Guidance for first time players
Greetings, folks. I'm running a text-based Old World of Darkness game on Discord, set in San Diego. We currently allow the following supplements:

---Demon: The Fallen
---Mage: The Ascension (M20) (Including Technocrats)
---Vampire: The Masquerade (V20)
---Hunter: The Reckoning
--Fera: Changing Breeds
We are a recently made V20 Vampire: The Masquerade post by post roleplay server. Taking place far away from the bustling cities of America, but in the old world. In Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. A city currently held by the Camarilla, but the presence of other factions have begun to grow. And the fate of the server is unknown for the moment. As players you get to interact with each other and NPCs to help decide the future of Stockholm’s chronicles.

We make use of tupperbox for characters within roleplay, both for P.Cs and NPCs which are actively used by server staff to help guide players onto storylines and events within roleplay and sometimes give a push when needed.
V20 Server
On August 29, 2005, there were over 50 failures of the levees and flood walls protecting New Orleans, Louisiana, and its suburbs following passage of Hurricane Katrina and landfall in Mississippi. The levee and flood wall failures caused flooding in 80% of New Orleans.

Many Kindred institutions, sects and even the vaunted Camarilla were left devastated. Elders and neonates alike perished in the disaster that followed.
Let the Night begin.....

The year is 2010, the Kindred structures of New Orleans are in ruins. The Camarilla leaders have vanished in what has become known as The Night of Shadows.

Arising from the Ashes of dead and missing Kindred, The Protectorate of the Rising Sun was formed. An Independent state offering safety and sanctuary in a utopian city of the Dead.

Phase two of our chronicle begins in this new and vibrant landscape exactly as the city floods with kindred and kine for the French Quarter Festival in April of 2010.

-New Orleans By Night is a play by post Vtm V20 RP, a collaborative creative writing experience in an expanding living world, set in New Orleans.
-24/7 RP
-Detailed world with STs and Mods who help progress the story in stages but leave plenty of room for social and character development in the night by night slice of life style server.
-Player Agency and Fair STs.
-Haven channels available.
-LGBTQ+ Friendly
-Monthly Town Hall meetings to discuss your ideas for improving the server!

Come join us!
Welcome to Black Sea By Night Dark Ages Vampire server! We are brand new server and the RPG hasn't started yet, so you'll have an excellent time creating your character!
We are also looking for additional Storytellers!

This is a play by post game with Storyteller driven stories. Players are expected to create team characters that get along with others. No murderhobos allowed. No powergaming allowed. No min-maxing allowed. No metagaming allowed.
V20 server game set in New York City some time after Hellene Panhard became Prince. New blood is pouring into the city as the Sabbat continue a bloody campaign to take their territory back.
New Players welcome, server has just opened.
Player driven, collaborative game with ST guidance and plot lines.
Camarilla focused game in a modern sandbox w/ambiguous date. Camarilla, Independant, and Sabbat all playable as sects with restrictions. (Please see rules and character creation.)
Adults only, 18+
Medium - high Lit server
Play by Post

Vampire the Masquerade V20 Roleplay server
Restrictions: 18+, due to the themes involved in VtM
Format: Play-by-Post
Setting: London, modern day sandbox. Camarilla focused, but with some Anarchs and Sabbat

London has since the early ages been regarded as one of the shining examples of the Ivory Tower’s influence on vampiric society. A booming mortal metropolis, the city supports an equally prospering community of Kindred that have woven their webs for years on end. A steadfast pillar of the Camarilla for centuries, it appeared like nothing could ever mar London’s status as one of the Kindred crown jewels of the Old World.

Until the Siege of Oxford that struck the beating heart of Warlock influence in 2014.

In the ensuing chaos, one figure rose to power, bringing stability to a tumultuous political playing field. Simply referred to by his Title, London’s Prince remains a figure of controversy. The Gargoyles didn’t have any Princes to their name and the Bloodline’s history still serves as a painful source of schisms within the Camarilla, but during his ensuing reign, the Prince has been proving the opposition wrong.


The game is set on current date. The Kindred of London are still gathering up the pieces and positions left from the attack, trying to cover and fill in for the remaining instabilities. Our setting isn't based on any of the sourcebooks, so some changes apply.

We want to focus on character driven drama, plots and collaboration between STs and Players. While there will be combat, it's not required. LGBTQ+ Friendly!
An open play-by-post roleplay server using the V20 system. Join the Cam, Anarchs, Sabbat, Gios, or independents to claim your land in Toronto.
*Brand new server* Something is hunting supernatural creatures. The population of the creatures of the night has been reduces to a bare fraction almost overnight; with the PCs among the very few survivors.

Whatever it is that's hunting them, it's still out there.

Welcome to Youngstown the city built on Iron and blood. Built by John Young a Ventrue Prince who rules his Town with an iron grip. The creatures of the night are still reeling from the overnight attack and no one was left unaffected in someway how will the citizens of the city react and what does this mean for the future.
Hello, everyone!

Orlando By Night is a Vampire: the Masquerade game utilizing Discord. It is a 24-hour game server that takes place, of course, in Orlando, and played from the Camarilla side of things. We use the V20 rules and have a core dedicated base and are looking to expand. Feel free to take a look around and have fun. Admins are friendly and active, and are available for PM for questions and concerns. We of course also have OOC and meme channels, so come and have fun!

Invite link: