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Welcome to The Twitch Host Team - We welcome you all to an awesome community of streamers and gamers.
We are not just a F4F group we are here to support each other and build an awesome community of streamers.
We have all types of streamers from Affiliate, Partner and Non-affiliate. Please be respectful of each other.

How it all works

At the moment we have 2 schedules that run back to back with each other, so that's 2 streamers, on air, both at the same time and we all jump into both streams and we show them some love & support, schedule runs from 12pm EST/5pm BST all the way to 10pm EST/3am BST, yes we understand the time difference is hard to support everyone so we ask that you can support as much as you can
We are a close nit group of streamers that enjoy helping out other small streamers! Streaming is a grind and we are all in it together so why not help each other!
Come join our amazing but slightly dysfunctional family!
A community discord centered around my YT gaming channel and a place where small streamers can come to promote themselves and maybe grow in a chill community with a friendly staff and welcoming people. We're small but looking to grow big and would appreciate more chill gamers or streamers to join us and chat about anything from games to just life itself.

What you'll find in the server:
-friendly and chill staff
-lots of fun bots
-game nights and movie nights
-new friends and chill people
-a place to promote your streams or videos on Twitch and YT
Incredible group of friends from all over the world looking to meet more like-minded gamers.

We play a variety of games and use reaction roles to keep the notifications relevant!

RSVP to a game sesh or make a sesh with our sesh bot and get notified when its time.

Are you a streamer?
Join us and we might just make you one of our beloved streamers! Each of our streamers are announced when they go live! (Our first streamer hit affiliate in 3 days!)
Great server to have fun and make friends! Still a new server so please bare with and suggestions are welcomed!