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Welcome to crystal studios we're currently a small development group that does high quality games for the outside.

Founded by Bofie#6666
Do you want to be a part of Thra? Do you wish to travel the land seeking treasure and friendship along the way? Do you wish to do all that without ever having to leave your home? If so join The Crystal Calls!
Crystal Galaxy
☆Nice Mods
☆Friendly Memebers
☆Fun Bots
☆Game Nights
☆Reaction Roles
This is "The Crystal Gems"! We are fan based server for all things "Steven Universe." We also allow roleplay for canon and non-canon characters. You can choose a role based on the emoji you click to symbolize your "gem." We here at "The Crystal Gems" hope you enjoy your stay!
Filolial Hunts is home to FFXIV's most advanced automated hunt relay bot, Filo!

Filo is a Discord bot created for the FFXIV hunting community. Its primary purpose is to automatically relay hunts found via the XivHunt client to dedicated Discord channels. This is an alternative to utilizing the actual XivHunt client or Horus' desktop notifications and aims to help ensure everyone has a fair chance to get to hunts in-game without relying entirely on manual relays.
A family friendly non NSFW server for Sailor Moon fans all over! We have a Roblox group as well! ROBLOX group:!/about

~~Join for amazing emotions!~~
😂Easy to get rank😂
😮Hiring Developers😮
😊Join to talk to the creator!😊
Promotions EVERY day!
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[North American Server]

Serpent's Guard is looking for new members!


Looking for a relaxing, friendly environment to meet new people and play some games? Then look no further!

We're a growing friendly server looking to build a mature community and find more people to play with!

The main focus on this server will be Final Fantasy 14. We hope to bring in people who want to learn how to do end game content without the pressure of the elitist mentality. This is a game and its meant to be fun and enjoyed and that is our focus!

However we will play other games other than just FFXIV if requested and enough people are willing to give it a try! Feel free to offer up suggestions!

Other than games we obviously have your default meme and music channels, etc. Between the members already there, there is a wide array of interests. So don't feel like there won't be a place for you, just come check it out and get a feel for yourself.

Our time zone is a mix of Mountain Time (MT) and Pacific Standard Time (PST).

We hope to see you in the server and don't be afraid to make recommendations.
This is the Crystal Loves Ocs fan server! Check out the Yt channel at:
Omega Crystal is a multi-genre server that let's you have fun with bots, join events, roleplay, use emojis, whatever basically.
Come one, come all!

If you enjoy the show Steven Universe, then this server is just for you! The server is new and needs admin. I hope you decide to join.
these crystals have appeared around the world, and humanoid beings appeared from the crystals saying to "join the battle of the crystals" and when you win you get to join their paradise in a long lost land
each challenger gets one elemental power