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A Zelda roleplaying server set in the setting of BOTW. We have plenty of roles open, and we're just getting started with the rp currently.

200 years after the events in BOTW, adark sorcerer named Kadokh discovers a method of reviving Ganon, and prepares to do so at the coming of the next blood moon. Upon hearing about this, his sister flees to Hyrule Castle to warn the royal family. The royal family then mobilizes all of their forces in an attempt to locate him, all while trying to keep panic from spreading to the general public.

If Ganon was to be revived, the only way to defeat him lies with the divine beasts. The royal family knows this, and decides to host a competition at the site of each divine beast in the hopes of determining the new champions who would pilot them.

Along with the divine beats, the power of the master sword is also awakened as well. However, not a person currently lives who can wield the holy sword alone, so a group is formed under the royal army that will fight using it together. This group works in unison using the master sword combined with holy shields to defend hyrule castle and ensure the safety of the citizens.

Meanwhile, a mysterious masked woman waits for the champions' arrival in Hyrule Castle, ready to inform them of their mission.
This is a roleplay server based around Termina in Majora's Mask, but it will contain a lot more areas than the actual map has.
This is a server for The Legend Of Zelda. Here you can talk about the game, your LOZ characters, and you can Roleplay with custom characters and canon characters! Here, we also have a special moment for the gay lord, Ghirahim called, The Ghirahim is gay movement, for Ghirahim and his gayness. We hope that you enjoy your time here!
This server is a rp/gaming server about The Legend of Zelda.