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Welcome to one of the biggest Legend of Zelda roleplay servers!

In the wake of yet another downfall of Malice and the rise of yet another supposed era of peace, many places and people are still recovering from the destruction and changes brought on by this onslaught of darkness. Villages destroyed, old ways of living broken down as new powers rise, and general state of injury and growing pains plagues Hyrule. 

While peace may reign for now, the ever looming threats of snakes in the grass and those who seek power in a time where many are weakened still hang above the battered land. Danger can lurk around any corner, and the mysteries left behind by the fallen world of darkness still reside deep inside the ground. The seas remain unknown, and those who lay outside of it or beneath it could easily be lurking, waiting for the right moment to strike. 

Do you dare enter this strange and wild world? Face ancient demons and corrupted guardians, still afflicted by the remains of the great and ancient evil. Bandit lords and rogue, blood thirsty monsters not content to stay in peaceful cities and abandon their old masters. And of course, discover the mysteries of Hyrule's darkest secrets, far beneath it's surfaces.

- Questboards!
- Permission To Kill is active.
- Custom races and lore! (Evolved monsters, custom race information, server lore, and new map locations to explore!)
Welcome to Protagomania! If you wish to join our server well go right on ahead. It’s just a fun server full of caring people and a sweet non-toxic community it’s a crossover rp server but we also discuss fandoms and art!
Dit is een discord server gericht op alles met Nintendo. Dit houdt in: directs, games en nog meer dingen. Wij houden bij van alle evenementen die er gaande zijn en wij houden zelf ook competities waarbij iedereen mee kan doen.
"' 𝒴𝑜𝓊 𝓀𝓃𝑜𝓌, 𝟣𝟢𝟢 𝓎𝑒𝒶𝓇𝓈 𝓇𝑒𝒶𝓁𝓁𝓎 𝒹𝑜𝑒𝓈 𝒸𝒽𝒶𝓃𝑔𝑒 𝓈𝑜𝓂𝑒𝑜𝓃𝑒... '"

Welcome to ' - 100 Years... - ', a server based around The Legend of Zelda, a wonderful franchise made by Nintendo!
We are mostly a RP server, but if that isn't your cup of tea, you can still join, and chat! We have theory chat, art chat, and more!


- = RP!
- = Bots
- = Mee6 to welcome you!
- = Arcane for levels!
- = Reaction roles!
- = Art chat!
- = Theories!

- = AND MORE!! = -

We, here, hope you enjoy your stay!
Hi evreyone this is holy the owner of this server. Im gonna take as much time as I need to convince you to join my server. We have very little members right now but we want to grow so joining would help out alot now for a short desription of my server we focus on anime and gaming some of the most noteble games we talk about here is sonic and pokemon. We also encourage members to ask others members to play games with them like Smash bro's For example I have smash and may ask one of you to play with me we also watch tons of anime some noteble ones are jojo naruto and one piece and many more. Thank you for taking time to reading this hope you join
Du hast Lust auf einer kleinen Community wo sich jeder kennt, auf Spiele aller art, oder auf "Werbungskanäle" wo du Werbung für deinen Youtube - oder Twitchkanal machen kannst? Worauf wartest du denn dann noch{^>^}
Legends World, un servidor creado por Andot, dónde conocer y conversar con gente nueva siguiendo las reglas. ¡Ya somos 1100 miembros a menos de una semana de apertura! ¿A qué esperas para unirte?
(french serveur)
Ce serveur est un serveur RP basé sur la série The légend of zelda .
L'Histoire se déroule 101 ans après les évènements de Zelda BOTW, de nouvelles créatures divines sont apparus , un nouveau héro et une nouvelle réincarnation de la déesse sont apparus et de nouveau sages sont apparus .
dans un monde ou la tri force, pouvoir convoité par tout le monde , ou les forces du mal menace le monde, soyez un héro .
protégez hyrule ou aidez Ganon a détruire le royaume.
Salut, Je te présente Hyrule Gaming ^^

Un serveur communautaire sur les jeux vidéo et pour thème de Zelda .Tu peux choisir entre Goron, Zora, Hylien, Gerudo ou même Korogu !

-Avec un système de rubis, viens partager des liens ou des Mêmes ou faire ton portrait chinois.

-Plein de jeux, giveaways et animations sont organisés, avec un RP fantastique!
Un serveur super fun !!
Viens jouer avec nous, dans overwatch, minecraft, ou avec les bots et plein d’autre!

-Nous organisons des défis et des énigmes avec des récompenses, serais tu les résoudre?

-Si tu aimes les Manga, animé viens nous rejoindre ! :D

Ouvert au partenariat ! ^^
__Ton ticket :ticket: :__
Introducing: Zelda Haven. A Zelda themed Discord server where you can basically talk about whatever you want. There are channels for gaming, music, anime, fanart, memes, and more!

And the best part: you don’t even have to like Zelda! You’ll be welcomed to the server with open arms even if you’ve never touched a Zelda game before in your life.

If you love Zelda and want to share your love of Zelda with other Zelda lovers, or if you simply want to find a place where you can be yourself, this is a server you will enjoy.

Seriously, we’ll allow anyone here lmao
Je vais vous parlez du serveur Zelda Fr, serveur qui a pour but
de regrouper toute la communauté de The Legend of Zelda.

Ce serveur contient:

-Une catégories Zelda, pour s'entraider entre joueur, se donner des défi ou juste parler de la série.
-Des salons vocaux pour jouer a vos jeux vidéos, ou faire des lives avec vos amis.
-Des bots musiques et levels, avec des récompenses une fois arriver a certains nivaux.
-Des salons ou vous pouvez y montrez vos talent artistique, photographique et informatique.
-Des émoticônes spéciaux Zelda.
-Un Staff agréable et a l'écoute.

Alors, si l'envie te prend...
Rejoins le serveur Zelda Fr!
A slightly canon-divergent BOTW roleplay that takes place five years after both Link and Zelda brought peace back to Hyrule after the defeat of Calamity Ganon. Along with the Hero of the Wild, the Champions survived the battle a hundred and five years ago, as due to being put in shrines similar to the Shrine of Resurrection in the regions of their own homes. The times were very peaceful since Ganon's defeat, but it was only temporarily. Having learned some of the powers to control time in the sacred Temple of Time, Ganon managed to break the very bonds of time itself, unleashing havoc upon almost every era of Hyrule that exists, except for the era of the Hero of the Wild. All sorts of monsters and antagonistic beings from every bit of Hyrule's history have been summoned to Wild's era, although those of other eras, have also been called to this specific world, such as Hylia's very first Chosen Hero, the Hero of Termina and many others from other worlds.

In the midst of peace, a war in the era of the Wild threatens the land of Hyrule once more.


Alongside the roleplay, we also offer other chats in this server, such as!:

- Two general chats, in case one or the other becomes too crowded for one's liking
- A art channel and a meme channel! as well as a cosplay channel where you can talk to fellow artists/cosplayers!
- In the case where some may not to roleplay, we also offer a spectator role! Of course, if you want to spectate at first then participate in the roleplay later, that's completely fine as well!
- We have a very friendly community and a extremely welcoming staff team.
A new dimension of Hyrule, where all kinds of people and monsters dwell. Hidden kingdoms and underground tunnels await new adventurers. The past, future, and present all existing in this one world, old and new foes, fight old and new heroes.

Join this world, and start a new adventure in the world of Hyrule.
Hey there! This is a sever about well, Zelda I hope you really enjoy it here if you join I hope to see you there!
Just a server dedicated to the legend of zelda. In the server u can discuss loz theories.You can also get help in a level you are stuck. The server is new so help me grow. First 25 members will get special OG roles. Have fun
Bienvenue en Terre d’Hyrule voyageur !
Créé par des passionnés issus des quatre coins de la france , Terre D’Hyrule est un serveur dédié à l’univers The Legend Of Zelda pour les Hyruliens de tous âges !
Serveur convivial et participatif , vous pourrez participer à des mini jeux, concours de fan fiction, fan art, ou tout simplement discuter dans la Taverne de Telma avec d’autres habitants des contrées hyruliennes...
Alors, prêts à rejoindre la tribu ?
Nous vous attendons !
This is basically a place where you can come in enjoy legend of Zelda no matter which part of the game series you were on.
Everyone of all types is allowed and we hope that you enjoy your stay here please make sure to read the rules when you join.
A server with talking, streaming, music, userphone, and other stuff based off the Yiga Clan from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
This server is for fans of breath of the wild and other Zelda games! New players are welcome and people will help them! Experienced players earn roles fast and fortune and glory awaits!
Hi! If you like Zelda or if you just got into it and want to learn more, then you should check this server out! Here are just some things that we do.

1. Podcasts
2. Theories
3. Polls
4. And Music

So if this seams interesting then I highly recommend joining this server! Thank you!
A massive in-progress 'Breath Of The Wild' roleplay/community server built to simulate a written version of its multiplayer hypothetical, chock-full of every location in-game. OCs [lore-friendly] and canon characters are makeable and claimable! We are strictly literate [no asterisks, full grammar, spaced paragraphs], and you will be doing a lenient test-run beforehand to make sure that you meet our gentle standards. If you do not pass, you will be put in a free-for-all channel, and will still be allowed to talk with everybody. We have bots, and are open to more suggestions!


We're currently setting up the channels. Help us out by scrapbooking your journey through the world! Pictures appreciated and fun to look at, but not required.

Do note that canon characters will be hand-reviewed by the owner of the server in order to meet an accurate and worthwhile playstyle.

Let's see where we cross paths!
Feel free to join, we can talk about the legend of Zelda and sometimes roleplay too, but we still can chat.
In the frigid Hebra region lies an island in the center of a lake. On this island there is a village, in which the avian Rito reside, presided over by the towering Divine Beast Vah Medoh.

Welcome to Rito Village!
We're a hangout for those who identify as Rito, or just those who are interested and are passing through. Please be sure to bring a scarf and extra socks; it gets colder the higher up you go.

We offer easy-to-follow rules, many bots, a leveling system, plenty of customization options, plenty of roles (seriously, the number is staggering), or just a place to relax and enjoy the wind on your feathers.

Our gates are always open, so why not come on in and spend a day with us? Maybe you'll find some friends and truly become birds of a feather all flocking together.