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[Server includes: Profile Pictures, Images, Gifs, Backgrounds, Skins, & Chat (w/ basically no rules), (dm owner for gfx related work; banners,custom profile pictures,thumbnails)]
So this is a balanced nsfw server, one half is lewd then the other is sfw
Its not much yet but the more members the more notoriety, You wont be dissapointed!
Long ago, there was a holy land. A land known for bringing people together. This land was known to people as Hentai Haven. Until recently, Hentai Haven was a beautiful land full of tits and dicks. All of that changed once the creator had some legal trouble. After being helped back to its feet by FAKKU, Hentai Haven was once again a beautiful land. FAKKU was not what it seemed, destroying the Hentai Haven we knew and leaving the creator in the dust. We are the defenders of all that has brought us together. We are The Hentai Crusaders!
Coucou, bienvenue dans notre petit serveur, premièrement nsfw mais également non-nsfw, vous pourrez ici poster et profiter d'images , de gifs et de vidéos, mais également rencontrer des gens (NON SEXUELLEMENT) pour vous faire des AMIS et détruire votre ennui
Passez un bon moment !
Just a standard group chat

No rules, no moderators, upload images anywhere, no bots, no filters, just a chat, no extra stuff, single voice call and lots of fun
Friendly lewd server with end to end encryption for the privacy conscious lewder. It takes a little more effort to get in than other servers, but we're well worth the investment. Ask for help getting into to the lewd channels if you need it.
We host a wide selection of channels tailored to a variety of tastes. Whether you're into tentacles or traps, furry or futa, loli or shota, it has a home here. We even have sections for full doujins and SFW/NSFW roleplay.
Outright illegal content will get you reported to the lolice, so be good!
The official community server for the bot Randomer!

join here if you need any support.
The Animal Parade is a server for all fans of animals to come and share cute photos and drawings of them! This is a place of relaxation where everyone is welcome, dialogue should be kept to a minimum
Found a new file that you would want to save for a lot of time without worrying of deleting the channel where it is? Found something you want to save without worrying of it getting deleted? Well then come to the Archive and save you most loved images or texts/links, etc
This Server is just like instagram just discord version. Called Disgram we post funny memes, images, cars pics, we even have a system to sign up for disgram.
Come Join The Fun!
A NSFW server weirdos to gather and talk about weirdo things. There are a variety of channels to post and chat in such as image posting all sorts of pictures, lewd chatting, or even NSFW categories. Bot Channels include Waifu bot, Tatsumaki, Yui, and more! Come stop by and hang around!
This server is about talking about traps and sharing images of traps. (We also have a lewd section)
An NSFW server for most people (over 18)! It’s a work in progress so suggestions would be appreciated!
Just another shitposting meme server, come join and bring all your nsfw memes and cursed images!
Discord Images is an online image hosting service suited towards an average online gamer or person that needs to share their files or images in the cloud to their coworkers or community.
Feli is mother looking for company! Will you come and keep her close! Or will you be one of her kids or even.. a lover! ( not both. That’s weird and wrong) post your art, show your writings, or just chill out!!
Rinexus's [ Official Discord Server ]
My bot has




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