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A server equipped for workout discussion, games, politics and other physical and mental topics. Join now, you might as well because people have been telling you to join a gym, might as well be this one.
The only server where information is easily fact-checkable.

- Weight loss/gain,
- Body Recomp (Lose muscle/build fat at the same time)
- Muscle mass (hypertrophy)
- Strength training
- Mobility & Stretching
- Recovery

You will progress.
This is a server/community of like minded people who all want to make a change in their life by utilizing their own bodyweight! There are many forms of bodyweight exercise. But we will mainly be focusing on building muscle with our own bodyweight in this server. I personally feel that there is a lot of confusion revolving around this due to misinformation, how to structure a routine to progress and various other things such as how to increase the difficulty of any exercise using only your bodyweight. All topics that I feel should be addressed will be and you can even suggest things to add to this discord! Join us and become a better version of yourself using only your body.

What we offer
- A sleek and efficiently designed server
- A comprehensive list of useful bodyweight exercises
- Routines for beginners
- Science info on muscle hypertrophy
- Friendly and helpful community
- Memes, SFW environment
- Homemade equipment guides
This is a "no bullshit" fitness and general health forum for people who'd like to start living healthy lifestyles and get fit. We don't have tons of unnecessary chat channels, rules, or bots. Everything is meant to be simple and streamlined. If you'd like to learn more about and discuss nutrition, cardio, lifting, and various sports, consider joining the server!
This is a positivity, health and fitness discord! Feel free to wander around, lurk, or involve yourself in many of the chat/photo channels we have here!
a community dedicated to women who lift! gone are the worries of being judged for your body-- we realize everyone starts somewhere and will support you through your journey. this is a group of women who lift and exercise for all different reasons! please invite yourself in!

we go through a heavy verification process to ensure the integrity of the server's purpose. larpers are not tolerated.
This is a safe server to talk about running, exercise, and 5K. Also get advise on how one can get better with a healthier diet. Wed love for you to join us.
Strong Brothers is a server for self improvement. People who want to improve them selves spiritually, mentally, and physically. It also for people going through PMO Recovery also known as Semen Retention and NoFap.
Simple Fitness is a server that is on a mission to help people worldwide reach their dream bodies. We are a growing family were you can find help and support when it comes to losing weight, gaining muscle, or if you just want a place to hangout and talk about health and fitness!
We are a community of people striving to be our best. We share workouts and diets, read together, and encourage each other to grow.
Delany's Fitness Discord server is for anyone. If you are looking to find new friends, flex on us with some pictures, or even get tips on how to train, this sever is for you.
A server dedicated to all things fitness. Diet, exercise, lifting, cardio, supplements. Advocates of swole acceptance and disciples of Brodin. Swolehalla awaits you brethren.
DO YOU, YES YOU LIKE ANYTHING BASED AROUND FITNESS THEN THIS IS THE SERVER FOR YOU. I myself am a huge fan of fitness and it is my passion in life and want to do it for as long as i possibly can and i want to share that passion with others. Whether it be lifestyle tips, work out routines and just how people are doing on a daily basis then i would be happy to help in anyway that i possibly can. So this server includes chatroom such as bodybuilding and power lifting and many more! (this server also has a few other chatroom like gaming and books).
This is a Video Gaming community designed to allow Gamers to make friends, find games, and create content together in their leisure time. We wanted a place where people felt comfortable to engage in rich and stimulating discussion about not just games, but all topics alike. This is something that is relatively unique to us as a Discord community, and a value we continue to pride ourselves on.
We have:
- Friendly Staff
- Music, Gaming, and Event Bots
- Intellectual Members
- Supportive Rules
- Promotion and Partnership Opportunity
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With this server, you can learn English in an easy and enjoyable way as members share their experiences in language and help each other.

People also search for:
speak English with native speakers
practice my English language
exercise my English language
talk English with others
improve your English
A brand new health and fitness server designed to be a positive and encouraging environment for all.
Fatty General is for those looking for motivation and support in helping to lose weight, get healthy, and just hang out in general. Just be chill and it'll be fun times.