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Hope's Dollhouse is a fun and friendly server with a small community.

The discord server was made for gaming, having fun with friends, and simply just chatting! It is very accepting of members and it's main goal is to be a safe space to everyone <3

and cute pet pics <3


。・゚♡゚・。・゚♡゚・。 Moonlight 。・゚♡゚・。・゚♡゚・。

A friendly, SFW server! It's still sort of new, it needs more members, so come join and meet some new people!~ ♡

☽ Friendly Members~
☽ New, needs members~
☽ Color roles & self roles~
☽ Cute emotes~
☽ Needs staff~
Gemtopolis is a community we're tying to build up to have a safe and friendly environment! We have plenty of rooms for different content and lots of bots to mess around with! We also have lots of color roles that you can earn and even roles you can choose from! Come by today and be a part of this pleasant community!
**ווו×『Sunrise Land:tm: 』ווו×

Welcome to Sunrise Land:tm:!Sunrise Land is a community chat, Here you can meet new people and enjoy discord while in this chill community. Make sure to check out the server and have an amazing day!

║What do we offer?║
➵ Open to Partnerships
➵ Lots of joinable roles (40+)
➵ Many private and public popular bots
➵ Many channels to jam out with
➵ Community for everyone
➵ Looking for staff and partner managers
➵ Custom emotes
➵ Verification system

We Love new comers please join us

We're Really nice and Approving staffs  
▬▬[The Founder]▬▬
Tyler_Lส็็็w#1074 (the main owner)
▬▬[The Owners]▬▬
Hello there! Welcome to The Traphouse! We're a small server, looking to grow with your help! We offer lots of custom roles for you to choose from, levels, NSFW chats, events, partnerships, many bots, memes, and more! We look forward to seeing you here!
This is a very good server that you can join. Hop in!
It's a community for everyone, built by everyone. The One Stop Shop is a place for anyone to create & share ideas or just chill. The last server you'll need.

A small note from it's creator:
I hope everyone here will enjoy this server as much as I do. Me and a couple others worked for quite some time to make it as good as it could be.
My inspiration to create this place came mostly from one of my most memorable servers, which unfortunately is now gone, created by a good friend of mine named Erishi.
Like his server did, I hope to revive the feeling most people got in the early days of discord, when like me, lots of us would stay up late just to talk to people online and feel part of a big and active community.
Here I wish that with the help of our members, we can accomplish this goal and become more than just a server, but rather a diverse and connected community.

Hope you stick around with us,
Learn ALL the insider tricks of Discord!

Text formatting | Coloured Text | Centered Categories | Permissions | React Colours | Invisible text | Emoji secrets | and much much more!

👉 We even make and give away animated images to really make your Discord stand out!
Hey! This is my server called the "Crayon Box"! It is for anyone who wants to have a good time.

We have the following:
-fun community channels
-self-assignable COLORED roles
-family-friendly staff and members.

We hope to see YOU in the Crayon Box. :)
Get in and invite some friends
Best server i ever made