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A Zombie Apocolypse server, with extra realism to keep ya immersed. ERP is allowed but in certain NSFW channels.
6 days ago
In the year 2400, steps to an everlasting peace on Earth has been set. People are contented of what they have. Technology brought surprising changes to the world from supporting an individual through automation, industries increases production tenfold and the nations are forming unions. Through unions, the Earth has finally achieved the desired peace and the entire world had celebrated it, calling it the golden age of Earth.

Century later, a shadowy movement of people seek to control the entire Earth through means of force and fear. They have gathered every means to mastermind a sinister plan, to salt the Earth. The movement have executed their plan and unleashed their nuclear bombs all over the world, turning the entire world into a nuclear wasteland. With their sinister plan succeeded, they have formed a new nation called Dynia under the rule of The Detrimental Dynasty.

The disaster has wiped out every technological advancements made. The Dynasty forced the people to work as labourers, disobedience or speaking against the Dynasty is forbidden and punishable by being thrown to nuclear wasteland or public execution. The dynasty has brought an uproar amongst the labourers, creating a movement to overthrow the current Dynasty and free the labourers from the chains of slavery.
30 days ago
The whole world has gone to ruins and its up to you how you survive
65 days ago
In 2023, World War 3 broke out. After 3 years, it became nuclear. Now, it is 2042, and the world is in ruins. Get supplies, hide in shelters, and survive. Can you do it?
74 days ago