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```Rosashia Laboratories```
Rosashia labs is a roleplay server set in the year 5048 after a war broke out and destroyed all of America. As children were put into the bunker like lab first to protect them, then women, then men and important people. Their is mostly children located in this small lab that oddly has all the amenities for this situation... Then powers appeared... which caused more drama then was needed in this lab/bunker located in the large city of New Acres.

Our server may be small at the second but we hope that you can help us grow!
We accept all OC's that comply with our lore, rules and guidelines.

As long as you get a power roll to decide your power category, and follow the rules. I hope you have fun!

We are not a NSFW server, but we do allow NSFW stuff in out NSFW channel. We do allow swearing if it isnt overdone, but hey.
The New Ember is a server about the zombie apocolaypse, but not only is there zombies to be aware off..and not only there's others and bandits to worry from but also the radiation from the missiles that hit the how will you survive? that's your decision and your story to complete..join now to find out!
This story takes place in the Rochester New York Winter Freeze Over (This is a survivors point of view)

In Rochester New York 2018, A winter freeze over began trapping many of its residents inside with the city. Few

managed to escape before things started to get even worse. And trust me..It got worse. It started to get so cold,

people just started to actually freeze.. frozen in ice forever..But that was just the beginning, others started to resort to

cannibalism after their food ran out..others started to changed..But no one knows why, expect for God. Those that

changed didn't need food, water, clothes, warmth or anything...But for some reason...most of them had the ability to

reason. Mighty Strange isn't it? Anyway, let's get back on track, the others..just started to kill..kill..and..kill..they

Samantha, Roger, and Blake, its just me now....But your here! And hopefully whoever's reading this..your prepared to do what it takes to


-Matthew Roberts
This is a rp server generated from my mind and is almost completely original.
This is a world where ww3 has begun and ended, in a flash the world had been taken over by robots, a deffence system that has backfired on the americans and let their proud nation to ruin under the thumb of their robot overlords...but there is hope, in the form of many erradiated survivors who crawl out from the wreckage of the world, in this story we follow the plight of america, in its desperate struggle to rebuild, and to take out their robotic tyrant...
Imagine a world, destroyed by Heaven and Hell. Two supernatural armies at war with eachother. There are three cities that you know of. Safe from the destruction, safe from inevitable death. Angels, Humans and Demons at war. Who will live? Who will survive?
Join us to find out.
THREE AM. The world has changed. What will you do? Join today!
Welcome to the eye zone, a RP server based off of Dungeons and dragons, carrying its stats and dice rolling mechanics and the Game Master.
Its the late 2000, the world has gone into absolute chaos with the outbreak of an epidemic that makes people zombie like creatures, named the eyes due to their either excessive or lack of eyes, its your job to play survivor or LEGION and compleat quests for npcs, and to maby even find a cure and a way to stop the epidemic
In the year 2400, steps to an everlasting peace on Earth has been set. People are contented of what they have. Technology brought surprising changes to the world from supporting an individual through automation, industries increases production tenfold and the nations are forming unions. Through unions, the Earth has finally achieved the desired peace and the entire world had celebrated it, calling it the golden age of Earth.

Century later, a shadowy movement of people seek to control the entire Earth through means of force and fear. They have gathered every means to mastermind a sinister plan, to salt the Earth. The movement have executed their plan and unleashed their nuclear bombs all over the world, turning the entire world into a nuclear wasteland. With their sinister plan succeeded, they have formed a new nation called Dynia under the rule of The Detrimental Dynasty.

The disaster has wiped out every technological advancements made. The Dynasty forced the people to work as labourers, disobedience or speaking against the Dynasty is forbidden and punishable by being thrown to nuclear wasteland or public execution. The dynasty has brought an uproar amongst the labourers, creating a movement to overthrow the current Dynasty and free the labourers from the chains of slavery.
The whole world has gone to ruins and its up to you how you survive
In 2023, World War 3 broke out. After 3 years, it became nuclear. Now, it is 2042, and the world is in ruins. Get supplies, hide in shelters, and survive. Can you do it?
A serious Text RP about life in military nuke silos after nuclear war erupts between Russia and the U.S.A.