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We are the “Fusion Dance” Server. Basically here to fulfil your NSFW SU thoughts and in general be a nice community to be around. Chance for roleplaying, chance for erotic story telling and more. So if that interests you, come along. (SPOILERS for those who haven't caught up)
Hello and welcome! Clod squad is a server that is based around Steven Universe, but we also have other channel topics such as an art, gaming, cosplay, and meme channels and more! Hope to see you in here!
Hello! We are an unofficial discord server for the Roblox game Stand Upright. We are a nice server with actual admins of the game helping govern the server. We have channels for Your Bizarre Adventure along with our Stand Upright channels. If you wish to go to the official server for SU, you can use our server as a gateway as we have a channel with the link (remember to say thank you), but we would be glad if you decided to also remain in this unofficial server too.
SU: the Gemlings Era is a chat and fandom roleplay server about our fandom, Steven Universe. Where all sorts of gems and also the Diamonds have there own little Gemling if you want em too maybe your OC gem could have a little one of there own why not cause
You can roleplay, chat about Steven universe, and demonstrate ships/ gemlings and AU'S Without nost Judgement!
Here, why not join today to find more About our great and growing server?
Hey! SleepyLazuli here! Our server has fair rules, moderators, administrators, a bunch of emoji’s, a safe environment, a great community, and a member count of over 70+ members! If you haven’t guessed it, this server is about Steven Universe! Of course, you don’t need to be a fan to join nor do you need to know it. Anybody is welcome here! We’re not racist or sexist etc. If you read all this, I want to thank you! Come and say hi!
♦| The Diamond Authority is ruled by the 4 matriarchs called White Diamond, Yellow Diamond, Blue Diamond and Pink Diamonds, the Diamonds are the most superior gem race to exist, they're seen as flawless, perfect gems with a perfect cut.

♦│ I welcome you to The Gem Supremacy, ruled by the superior diamonds! This is before the Gem rebellion, it's the beginning of the colonization of the planet Earth!

What we offer!

- A great SU roblox community hoping to grow!
- A non-toxic, friendly community.
- Memes, meet new friends, discuss your favorite topic!

See you in The Gem Supremacy!
An LGBTQA+ Steven Universe themed discord! We are in need of staff! Our theme is Steven Universe but you are welcome to join to talk about other things as well as to discuss gender and sexuality. Allies are also welcome! I hope you'll join us!
Welcome to pink diamonds court!✨

We are chill group of people who love SU! ✨

Starlight is a server based off of pink diamonds court, rise in the ranks of your diamond <3! ✨

We have many unique Steven universe features, including a gem trial, and a rebellion.

✨ Active chats ✨

✨ Self roles ✨

✨ Active Vc's (usually) ✨

✨ Party events ✨

✨Actual murder mystery ✨

✨ Active owner (supah)✨

✨ Fun channels ✨

✨ LGBTQ+ friendly ✨

Feel free to stop by and visit! We are always looking for new active members!
Welcome to the Keep Beach City Weird server! Here, you'll find anything Steven Universe, ranging from general discussion and theories to our very own role play dedicated channels! If you're a cosplayer, a roleplayer, or an overall fan of the show.
(This is a SFW server!!!)
The roleplay is ran by the members, so feel free to either nab a canon character or create your very own and jump into the world of Steven Universe!
🏐 Hi! Welcome to the official Spinearl server. 🏐

Considering you're reading this, you must take an interest! Allow me to go over some of things you'll have access to when joining this server.

💔 Level two boost perks.

💔 Occasional and common livestreams.

💔 Reaction roles.

💔 LGBTQ+ friendly.

💔 Steven Universe ships, head canons, and character discussion.

💔 Loads of active members to talk with!

💔 Nitro giveaways!

🏐 Go a head an click the join button to give it a whirl! We hope to see you there. 🏐
We are a relatively large, new-ish Steven Universe Discord Server, where you can:
- Discuss the show, movie, and Steven Universe Future
- Share meep-morps (art, including drawings, music, voice acting, and more)
- Assign yourself a plethora of SU based, and other roles
- Share memes and SU screenshots
- Listen to, and perform music
- RP
- And more!
Delta is the only bot you need to secure your server from toxic users, bots and raids.
Delta has lot of features against spam.

- Ban
You can use it to ban all the users who have sent a specific message in a channel. It can also ban a given list of IDs. And if you want to keep calm, there is also the regular ban command, and of course an unban command.

- Lock
Delta can lock/unlock your channels and categories, in case you get raided. Pretty cool, hm?

- Misc
There is a also a few commands to et information about your server, other users and the bot.

Δ Have fun with Delta!

Delta is in constant development, and we need developers! You can join the support server if you are interested.
we are steven universe fans that decided to make a server.we all have awsome chats here and a non toxic community
Come be a crystal gem! This is a canon character roleplay server for all steven universe fans! We don't allow ocs, but we'd be happy to have you as any canon character!
Hello there! This is the Era 2 Steven Universe Roleplay server!
You have seen era1 and era3 roleplay servers, but what about era2. WELL YOUR IN LUCK!
Offering: -Staff applications.
-Canon characters to rp as.
-Up to 3 characters, or even 4 if ur given

✨Thank you for reading, make sure to join!✨
⭐ "Steven Universe Future, Here we are!" ⭐

Welcome to ⭐ Steven Universe: Future! ⭐

This server is a roleplay which takes place during (or after) the events of Steven Universe: Future! Which focuses on character development, events and more!

SU:F may have ended, but the fun adventures with Steven and his friends don't stop there! Come and join many people in RPing in this vast world!

Here, we try to give people the best RP experience they can have, we have many other good things which can help users get into the server, such as...

⭐ Simple and Understandable rules!
⭐ Many Canon Characters to choose from!
⭐ OC's!
⭐ Intern Applications every Month!
⭐ A very nice community of over 100 members, and rising!

So what're you waiting for? The adventure has just started!
❖SU Fan Server - About Us❖

Hello! And welcome to the Steven Universe Fan Server! Here, we have everything. Art, SUF discussion, Roleplay, Memes, Music, Theories, and much more! We hope you will come hangout with us, and discuss our favorite obsession! That being Steven Universe, of course.

✦ We welcome any and all kind of members, other than trolls of course.

✦ For the most part, we are PG 13, because of the many crude jokes we make. But we hope you don't mind! If you are uncomfortable, just say so.

✦ We try to have many events along with giveaways!

✦ Many great artists live in our server! We also make sure to be respectful to everyone's art.

❖Warning, we do in fact, have a NSFW Category. All NSFW content will be distributed their. Thank you!❖
Come and join this very fun server! We talk about everything! We have friendly staff and more.. Join O R E L S E . . .
The combination of the dark and light make an Equinox, the equilibrium of existence! These two are Void Black And Blinding White Diamonds! An addition of two more diamonds, Orange and Purple Diamonds! The authority isn't entirely strict, and cross fusion isn't as accepted. Go to 6 different planets, and battle it out amongst the stars in battle cruisers! The skies, and even further are the limit. Earth and organic creatures have been added!
Hey there! Are you one of those weirdly specific oddballs like me?

Do you like Steven Universe?
Do you like Undertale?
Do you like She-ra and the princesses of power?

Did you answer yes to any of these?
Well come on down to the server! So far there are very few members, which is what is being hoped to be changed here!
❖ D'une toute, toute petit communauté commencée dans le privé, ici vous pourrez partager role-play et flemmarder avec des francophones, si vous souhaitez nous rejoindre alors cliquez !
looking for a steven universe server well youre in luck! we have great staff members and a loving leader!
pretty cool place for cool people to hang out, ice people will talk to other ice people and yes I am going to make as many ice puns I can think of. We have memes including the rare Laribar. We have level roles and special roles for all you special Larimar fans. We also have special Larimar emoji!

-Peridot (Owner of Peridot's Kool Club)
Welcome to the Galaxy Authority. A long time ago, Sunset Orange Diamond was created. She created Midnight Blue, Flora Green, and Cherry Jubilee to rule alongside her. Will you serve them? Or risk it all to rebel against them? The choice is yours.