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A Steven Universe-themed RP group based around a group of Gems trying to find a place to live outside the Diamonds' rule.
Bismuth's Forge is a Steven Universe & LGBTQ+ server to make people happy! :gay_pride_flag: :sparkles: We offer karaoke and streaming events as well as just a chill environment to make friends!! We have nocturnal staff to take care of you whenever you might be on. We hope you enjoy our server!
Feel free to join **Steven Universes**
We have a Diamond Authority, high class gems, elite soldiers, foot soldiers, pearls, and more!
You may be a homeworld gem, a rebel, fusion, corruption, hybrid, or a human(and more)
There is an art channel, commission channel, weekly art events, and so much more than I can list!
We welcome you to our server!
Laid-back Steven Universe server for people from all walks of life to come together and hangout / discuss the newest episodes! <3
Set after the finale, we allow oc and canon gems to be taken up; OC Diamonds are allowed but in small quantities and do not reach their canon counterparts in rank. Hybrids are also allowed.
A currently WIP server that is roleplaying a non-cannon SU Universe. New diamonds, different gems and new plots arise in this server.
Greetings to Homeworld, a Steven Universe themed hangout server.
Lgbt safe space and nice people just join and have fun with us.
⭐ Steven Universe RP ⭐

Hi and welcome to the Steven Universe RP, based on the Cartoon Network tv show Steven Universe. Gems have survived the diamonds attack and are resurfacing on Earth. Rebel gems and humans banded together to maintain peace. With new rebel gems, also comes the Homeworld gems to detain them all. Be a bystander, rebel, or homeworlder. Roam the streets of Beach City, Empire City, Homeworld, and many other locations!

💫 ~Active, Fun and Friendly Staff~ 😊
💫 ~Story Arc's & Suggestions~ 🗣
💫 ~Oc's accepted (Gems, Half humans, Corrupted, Fusions, Off colors and more!)~ 👤
💫 ~Homeworlder's/ Rebels/ Humans~ 👥
💫 ~Events and Transitioning stories~ 📚
💫 ~Fair rules that aren't restrictive~ ⚖
💫 ~Bulletin Board and updates regarding the rp plus the show itself~ 📰
💫 ~No toxicity and caring, friendly community~ 💖
💫 ~We're small but are always rp'ing and looking for new members to join~ 🤗

Can't wait to meet you and we hope you enjoy. 😊
The planet Crucible was being colonized by both the forces of both Yellow and Blue Diamond when news of Pink Diamond's shattering came in—and moments later, all off-planet communications went dead. Both sides suspected each other of foul play and gem turned on gem. Gems are forced to join the Yellows or the Blues, or to defect altogether. Join our growing community to decide the fate of Crucible!

~Friendly community
~Responsive moderators
~Original characters, setting, and adventures
~Unique backstory and lore
~Unsolved mysteries
~Dynamic setting that changes as roleplay progresses
A Family Friendly Steven Universe Based Roleplay server with it's own Universe Come Join the Tetrad Community for fun roleplays, friendly Staff, and amazing stories..
PleasPlease Join my srever it woukd mean the world to me!
We have many perks such as

Great coustum economy
Friendly admins, HRS, and Diamonds
Great comunity
And more

So join our server so you can have a great time with us.
Hey! Welcome to the ROBLOX game called 'Crystal Universe' official discord server! We have lots of members who are active and we have lots of stuff to do in our server; Chat, Roleplay, Join raffles, post your work, etc!
We allow;
Romantic RP,
RP in general,
And much more!
(Though there IS a specific channel for RP, Romantic RP, and memes! ^^)
Well, see ya there!
This is a rp based of Steven universe with two diamond leaders. This community is still a work in progress so some things might change.
Server open to ALL
Just a fandom server to share art and content + talk about the show and such!!
A server for the community!
Home of roleplay, artowrk, server events and more!
Partnered with the r/StevenUniverse subreddit!
Come join White Diamond and her lovely court!
A fun roleplay group! With a prism of colourful diamonds to pick from, create a gem and roleplay away!
In an apartment, there are some terrariums- each with a different terrain within. Tiny gems live inside, unaware of the apartment beyond.
Seven diamonds, seven courts- you can decide who to serve! A friendly roleplay server ♡♡
Hi and welcome to the gem Authority, based on the Cartoon Network tv show Steven Universe. Gems have survived the diamonds attack and are resurfacing on Earth. Steven got his time in the spotlight, but now it's time for your own story to begin!
~Active, Fun and Friendly Staff~
~Suggestions~ 📜
~Events and Transitioning stories~
~ Roleplay!
~ Choose your gem and alliance! (the roles for gems are canon gems)
✨: ~Fair rules that aren't restrictive~ 📢
✨ ~Bulletin Board and updates regarding the discord plus the show itself~ 📰
~Jokes and Fun welcome (But let's not be a toxic wasteland k? ;) ~
~We're a small little group but we like to have fun and are always looking for new and exciting members to join us! ~

Hope to see you soon! Are remember to shine bright like a diamond! - The diamonds <3
This is based a few decades past change your mind, many gems have come and gone on earth. Beach city remained a place for many gems to have a home in. You are one of the gems, or humans, living in beach city now!
A Discord for talking about Steven Universe and hanging out together!

Hope to see you there! ✨
A small rp server based around a certain timeline in Steven Universe.
Here you can be really any gem as long as its OC.
It would be nice to have more people, hope you join and have fun.
Set before the diamond's corruption attack, but after Pinks 'shattering', you can be an oc or a canon character!
The Discord server for the BABYMETAL Familly on FaceBook !

Feel free to join us, fellow Kitsune ;)