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A nice little server where you can share your art and thoughts on Steven universe and more!
HI there! This is the Diamond Lounge server, we talk and roleplay about steven universe, We are very friendly, our diamond authority has 9 diamonds, the 4 canon ones are included! See ya soon!
Here is a role playing server that takes place in an alternate universe where there are 12 diamonds that are completely different from canon.
This is a progressive community wide to following the diamonds. You can be any gem you want under there courts and watch it process into rebellion.
you can be anything you want! with even more gems to chose from than any other su rp server! we're guaranteed you'll be satisfied!!
A new discord roleplay server.

-We offer a little bit of canon role, but Pink never started the rebellion. It was started by a random gem ;o

-A new community with no toxicity ;o

-Friendly staff

-A lot of roles to choose from

-Fastest people get the chance to become a diamond or a rebel leader :o
Long long ago, four diamonds were forged within a single planet. They were Blue Diamond, Yellow Diamond, Ice Diamond, and Pink Diamond. They were elite gems, who rule under one specific way. As the years went on, more diamonds were forged under this way, until one dared to defy the simple rule that was set in tact for them. White diamond. Her first colony, was earth. She loved earth any everything about it, until, she wished to visit earth. Her pearl, suggested that she should disguise herself as a sapphire, so she did. She found many wondrous things, until she realised that she was taking life, from completely nothing. So, she decided to stay on earth, and start a rebellion. This rebellion went on for at least one hundred years, until news broke out that a snowflake sapphire shattered White. This caused an even worse part of the rebellion. The diamonds’ attack. The four current diamonds launched an attack on earth, causing many gems to fall, becoming corrupted, cracked, and shattered. But a few gems remained in tact. A bismuth, who was brave and built many things for the rebellion. A Jasper, strong and witty, creative and energetic, but was also a bit of a show off and narcissist. A lone pearl, who devoted her life towards white diamond and snowflake sapphire, but now belongs to no one. Another ruby and sapphire, who’s life and devotion towards the diamonds, turned into love for each other. Together, they now lead the Crystal gems. But, snowflake had a different fate. She fell in love with a human named Greg Universe. As they both fell in love, they had a child, named Steven universe. Now, the current Crystal gems are tasked with taking care of Steven, and defending earth from Homeworld in case of another attack.
Like Steven Universe? Then this roleplay server is for you! This is the twilight authority! Everyone is welcome!