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Faith est un serveur de dialogue interreligieux, avec en prédominance l'islam, et cours d'arabe en bonus !
Welcome to Through the Valley! We are an inclusive 18+ server dedicated to faith and mental health. Every faith (or lack of) is welcome.

We’re still small, but we’re hoping to grow. We have roles and channels for you to talk with other people who share your religion beliefs, space for LGTBQIA+ members, events, and, of course, memes!

If you’d like to talk about how your faith impacts your mental health, or just want to see what we’re about, come join us!
The Next Chapter is a an Occult discord server accepting of all religions and practices. This is NOT a server for larping, and absolutely not for edgelords.
Welcome to my hangout server! This is mainly a Christian server but we accept people of all faiths. We strive to build a friendly loving community, make new friends and give you the best experience ❤. Come in and join!
Welcome to the Church of Bob! We are a religion that has been accepting new members since 2019.
☝︎︎ ꕥ Welcome to Islamic Heritage, a fun and exciting community where Muslims and Non-Muslims can meet each other, share knowledge and hold meaningful discussions on the rich and bountiful history of Islam as well as discussions pertaining to the religion itself!ꕥ

☞︎ ꧁What are we trying to do?꧂
➪ ꕥ We are trying to build a friendly environment where learning is of priority and trying to give anyone with a thirst for knowledge the opportunity to seek it and to explore new viewpoints. We want to make a server for Muslims to meet, join together and establish a flourishing community welcoming to people of all faiths to discuss in peace and prosperity in knowledge!

So what are you waiting for? Hop on in and join us on the pursuit of knowledge in Islamic Heritage!
Alim Lam Mim est une communauté grandissante comportant des Musulmans et Non-Musulmans.
C'est un endroit où vous pouvez dialoguer avec des musulmans , apprendre l'islam , vous relaxer et partager ce que l'islam peut nous offrir insha'ALLAH !
Membre de la [DDQU] (Disputationes DisceptantiumQue Unio)

Serveur de débats pluridisciplinaires, à la fois scientifique, littéraire et ésotérico-religieux, les thèmes actuellement abordés : mathématiques, sciences naturelles, sciences humaines, politique, ésotérisme, religion, art, ces thèmes sont susceptibles d'être modifiés au fur et à mesure selon les besoins des membres du serveur de s'exprimer sur tel ou tel sujet. Avec un mode de débat unique "1 versus 1" qui consiste en un débat, où seul deux membres pourront débattre, un moyen pour approfondir ses positions, sans les inconvénients d'un débat "général".
Islamic Forum is an islamic server (of course), anti-sectarianism (but discussions are welcome). People of all religions are welcome, since they have respect.
We encourage:
• Debates and general discussions
• Knowledge
• Respect
• Calm chatting
Allahuakbar for everyone!
Hope you will come to talk about allahuakbar stuff. Holy bible, quran, torah and people who do not believe. That's all. Oh we have nsfw channels by the way.
Salut ! DAYAN est un serveur principalement musulman mais accueillant tout de même toutes les religions ! Pour débattre dans le calme et la politesse. DAYAN veut réunir les musulmans de France et du monde pour former une communauté unie et solide ! DAYAN est un endroit ou vous pouvez parler de l'islam de tout et n'importe quoi vous amuser et jouer !
A coven like server that helps people yearning to teach, learn and explore the practices of witchcraft within a Wiccan community. Serving roles such as covenant and member only.
Open to all religions and spirituals