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the servers weird and offensive so dont join if you cant handle our swagness
A simple server without lots of rules n regulations
im on it like all the time except 2 AM so come and hang
lots of cool ppl here and if ur active u can be one of the gang part of the legacy
we have a legacy that started with a server and then we like
im not gonna explain this just join and i will give you a storytime
A solarpunk server marked by its more radical leftist and anarchist politics to achieve solarpunk society.
A server for the participation and discussion of a new wave of feminism. This is a space for radical, trans-exclusionary, feminists and the doctrine of female superiority and the eventual subjection and downfall of men and the patriarchy . If you are one of the women who understand the truth of things, we welcome you with open arms.
Hey you, Yeah you! Are you tired of Fred Frazbem's Pizza? Of course not! So come on down and have quite the comical time. Meet Fred and his funny gang while chowing down on tasty pizza, go to the arcade and get balloons from Helium Holder, get prizes from the Sock Puppet, and maybe even apply for a job. So why don't you join and have a radical time.
Welcome to the most Radical Islamist Server you can find!
Here, we do the following:

Insult Each Other
And Much More!

Warning: If you get offended easily, you should join :sunglasses:
Join us!
Political Discord Server with right-leaning values. Freedom of speech protected. Degeneracy allowed. Meme and shitpost til' the cows come home. All ages welcome. If you ain't right, that's okay, you can still participate, just don't become a hindrance for other members.

Join if you like:
- Offensive Jokes
- Memes
- Community
- Whatever else

Help stick around and build the Den of Reapers! Chill owner with relaxed rules.

We have:
- Voice channels
- Roles
- A public commons
- Debate & Shitpost chats
- Music because yknow...every server has music duh.
- Recommend new features and apply for a moderator position! ~Until the end of this month~
A smol precious circle of dweebs. There's not a lot of rules, just don't be a major cumwad. Thanks see you there, my fellow stale meme.
A server for anyone, ranging from the far-left to the far-right, to discuss the more radical side of politics, with relaxed rules, freespeech, and plenty of roles.
Just a place for chilling. We've just started, so it's just me and the co-owner. We have the usual channels, but also a channel for dolphin hate because dolphins are evil.
Hey there! Wanna join our radical gaming server just like the other 200 that wanted to advertise? Well we're no different! We have fortnite! Join for a hip and cool time!