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This Discord server is a community of individuals who are aiming to start an animated Percy Jackson and the Olynpians animated series.

We would really appreciate it if you could join our crew and cast! We need:

• Audio editors
• Video editors
• Animators
• Voice actors
• Scriptwriters

Help would be appreciated! Thank you and please join us!
This is a channel where we talk about SAO-(Sword-Art-Online) and we have Quests,levels,AND MOOOORE. come on join the Fun
Building the server, looking for staff.

5 years ago, on November 10th, 2014, people ages 7-16 started exhibiting strange powers. The first was a 16-year-old who spontaneously teleported out of detention. Soon after, people all over the world showed other powers (aka kyres) of all kinds. The only common factors were that they all reported an 'urge to destroy' and their eyes glowed faintly in the dark. They were called 'Kyouran Kids' in a Japanese news article, and the name stuck.

2 years later: 15% of youth have been identified as Kyouran; Chinese governments start putting Kyouran into 'restraint camps'.

Now: 50% of kids (now 7-21 years old) are positively identified as Kyouran. Another 35% of kids have mysteriously disappeared, possibly in hiding. Identified Kyouran all over the world are put into RECs (Restraint Education Camps). A terrorist group made up of Kyouran (CHIld Kyouran Uprising To arrest Adult Killers [CHIKUTAKU, also known as Tickers]) have been attacking the camps, acting in the shadows. The leader is believed to be the original Kyouran and is calling themselves Hero. Nothing is known about them other than their kyre and age. They are the oldest Kyouran, and rumor says they possess five kyres.

And I almost forgot -- If you duel another Kyouran and kill them, their kyre is yours.

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It has been six months since Timothy Wright stuffed just about every possession he could carry into the trunk of his car and sped away, leaving Jessica Locke behind with no true knowledge of what had truly occurred the last time he saw Jay Merrick alive. There was no reason in Tim's mind to reignite a flame he had just barely managed to stomp out, after all, and on the surface, it seemed that skipping town might finally provide him a chance to return to normalcy. But, when had he ever been lucky enough to catch a break?

It has been six months since Brian Thomas awoke in a desolate building with the stale taste of blood hanging on his tongue; this wouldn't have been unusual if he didn't know for a fact that there was no way he should have been alive. With no access to his medication and Alex Kralie, the same maniac that was meant to be just as dead as himself, still hot on his trail, he hatches a plan to end the chaos once and for all.

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Join to find out what will happen next.
OCs and canon characters welcome.
⌦ —✪Alchemist Dating✪—⌫

⌬ This is a dating server for to meet new people and find love and get friends, If you join we will be happy to welcome you Sly Signing Off ⌬
Dating Is not Required we also have a option for making friends
⊠ Things the server has are.. ⊠
╞ A Kind Owner And PIB,Staff!
╞ RP Coming Soon
╞ A Welcoming Community!
╞ A Meme And Art Sharing Chat!
╞Magical Server With Factions~!
And More!
So come! Join Today!
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This server is new and still in progress. If you would like, join. It would really help out.
Hey! The name's Kay, and I am getting started on an MHA RP server! However, I need some help setting up bots, channels, formats, etc. etc. So, if you'd like to stop by and help, and eventually apply to be a part of the staff team, then go right ahead!