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We are an LGBT-friendly, welcoming server that believes in chaotism, an ideology that encourages instability and chaos for the greater good.
So, if you’re likeminded and you want to make new friends and discuss whatever you want, then go ahead and join us!

Come join us if you want to:
• Discuss news, politics and other stuff.
• Make new friends.
• Have fun.

We’ll see you in our server!
- The Chaotism Team
Asalamalaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu guys, have any doubts or misconceptions of Islam? are you wanting to learn and see if Islam is the religion of truth maybe accepting it soon? Subhanllah you are at the right server, after many years of research of my beautiful deen Islam and gaining a Islamic education as a result I have come forward and decided share my knowledge to show you the truth of Islam and discussing the miracles of Islam but further discussing how Islam is the forefather of modern society. This server is also specialised in eschatology.