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Hey! I am looking to get a good group of people to play hearthstone with, if anyone wants to chill and play some casual hs, come join!
A Hearthstone community that revolves around having fun with others, from chatting & battling to fun bot commands (e.g. memes)
As well as self-assignable roles & news on the latest expansions & updates. Come join us to create new friendships, level up your skill, and have fun with others!
A great place to meet pros to game with, game coaches to up your game skills or just to find people to chill and game with!
This server is mostly about gaming, but we chat with each other and we use the bots for games and to search anime and YouTube. This server is mostly 11+ and there is nsfw. The servers main games are Hearthstone, Brawlhalla, Terraria and MTG. Everyone would play with you if you ask so don't be shy to do it. :)
An old community from Chatango. Average age is around 25. Mix of European and American mainly. Friendly banter. This chat has been going for around 10 years. Anime, Programming, Music. Feel free to come chill here if you're bored.
A small, friendly community focused on gaming, drawing, music and finding new friends!
It's a newly created server so any suggestions you can give are appreciated! (✿◠‿◠)
nuovo serve discord bassato su i giochi di carte trovere di tutto da i più famosi (hearthstone/magic) a giochi sconosciuti come (Star Crusade CCG/minion masters).
benvenuti nel server il Mastro Delle Carte
Welcome to Hearthstone Singapore. Need someone to clear your quests? Test your decks? Share decks? Look no further.
Общение, шутейки, веселье, шавуха. Всё как ты любишь. Залетай на огонёк🔥
Добро пожаловать в мою таверну! Это клан по известной игре Hearthstone, если вы хотите найти дуэль или выпить кружку пива с другом.....Добро пожаловать сюда!
Czym nasz serwer wyróżnia się od reszty?
— Sezony (więcej info znajdziesz na serwerze)
— Organizowane serwerowe turnieje w grach karcianych (nagrody rzeczowe dostępne wkrótce!)
— W konkursach i losowaniach nie uraczysz kluczy z odzysku (z tanich stron które odsprzedają tanio klucze) u nas, każda gra jest kupowana po normalnej cenie ze sklapu Discord jako Gift.

W niedalekiej przyszłości, gdy serwer bardziej się rozwinie, planujemy otworzyć własny sklep z przypinkami, koszulkami, smyczami i kubkami oraz innymi akcesoriami. (potrzebujemy do tego grafików i artystów, oczywiście będą oni dostawać kilka procent ze sprzedaży bo dobra praca wymaga wynagrodzenia)
Whether you’re coming in for a chat or looking for a Raid group, everyone’s welcome by The Hearth!

Looking for a game of Hearthstone? Post in our Hearthstone channel for new friends! (Or rivals)

So pull up a chair, relax and be merry here at The Hearth!
Приятный и уютный сервер для любых целей:
—Обсуждение фильмов, Аниме, событий в жизни
Сервер ищет новых участников! Стань ячейкой общества, кирпичиком нашей дороги!
Сервер молодой но уже имеет аудиторию! Заходи, ждём!)
I'm a youtube editor providing you with Hearthstone Meme Videos 24/7!!
Share your ideas with me for new content, talk about anything of your interest. We got channels on every topic! Come and have fun!!
Do you play a game called hearthstone? If so, this might be the discord for you! In this discord, it is planned to eventually have tournaments somewhat regularly and we want to build a community in which we can discuss and play hearthstone and many other things together
Polski serwer o tematyce Hearthstone (gra Blizzarda). Szukamy osób do rozkręcenia tego serwa.

~ Self assignable roles
~ Rap battles
~ Memes
~ Make new Friends
Bienvenue sur le Discord de la MAX Team ! Venez discuter avec nos joueurs et rejoindre la communauté des Maxonautes ;-)
Этот сервер создан для помощи другим игрокам в поиске новых интересов, у нас есть категории под разные интересы: игры, фильмы, творческие интересы и т. п.
A new chill discord server. Just a group of friends who play all types of games and have fun!
Algeme huisregels:

- Respect hebben voor iedereen en dit betekent ook dat je andere mensen niet uitscheld.
- Geen racistische afbeeldingen of overdreven afbeeldingen.
- Misbruik je member rechten niet! (Move…)
- Schelden doe je alleen in de rage room.(kanker enz...)
- Geen naam veranderingen naar andermans namen of beledigingen
- Ben je afk (Compleet Gemute) of zit je te lang in de entrance, dan kan je gemoved worden naar afk, gelieve dit uit jezelf te doen.
- Wil je een channel joinen dat locked is of vol, stuur een prive bericht naar diegene die erin zit.
- Muziek alleen in het muziek bot kanaal.
- Wordt je lastig gevallen of doet iemand irritant, neem dan het heft niet in eigen handen en kom naar de Admins of Owners.

General House Rules:

- Respect for all and this also means that you do not exclude other people.
- No racist images or excessive images.
- Do not abuse your member rights! (Move ...)
- No name changes to other people's names or insults
- Are you afk (Completely Mute) or are you in the entrance for too long, you can be moved to Afk, please do this yourself.
- If you want to join a channel that is locked or full, send a private message to the one in it.

- Are you bothered or irritated, do not take the handle in your own hands and come to the Admins of Owners.

ENG: This is the right place to start meeting people and get free packs by recruiting. Also all members can get quests for gold to play with a friend.
ITA: Questo è il posto giusto per iniziare a conoscere persone e reclutarle per ricevere pack gratis. Inoltre tutti i membri possono ricevere le quest per le missioni della sfida con un amico.
Streaming, Gaming, and Memeing community! Join up if you want people to play with all the time!!!!!
Ein kleiner deutschsprachiger Server im Aufbau.
Wir suchen so ziemlich jede/n der/die für faires und freundliches miteinander ist.
Auf dem Server: reden und schreiben wir über viele Themen, und spielen Spiele wie Hearthstone, Overwatch und mehr...