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Infinity-Gaming is an all around Gaming Community where people come together to play some of our favorite games. We mainly focus on Survival Games like ATLAS or ARK: Survival Evolved but we also play games like Forza Horizon 4 and are even planning events for Forza! So come on by and say hi and join us for some fun!

We are a growing community looking to have fun with fellow gamers! Most of our age range is above ~20. Currently we have Ark servers and an Atlas server. We have Pokeverse channels and people to help! We aren't just limited to these games as most of us in the community play a multitude of games! Come join us and meet new friends!
LWillkommen auf Genesis "Sailors Voyage" 5x5

Alle Regeln sowie man den Server beitritt, findet Ihr bei uns auf Discord!

All rules and you join the server, you can find us on Discord!

- Settlement Claim System (Colonies)
- Max level 100
- Harvest x4
- XP x4
- Taming x6
- More skill points
- No collision
- Fast resources respawn
- 3x weight
- 2x Fortitude per point
- Automatic server updates
- Automatic server restart
- World quests!
- Powerstones, Trenches, Kraken, Fountain of Youth
- No aging
- 5x5 map
- "Claim Flag" displayed on map
- 60 players per grid
We are a very friendly and outgoing Discord server. We host a range of game servers. We also have a few other channels for other games.

All servers are hosted on PC. Our servers are modded, mod list is provided.

We are currently hosting:
The current games we host servers for:
Ark: Survival Evolved (PVE cluster),
Atlas (Grid of 4, 2 PVE and 2 PVP) - New map in the works. *Currently offline,
Dark and Light - Recent addition!,
Conan Exiles (PVE and PVP servers),
and Citadel - in the works.

We use the Reaction Role bot so you can give yourself the game roles we have simply using the reactions set up in the channel. More underway! (If the bot is offline tag an admin)
Ihr sucht noch Mitspieler für ATLAS ?
dann schaut mal bei uns vor bei!


Wir bieten der deutschsprachigen Community eine Plattform
Greetings everyone. We're a gaming community that aims to play with each other in tribes, guilds, Clans or solving quests together. We use self assign roles for games, so everyone can see what you game, even when you're offline. Hope too see you. Cheers.
ATLAS South Africa. Recruit SA players to join your crew

Staram się stworzyć fajne Gaming community.
Na serwerze macie opcje dodawania sobie gier którymi się interesujecie. Dodając grę będziecie otrzymywać także Patch Notes. Zapraszam :)
A small community that has just recently started growing.
Everyone helps each other out if needed and we cut up and laugh often. We have 10+ active players daily.

Space Engineers:
Mods Enabled to Enhance Gameplay
MAP: Star System
Mode: Survival
Factions: Player-created/Space Pirates, Spiders, Wolves and many more AI created.
Cargo Ships Takeover/Hacks
Random Interactions
Cargo Drops Enabled
Player Based Economy And Market

Arma 3:
CO-OP Gameplay
Small Group

Small Sailing Group
Always Having Fun