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Welcome to the dumpster, where we can fulfill all your trashy, grabbag garbage bag needs. We have nice staff and active chat. Our trash is cool. Allahu Akbar
Welcome to God Tier Trash
Are you tired of being silenced and cucked by authoritarian mods? If so, you are most welcome in our server, the best server in Boosh Valley Wakanda
You Can Be Sure To Find:

⟩⟩ 24/7 staff
⟩⟩ Self Promotion Channel
⟩⟩ Freedom of Speech
⟩⟩ Active Chat 
⟩⟩ XP Rewards for being Active
⟩⟩ Sarcastic/Satirical Community
⟩⟩ Server Partnerships
⟩⟩ NSFW You Horny Twatt
⟩⟩ Tons of music & Bots
⟩⟩ Venting & IRL channels
⟩⟩ Loose rules
⟩⟩ Server exclusive Minecraft Bedrock Realm

If you love dark music, experimental music, dark stuff, Animes, AMV's, editing, producing or similar things, than join our server. We are a worldwide Cyber collective active in wast areas of art, music, clothing and much more. This is the official main TRASH Discord server. Join the underground and become a Cyber Demon.
We offer you:
-Different Bots
-Channels for all kinds of stuff
-Self roles
-A nice atmosphere
-A friendly community
-Friendly, active and competent staff
-Official TRASH members
-TRASH updates
Benvenuti nella "Mountain Cottage", qui potete guardare film, ascoltare musica, condividere stronzate, giocare e fare amicizie
If you love rap, dark rap, metal trap, etc. than join our server, TRXSH 新 ドラゴン! A server with active members on voice, and text chats. It has fun bots, music channels and extremely active and fair admins. Gallery chats, and fun/edgy/etc. people.
hello! this is a hangout server, called the trash bin, you definitely belong here. this was made to put people together, and maybe to find a date! specifically for ages 13-17, but feel free to join if you’d like! we’re a new server!

we offer;

• self roles + color roles
• pokécord
• music bots
• unbiased, active, welcoming staff
• lots of channels for different topics!

we hope you enjoy your stay here!
Hey! You! Yes, you! Can I borrow a minute of your time you tell you about this brand new town? I promise you won’t regret it!
Trashy Town! A new server with plenty of fun things to do! We love meeting new members, so come on down! Still not convinced..? Here’s what we got:

〈Huge 50 member giveaway!
〈Customize how you look with reaction roles!
〈Buy colour roles at the Mimu shop!
〈boosters get super cool perks!
〈Daily town fun facts and positivity!
〈A town secret....
〈Places to showcase your art and creations!
〈A cute trashcore aesthetic!
〈Cool bots that you can play with!
〈A map to help you get around!
〈Tons of cool Voice Chats to chat and listen to music in!
〈A safe quiet space to vent, rant, and get some help with your study’s
〈Nearly always hiring staff members!

Have I convinced you yet? C’mon give us a try! The trashy part isn’t too true, we’re really great at heart! So come one down!

Will ya come one down, to Trashy Town?

(in case disboard is glitching)
Είμαστε μια όμορφη παρέα που φέρνει το καλοκαιρινό αεράκι στις οθόνες σας. Μας αρέσουν πολύ οι άνθρωποι και ειδικά οι trash. Καθόλου κανόνες, όλα επιτρεπτά, απόλυτη ελευθερία. Ελάτε και δεν θα χάσετε. Θα περάσουμε υπέροχα. Το μόνο που είναι υποχρεωτικό είναι να είστε 18+
You know what's more cathartic than admitting you're pathetic, lame, boring, not fit for society, or otherwise complete garbage? Finding someone else who's also human trash who will love you. Or multiple people. This is an ingenious idea I had, but I need someone to do all the work because I'm barely functional. For you extra trashy people, please try to maintain some semblance of control over your trashiness and do not be racist, homophobic, and all that.
This is a server were you can be yourself you can do almost anything in here you can also date 14 through 16 only
u can be toxic
u can be hella stupid
this is a place to post and do anything you want

this server is where people can chat about what they want and get along with other random people from around the world
I've been an admin in many servers, so I finally decided I wan't to give making my own a shot..
As of right now, its just a hangout sort of vibe with friends kind of thing, yeah pretty boring I know, but you might meet some amazing new friends! and yeah- cringe af but you don't know until you try it yk? anywayyyy, do check it out!
Yama est un serveur proposant de :
-Rencontrer des gens
-Partager ses passions
-Découvrir de nouvelles choses
Nous sommes particulièrement interressés par les GFX, AMV maker, car Yama est aussi une chaine Youtube qui recrute

Nous vous achetons votre propre compte Deezer
The Community Discord server!
- Well moderated.
- Active, regular members.
- Approachable 24/7 staff.
- Very active VC channels.
- Animal/food channels.
- Gaming, memes and music & much more.
Come say hi!
Ci definiamo una casa per tutte le persone che vogliono farsi una chiaccherata a caso con gente a caso... esperienze strane, soggetti bizzarri e intellettuali del mestiere ti aspettano dentro; nel caso facessi un salto attento ai gamer, spuntano da ogni angolo quelli.
I’m Evelynn, and this is my new server. I know what you’ll say. “Your server is small, weird, nasty and you’re weird”. But this is my little world, a world with all my “special” fantasy. From hentaï to porn, with a bdsm place to humiliate me or other, and ask for a mistress/master or a mommy/daddy. Without forgetting the little “trash” place where the most fuck up thing will be (not for kind heart). Come and see what I have (it’s not that much and still in development, but it’s for fun). Hope to see you there!
join or something idk.

if u wanna play games, just yell at the server owner to see if he wants to play games.

if u wanna talk, just yell at someone random and hope u get lucky |:)