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Welcome to Starscream's Appreciation Server, a community of Starscream fans for Starscream fans. We are a warm, friendly server looking for new members, to chat, make friends and talk about Lord Starscream, who is in Transformers Prime, and other continuities of the Transformers universe.

We seek long time fans of Starscream some happily talking to others about Starscream while others even creating content on occasion.

One year ago, the great heroes known as the Autobots prevented the earth from becoming cyberformed by the evil Decepticons. With Megatron now dead and the new Omega Lock destroyed, the Autobots and their human friends could finally live in peace on earth…. except for the fact that the battle at the Nemesis was seen by millions across the globe. With the reveal of Team Prime came both good and bad effects, Many humans viewed them as heroes…. but a few viewed them as invaders.

With the death of Silas, leader of M.E.C.H. came a power vacuum, one which was filled by none other than Senator Harold Attinger. With new funding and political backing, M.E.C.H. grew even larger and stronger than before. They infiltrated many governments around the globe, secretly gaining control of the world’s armies. With this control, M.E.C.H. has been able to build an army…. one that will transform how humans and Cybertronians battle.

M.E.C.H. is not the only enemy the Autobots still have to worry about. After the death of Megatron, the Decepticons split into two new factions. Starscream decided to keep the name of the Decepticons alive, but Shockwave named his faction the Logicons. The new Decepticons seek to destroy the Autobots still, but the Logicons reason that maybe this war should finally end…

Will you continue to fight for the good of humanity as an Autobot or N.E.S.T. agent, or will you destroy the alien invaders by joining M.E.C.H.? Perhaps you could join the Decepticons or the reasonable Logicons. Join to find out.

What we have to offer:

● A friendly roleplay experience. Whether you just joined discord yesterday or are a 5 year old veteran, your roleplay style will be accepted and will never be made fun of. The only thing we ask is that you use correct grammar and punctuation.

● A non continuity restricted roleplay. As you can tell this is set in the Aligned continuity, but characters and items are accepted from all continuities (except RID 2015…. just no).

● An actual plot. What we mean by this is… most servers just have the lore, and then they randomly come up with events to keep the non plot driven roleplay going. This is where we differ. We have a story to tell. Several arcs and events have been planned out, and many more are to come. So if you are tired of servers with never ending, always repeating roleplay, you’ve come to the right place.

● You can join the Autobots, Decepticons, Logicons, N.E.S.T., M.E.C.H., or even become Neutral. Insecticons and Predacons are also accepted. Original characters and cannon characters are treated with the same respect!

● A chill staff team who will help you with anything you need.

● Plenty of fun bots to keep you entertained when the roleplay is slow.

● And much more! So come join us. The first 5 members will more than likely receive special benefits.
A server for all transformers fans, oc's are all included. We all are friendly here!

Please follow the rules and head to role assessments to claim your roles.
Come one come all ad join the war between the two factions! We have friendly staff and members plus a whole bunch of things to do, we offer our storyline roleplays as well as channels for free roleplaying. Soon to do events and more as we are still a growing community!. Please come check us out bring in your favorite canon if they are taken feel free to find another or throw in an oc character!. Chose your side and join the fun!
Hello, and welcome to Transformers Epoch.

First of all, I will tell you this is an ADULT server. Mature language, suggestive themes, and NSFW are present. YOU ARE FAR WARNED.

*Nsfw/18+ To acquire this role you must Message a mod or Admin and provide proof, for age verification.

Canon and Oc's Allowed- to prevent an overpopulation of Original Characters, most all are asked to hold at least one canon character.

This server follows the Transformers Prime Continuity, just a divergent timeline. We skip six years forward from the animated television shows established. As such, more Autobot and Decepticon bases have appeared around planet earth, as optimus's call to arms ripples across the cosmos.

Decepticon leader Megatron's use of the Omega Lock to terraform earth by use of the space bridge our little blue planets poles have been forever damaged, causing massive shifts in weather, and the conversion of species. As such, Megatron is still up to his nasty deeds and is ever ruthless in his attempts to reignite Cybertron and complete the cybertronian terraform of planet earth.

Which team will YOU be apart of?
Autobot- or - Decepticon?
"One shall stand, one shall fall." A line that has been said many times throughout the history of the many Transformers timelines. This is a new timeline, one with influence from every existing Transformers timeline. Minicons, combination, and energon stars. The war for Cybertron is coming to a close as Optimus Prime gathers the last remaining energon into a ship made by the dormant Omega Supreme. Megatron is doing the same in attempt to stop Optimus from escaping Cybertron. How will this battle end? You decide! In Transformers: The Unicron Wars!

This server is a place for fans of Transformers shows and roleplayers alike to coexist in a new type of Transformers server.

We offer canon characters, ocs, new stories, and a place to play out your Transformers fantasys.
We are a humble and small server, yet we pack a big punch! we are a combo of the old G1 you know and love, and the newer more modern Prime.
just please keep in mind the admins are in New Zealand Time! Thank you!
A new twist on transformers Animated crossed with Prime! Come on in and check us out we are still growing so many canons are available and there is still lots to come! :)
We are an AU continuation of Transformers:Prime. Looking for a group of dedicated, Literate, creative RPers to help build upon the server and write with.

Most canon characters are up for grabs and we are very OC friendly. Our server is 16+ and quite lax in the rules department.

We have a multitude of channels to support separate plotlines and larger groups, as well as plenty of general socializing and meme channels for fun.

We seek literate RPers ONLY. Thank you for checking us out!
Witaj na Polskim Serwerze RP o tematyce Transformers Prime! Dopiero zaczynamy, ale możesz liczyć na miłą i pomocną administrację. A jeśli szukasz serwera, który oferuje RolePlay lub po prostu polskiego serwera TFP, by pogadać z innymi fanami tej serii - idealnie trafiłeś!

Możesz dodać swoją OC lub grać postać kanoniczną, ale pamiętaj - dopiero zaczynamy. RP nie ruszy od razu; potrzeba do tego postaci, więc śmiało zapraszaj innych fanów serii, których znasz!

Oto nasza fabuła, której akcja rozgrywa się przed wydarzeniami z Beast Hunters:
,,Wojna nadal trwa i nie widać jej końca. Decepticony mają przewagę liczebną, ale Autoboty mają sojusznika w ludziach. Czy któraś ze stron wyciągnie rękę do drugiej? A może walki będą trwały w nieskończoność?"
This is a transformers roleplay server. I hope you will have fun, and join. As we are a growing community.
A fun role play server where you get to make your own chars ter! Taking inspiration from Armada, you get to make canon characters your own. You can follow previous canon or you can say fuck all and do what you want with them! OC's are welcome! Friendly community and dank memes
Welcome to the server! This server is gonna be based off Bayverse and TFP and some of the rp is gonna be based off in Cybertron (with Canon's and OC'S) This server is a work in progress so if you wanna help me get this server up Come and join the server and give me ideas :)
Welcome to Ratchet's Hospital, the largest mini TFP community server alive, and also formerly Erisa Fate's community server after retirement.

- Talk to Ratchet, the grumpy medic! He rarely talks but stay civil otherwise he'll come and get you.
- Includes Pokécord bot. Catch and check your Pokémon here.
- Includes other topic channels such as SCP, Transformers, Sonic and Pokémon besides TFP.
- Includes a mini roleplay channel where you can troll around.
- MOTD channel. Get your meme featured daily!
- Talk to Erisa Fate, the former TFP shitposter who made those crack videos, including Crackformers Prime and Megatron Plays Fortnite Confirmed.

Remember to pay your bills before leaving or we'll report you to the Iacon Police Department. Note! This is a PG-13 server. No NSFW please!

We hope you enjoy your stay, you sick people.