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"It's been four million years of conflict. Four million years of death. Suddenly... Ceased. The Autobots, the winning Faction, have began reconstruction of Cybertron, electing senators. The Decepticons have been scattered to the wind, the once great Faction is in tatters. Rodimus Prime has prepared a ship, the Lost Light, to find the Knights of Cybertron, the oldest cybertronians alive."

-You can be apart of the Decepticons, Autobots, or Neutrals.
-ERP Allowed in all Rp Channels
-Friendly community
-Plenty of channels and are available for RP!

Hello to all of Disboard, if you find this, welcome to Transformers Runes of History. Basically you can join if you want and hangout or if you want to you can RP, now its time to explain it;

The Cybertronian Civil War has spread across the universe; Quintessons with their alliance have multiple nonorganic species such as the Rock Lords, trying to block the Autobot and Decepticon's spread. Another faction has had a rise in power after reappearing as the war headed to Earth, once on earth the war made the human race split on who to trust with an Earth Federation rising to side with the Star Seekers while the EDC sides with the Autobots. Whilst all this happens, otherworldly forces are said too be changing fate.

Basically this is a homebrewed version of the Dreamwave continuity mixed with IDW 2006 continuity, almost anything you want is allowedm this isn't nsfw though. You can submit any faction from Transformers and more, Heck if you base your characters off other continuities, you can even use them because we are chill with anything basically.
Sonic Comics RP, a server for RPing in all three of the main American Sonic comic continuities: We've got Pre-SGW, Post-SGW, and IDW. We don't have very many people, and, the server itself is at least months old, but, don't let that discourage you! If you're a fan of the American Sonic comics, feel free to stop on by~
After the Defeat of of otherworldly, Undead Menace that ravaged The Multiverse in a viral Infestation, the fabric of reality was on the brink. The only thing that could only prevent certain annihilation was the conjunction of multiple other universes. The question is....will this be a new world of prosperity or a Franken-world of decimation?

-Pick up any characters from (Most) of the IDW publishings!

-Mods that will help you with questions and/or concerns.

-Dozens of crossover stories just waiting to happen!
Join us in an RP that sees the crew of the Autobot ship, The Lost Light, to journey the universe in search of the legendary knights of cybertron. We will make new friends and enemies on our way and love and lose.
A small roleplay server for transformer fans. OCs are allowed.

You can be a spectator too if you just want people to swoon over big robots with.