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One Punch Man A-Class is a One Punch Man roleplaying server that allows both Canon and Original characters. We have a chill environment and roleplay events to help our users get to know each other better.
➣ Welcome to One Punch Man: Project S

➣ Events, Quests and Missions!
➣ We accept people of all kinds here!
➣ We are always open to suggestions to help improve the server!
➣ A channel that posts reddit memes every minute!
➣ Multiple Races you can choose to be! Will you be a super-powered cyborg or a terrifying mutant?
➣Fun Emojis to use!
➣Permanent link:

Set 10 years after the events of the Series. The Caped Baldy, Saitama finally had his actions and powers recognized, claiming him a spot at the Class S. The years that followed were of peace, as Crime and Monster appearances greatly decreased over the term of his service. The streets and cities were finally clean.. Then the day came when Saitama disappeared, news of this erupted and circulated around the world quickly; notifying the sinister Monsters and Villains, that humanity's aegis was no more. Fortunately, the Heroes Association came prepared, and recruited a slew of new Heroes, to defend humanity, against the new coming Monsters and Criminals.

What our Server features :
〚⑄〛High standard staff
〚⑄〛Fun ooc activities
〚⑄〛Self roles
〚⑄〛Custom roles given after B class
〚⑄〛6 Power Tiers
〚⑄〛Revitalized locations
〚⑄〛Neatly organized channels
〚⑄〛A system that supports Roleplay over numbers
alright pals let's discuss one of the coolest animes ever: opm!! most of the one punch man servers i've seen are rps, and that's valid, but i just wanted to make a plain old discussion server. requirements to join: just. . . don't be an a-hole. (no anti-lgbtq or racist remarks and you'll be good) (and no p*dophillia or inc*st! jfc.) anyway, i hope the rules aren't too strict for u (lmao) and u'll join!
btw discussion of other animes, including jjba, golden kamuy, dragon ball, naruto, evangelion, and any studio ghibli movie, is hella encouraged so if u wanna come on down then come on down.
if you're a cosplayer and would like to show off what animes you have cosplayed from that is also encouraged! as i myself am a cosplayer :3
this is not a strictly nsfw server but if you would like to share something lewd but not problematic i can make a nsfw channel for 18+ members.
Saitama se rindio, su mision de buscar a alguien que pueda suponer un desafio ya era mas que un simple intento en vano para el.
Esto dejo que muchos Kaijins puedan vagar por el mundo, la mayor parte de los Heroes de la Asosiacion de Heroes murieron, ahora...Queda que un nuevo legado de Heroes traiga paz al mundo.

-Creacion libre de Personajes

-Clases de Heroes y de Villanos

-Objetos y Habilidades obtenibles sobre el material original

Una linea alterna de la historia original, donde puedes rolear tanto como un heroe como un villano, a decision propia, los personajes principales no se encuentran presentes, por los que se necesitaran personajes que se encuentren a la altura.
La aparicion de Kaijins se volvio mucho mas comun, tambien, han estado apareciendo Vigilantes, cual sera tu bando?
The first of its kind... Welcome to the One Punch Man Roleplay, Where you can join the world as anything, A Hero, A Villain, A Vigilante, A Monster, An Esper, And even a cyborg! This is a new Roleplay in need of memebers so if you like One Punch Man come on over to the server!
Check the tags, its a opm roleplay that gets nsfw sometimes
Bask in the affection of fans, enjoy harsh battles, and enjoy being a member of The Strong. This forum is an AU faithful to the core tenants of One Punch Man; no frills, no fuss. The rules are simple, newcomers are allowed to have an S-Class hero on arrival, and as many A, B, and C classers as they like. There are certain restrictions, but if you love OPM and want to RP, you'll like this place.
A public roleplay server based off of the anime series, One Punch Man! We are still a developing server so we need your help to make it grow! [CURRENTLY CLOSED]
Hey there! If you’re looking to RP One Punch Man, I’ve got the place for you! This is a new server on Discord dedicated to OPM RPs, and really any OPM discussions. The setting takes place (in canon) after the first season of OPM to be inclusive of all fans dedicated to the fandom! This is an 18+ server due to NSFW themes (sexual and violent). To give some preface, the server starts as a group chat created for heroes to connect and discuss "business"; not everyone is completely professional, or even...genuine in who they are. If you’re interested, connect to get the full run down and see the rules! No OCs, sorry!

Taken Characters:

Speed-o’-Sound Sonic
Metal Bat
A server for one punch man fans!!!!! Come and join....plzzzz