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In the super-continent humanity has lived and thrived on, powerful monsters and villains have been mysteriously appearing and causing disasters. To combat the now ongoing issue society have to face, the world's government created a Hero Association that employs superheroes to stop violent creatures and villains. Each of the Hero Association's superheroes are ranked from Class-C to Class-S with each class having a apparent massive gap in power with each other

Set 10 years after the events of the Series. The Caped Baldy, Saitama finally had his actions and powers recognized, claiming him a spot at the Class S. The years that followed were of peace, as Crime and Monster appearances greatly decreased over the term of his service. The streets and cities were finally clean.. Then the day came when Saitama disappeared, news of this erupted and circulated around the world quickly; notifying the sinister Monsters and Villains, that humanity's aegis was no more. Fortunately, the Heroes Association came prepared, and recruited a slew of new Heroes, to defend humanity, against the new coming Monsters and Criminals.

What our Server features :
〚⑄〛High standard staff
〚⑄〛Fun ooc activities
〚⑄〛Self roles
〚⑄〛Custom roles given after B class
〚⑄〛6 Power Tiers
〚⑄〛Revitalized locations
〚⑄〛Neatly organized channels
〚⑄〛A system that supports Roleplay over numbers
The Hero Association is a brand new paragraph style roleplay server that takes place within the world of One-Punch Man. We're just a bunch of folks who want to be roleplayers for fun!

The server is 16+ and is a minor-safe environment. The server is lighthearted and encourages creativity!

Canon characters AND OCs are allowed! There are handy templates and resources to help you get started.

Hop on in and join the fun!
A friendly anime community, Friendly staff and non toxic people.. 😊

alright pals let's discuss one of the coolest animes ever: opm!! most of the one punch man servers i've seen are rps, and that's valid, but i just wanted to make a plain old discussion server. requirements to join: just. . . don't be an a-hole. (no anti-lgbtq or racist remarks and you'll be good) (and no p*dophillia or inc*st! jfc.) anyway, i hope the rules aren't too strict for u (lmao) and u'll join!
btw discussion of other animes, including jjba, golden kamuy, dragon ball, naruto, evangelion, and any studio ghibli movie, is hella encouraged so if u wanna come on down then come on down.
if you're a cosplayer and would like to show off what animes you have cosplayed from that is also encouraged! as i myself am a cosplayer :3
this is not a strictly nsfw server but if you would like to share something lewd but not problematic i can make a nsfw channel for 18+ members.
A new OPM server
Monsters showed up years ago and heroes was made by a Man who has been dead years after. Aliens have appeared because of a Huge alien transport crashed on earth
They are either working for the heroes or.. other but they are against monsters too.
This server was created with the purpose to keep you up late at night chatting/arguing with others! It's mainly focused towards One Punch Man but is also a place where people can talk freely about they're own favorite manga/anime. We are super lenient towards our members since I've been banned 8 times in 8 different servers for saying stupid things and so, know what it feels like to get muted or banned over small incidents. Many offensive words are permitted in this server because we believe that as long as you're not using a specific word against someone, there is no need to punish you! We are still fairly new and need members that are willing to chat and hang around while also knowing that the server is dead as of right now with the occasional convo here and there. That won't be the case anymore if you join us and help us grow!
Saitama se rindio, su mision de buscar a alguien que pueda suponer un desafio ya era mas que un simple intento en vano para el.
Esto dejo que muchos Kaijins puedan vagar por el mundo, la mayor parte de los Heroes de la Asosiacion de Heroes murieron, ahora...Queda que un nuevo legado de Heroes traiga paz al mundo.

-Creacion libre de Personajes

-Clases de Heroes y de Villanos

-Objetos y Habilidades obtenibles sobre el material original

Una linea alterna de la historia original, donde puedes rolear tanto como un heroe como un villano, a decision propia, los personajes principales no se encuentran presentes, por los que se necesitaran personajes que se encuentren a la altura.
La aparicion de Kaijins se volvio mucho mas comun, tambien, han estado apareciendo Vigilantes, cual sera tu bando?
This is a roleplay server based on the world of One Punch Man!

This is based a long time after the time of Saitama. Make a character and let them join in the hero association and join in the new age of heroes or make a villain and join in the new age of villany! What path will you choose?

Hope you join and have a nice time!
The first of its kind... Welcome to the One Punch Man Roleplay, Where you can join the world as anything, A Hero, A Villain, A Vigilante, A Monster, An Esper, And even a cyborg! This is a new Roleplay in need of memebers so if you like One Punch Man come on over to the server!
*-*-*Welcome to OPM Alternate*-*-*
In this Alternate Universe to the actual OPM try to become the Strongest Hero and save the world or become the Strongest Villain and rule it
This is an AU with OC heroes set in the present day of OPM canon. Monsters are gradually becoming more common, forcing the HA into a fever pitch for more heroes. Things remain stable, it's the present day, and at any moment an evil organization or a heinous monster could arrive to harsh humanity's buzz. Do your best out there, folks!
The HA was formed a bit differently in this AU. A young, exceptionally wealthy woman named Ana Conrad was rescued from a monster by a mysterious hero. Through a series of increasingly high-stakes shennanigans, she created the Hero Association mostly by accident and necessity to avoid being arrested for fraud.

Even though it was created by mistake, the Hero Association built itself up, proving its worth time after time and becoming a staple in the world. The association has close to a thousand heroes, with a decent sized roster of strong fighters and goofballs alike.

But, with mysterious beings, criminals, natural disasters, and unknown threats on the rise, the Hero Association is needed now more than ever in these trying times.
Welcome to the One Punch Man RolePlay - Stonestream Universe.
Our server is dedicated to the One Punch Man universe, though slightly altered and expanded - looking into the lives of other heroes as they go through the story as well.
We ask that you be polite and stick to the rules.
There will be plenty of opportunities for character building and your characters are free to be (almost) anyone they want to.
Make a villain, make a hero - have fun.
In a world where interdimensional rifts have granted access between several different dimensions (BNHA, OPM, HXH, JJBA) a team of selected individuals attempt to save the multiverse from any dangers that happen to arise.
Bonjours je vous présente mon serveur pour les fans de manga le serveur est basé sur tout les manga
S.A.I.T.A.M.A Academy
Welcome. Come one, Come all of all shapes and sizes into the world of S.A.I.T.A.M.A. A universe which is centred around the One punch man anime with several cross-over elements to allow some individuality and crazy story making. Will you take the role of a young and budding student in training in order to be the next world’s best hero? A shady Operative of the several IRP organisations that work in the background or take on a role as a part of the villainous pantheon and make the world quake beneath you. You come and decide your fate
What we have to offer:
- A completely unique open to immerse your characters in
- Unbiased ruling and no admin favouritism
- Frequent major rp events in order to keep yourself occupied
- Free open world to immerse yourself in on your down time
- And much more if you care to stay
- Creative freedom for character making (that's right you saiyans can come through to)
- we accept literacy of all levels
It is important to note that this server was made not long ago and is still in the beta test stage so excuse any form of inactivity while it starts up.
Hey there! If you’re looking to RP One Punch Man, I’ve got the place for you! This is a new server on Discord dedicated to OPM RPs, and really any OPM discussions. The setting takes place (in canon) after the first season of OPM to be inclusive of all fans dedicated to the fandom! This is an 18+ server due to NSFW themes (sexual and violent). To give some preface, the server starts as a group chat created for heroes to connect and discuss "business"; not everyone is completely professional, or even...genuine in who they are. If you’re interested, connect to get the full run down and see the rules! No OCs, sorry!

Taken Characters:

Speed-o’-Sound Sonic
Metal Bat
If you want a place to express your love for manga/anime then join our community make some friends and chill.
A discord dedicated to Older!Mob x Reigen shippers who want to get to know other people in the Mob Psycho 100 fandom.