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▫️new, fresh n ready to grow 🌻
🍙 aesthetic and cute server
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‣ Welcome to convivial! This is a slightly more minimalistic approach to your average discord server. We will provide the same things as many others but simply on a smaller scale that is much easier to dive into. The majority of servers are crowded with people, making it tough to introduce yourself or become a part of the community, and are confusing to sift through with as many as 50+ channels for every little thing out there. At convivial we hope you find an easygoing, tightknit community that has no strings attached. It is simply that. A hub for you to reside and hangout.

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I've made this server for those who enjoy a more minimalistic approach to a Discord server. I have seen a few people do it, but I'm trying to make it a bit better. The channels are what is seen before you, custom roles can be requested. Have fun. No rules here, guys.
chaleur is a discord server made for everyone. we invite everyone of color, sexuality, personality, etc+. welcome to your new family ~