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Join the Official Discord for Medical and Health Sciences Professionals! This server is an educational server for anyone who is interested in the medical field. We hosts discussion, practice questions, keep up with medical news and more! And of course, have fun! Please note- this is not a place to ask for medical advice.
A friendly place where you can talk to other people who like BBC's 'Doctor Who'.
Hello! We are the Doctor Who Roleplay! We have recently started out for this server but we do have experience making servers. There are multiple doctors and companions for you to be and if you really want you can be a cyberman or Dalek
This server is where you can roleplay being a medic of any sort!
Also, when you join, please don't leave. We need many people to actually start this server, so please stay until it gets up and running. That's when the real fun will begin!
We are a roleplay server based off of the hit tv show grey's anatomy! All of the roleplaying happens inside of the server and we have multiple channels for each setting. Join to find out more information! :)