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Welcome to the beginning of your Charmed Life!

Set in present day San Francisco, California, the current cycle of Good versus Evil has come to a standstill, neither side able to overcome the other. The only hope that remains for the good of the supernatural world is to wait for the emergence of chosen ones capable of turning the tide to preserve the "greater good." The issue with that is, the chosen ones are latent, unaware of their own existence as magical beings and living their lives as regular humans. As one of those humans, you have just decided to move into Chrysanth Manor, about to embark on your journey of discovering your magical heritage as you try to live your life however you wish.

Inspired by the TV series, Charmed (Original), the lore offered in this server diverges from the series so that you, your friends, and anyone else, can be a part of the story as main characters. You have the freedom to choose how to live your supernatural life as one of the many unique races we offer here, such as Witches, Whitelighters, and even races such as Demigods and Dæmon.

We offer:
+ Unique lore and races
+ Freedom to choose your powers
+ Literate roleplay
+ Multiple channels for you to chat and role play
+ An overarching plot that you can freely follow
+ Interactive quests and side plots
+ A safe environment for anyone respectful to the rules
+ Friendly, active, and competent staff team
+ And more for you to find out!

If you're interested and wish to check us out:
The year is 3100. Everything seems to be in peace in the city of San Francisco until trouble stirs with demon trouble as an innocent become mysteriously killed and only the Halliwell family would know but unfortunately they are dead having sacrificed themselves in a fierce battle to stop the Source of al Evil three years ago and no one know the true truth about them and the news writes them being killed in an unfortunate accident. As such, the Elders find three siblings that they deemed to be the next Charmed Ones to fight against the new evil .

The series narrative follows a trio of sisters, known as The Charmed Ones, the most powerful good witches of all time, who use their combined "Power of Three" to protect innocent lives from evil beings such as demons and warlocks.

However, in Charmed: The Next Generation, the lore and plot revolves around a new generation born after the Charmed Ones passed away. In this generation, the offspring of the Charmed Ones moved out of the Halliwell manor and sold it. In this generation, there are no Charmed Ones. In this generation, the new group of witches and other species defend themselves against the threats of evil.

【 The server offers...】

✦ New Charmed roleplaying experience

✦ Upper - level characters availability

✦ Friendly community

✦ Traditional combat system

✦ Balanced system

✦ Crackheads

✦ Still improving
This is a server that circles around the Charmed 2018 Reboot.

We offer :
And a Safespace for all

All is welcome
The charmed ones move their families to a little town called Beacon Hills just in time for the ghost riders to make an appearance. Join as a canon from Teen Wolf or Charmed (Original) or an OC!
We are a Charmed roleplay server that combines the Original series with the Rebooted series.
A server that's inspired by the old and TRUE Charmed series, here we'll have three sisters, whitelighter and other characters! We need you, our potential members, to join us!