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Hello weary traveler, welcome to the MVPs (18+)

We usually main one game at a time, but are always down for co-op shenanigans so feel free to suggest other games to play.

We are all friendly and welcoming, and only ask that you treat other people the way you want to be treated...basic shit!

Level based system due to activity creates new name colours and unlocks perks!

We all look forward to meeting you and doing some good old killing together!
Serwer niekoniecznie gejmingowy (choć i taka tematyka się pojawia) przeznaczony do swobodnych i luźnych rozmów w gronie znajomych. Nie należysz do grona? Nie musisz! Bardzo chętnie zapoznamy nowe osoby.
Nasza "oferta" skierowana jest do każdego, kto chciałby poznać grono wspaniałych, pomocnych przyjaciół, z którymi można porozmawiać na dowolny temat, wymieniać się zdjęciami, nawiązywać trwałe relacje.
Na serwerze prowadzimy własne "radio", które czasem odpalamy ;) Jeśli masz predyspozycje idące w tym kierunku i jesteś osobą godną zaufania, być może sam będziesz miał okazję zagrać? :)
Serwer obsługuje team administracyjno-moderatorski, jak również dwa boty: dyno i statystyczny. Nie mamy jakichś sztywnych i nie wiadomo jakich zasad, jeśli jesteś normalną, spokojną osobą, zdecydowanie znajdziesz u nas wymarzone miejsce dla siebie. Grono osób na serwerze nikogo nie hejtuje, są to osoby otwarte wobec każdego. Bardzo chętnie nawiążą one nowe kontakty!
Każda nowa osoba zawsze ma szansę wnieść na nasz serwis coś od siebie, przedstawić pomysł, czy też wykorzystać swoje wyjątkowe umiejętności do polepszenia jakości naszego miejsca. Nie jest to w żadnym wypadku wymóg, aczkolwiek szanujemy i popieramy ciekawe rozwiązania. Lubisz czatować kreatywnie? Mroooook jest zdecydowanie miejscem dla Ciebie!
Chcesz miło spędzić czas? Zapraszamy już dzisiaj! ;-)
Welcome to Demon! We are an established fortnite clan with over 4000 members. We have a casual and a pro team and are interested in new members for both.

We’ve been around for over a year and in that time we have achieved a lot.

We can offer:
• Active and talkative members
• A chance to join Demon if you are good enough
• A skilled pro team with members that recieved earnings in several tournaments
• New people to meet and socialise with
• Content Creators, Streamers, GFX and VFX
• RC and Self-promote channels where all videos are watched by staff where you will have a chance to get recognised or join Demon!
• Instagram and Youtube accounts with videos and montages

I'm looking forward to you all joining and hope you enjoy it here
Serwer 14+
Ogarnięta administracja
Posiadamy auto role
Fajna atmosfera
Można się fajnie zintegrować❤
Jesteśmy otwarci na wasze propozycję dotyczące serwera😊
Игровой сервер где можно найти хороших тиммейтов в любую игру и пообщаться :3
Welcome to team Cecrified

We are a Professional team

we have insta twitter youtube and everything

we will provide our team with teamtages, introdoucing videos and we will try to be very active.

In the future we will pay you for gfx and vfx how much will you get payed

a simple picture $0
good we decide together
very good we also decide together
professionel we also decide together
so basiclly the better=more money

we are looking for
pro players
comp players
creative players
and more

What we offer
600+ followers on IG
introducing videos
non toxic community
fun youtube videos

and more

What we wish/want from you
we want you to clip highlights to put in a teamtage (you get shoutouts)
have a social media
have a mic

what we NEED from you
non toxic
non racist

We have alot of cool bots you can use we have modmail and we have appbot + mee6 we use appbot for applications when someone is trying to join
and we use modmail when someone needs help and mee6 does the rest.

our discord server has around 50 active members

the owner of the team has 140 subs on youtube and is growing day by day
If you join the discord server go to 'how to apply' and do what it says to join the team.
📌 C'est quoi la Olympe :

La Olympe est une team qui a pour but de réunir une communauté de joueurs autour d'un ou plusieurs jeux !

📌 Nous sommes actuellement en période de recrutement !
Nous recherchons des :

• Gérants
• Membres
• Recruteur
• Animateur
• Et bien d'autres

Les gérants sont les responsables de la team sur les différents jeux où la Olympe possède un clan/guilde ou autre regroupement de joueurs sous le nom de Olympe.

📌 Mais la Olympe c'est aussi

• Des mini-jeux
• Un discord avec de nombreuses fonctionalités
• Des Youtubeurs/Streameurs
• Une Team sur de nombreux Jeux : CS:GO | Warframe | LoL | Minecraft | Apex | R6 | Fortnite etc...
|| About ProBotGaming ||

ProBotGaming is a BR/MP Ranked clan willing to dominate all challenges in CODM and place a rank in top clans worldwide! We are Oceania based but are open to all nations as we strive to become the best! If you think you have what it takes and require the skill feel free to put an application in the in game clan and clan recruitment channel as we’ll trial to see what your capable of! Consistency is the key and you must be an active gamer!
4 lata na discordzie

serwer SaneteX - 300 osób
serwer New SaneteX - ?
Pomóż nam pobić rekord!

Serwer na którym możesz do woli reklamować swoje serwery discord oraz znaleźć swoją wymarzoną drużynę Esportową lub graczy do tej drużyny.
Box📦 is a team dedicated to bringing out the best in people.
Fill out an application form in the discord to find out if you have what it takes.
Es lohnt sich wir haben :

Casino-Spiele -- Gute Ränge -- Sehr guten Partner-Service und

wir entwickel gerade einen Faction Server / Deswegen suchen wir Builder

also schaut mal vorbei :)

Здесь можно найти игроков с которыми можно пообщаться и набрать адекватную команду для игр
Who are we?
We are a new clan/team for multiple games, such as Rainbow or COD.

Do we play other games?
Yeah, though not in a team. If you want you can suggest games.

What makes our team so special?
Well to be honest, not much. If you were hoping to find some kind of special team or something then sorry to disappoint you.

Why should you join?
To help us reach our goal. Or to meet new people, the more we grow the more people right? Well who knows who you could meet, or what games others would want to play with you.

What is our goal?
To be able to play in tournaments, to be able to be recognized in tournaments and to grow. To be able to get people to play with each other and get people into playing games.
Hello! This is one of the Team Breezy leaders. We are concentrated mainly on CSGO at the moment. If you would like to join the team please check out the discord server. See you there!
Sever discord dedicato a Rainbow Six, Server competitivo. Faremmo dei tornei con premio soldi. Vi aspettiamo in tanti, e buon divertimento.
Team Manticore is a competitive fortnite team on the rise join the server for more info. Also there are tournaments for money
Nous sommes une structure E-sportif voulant regrouper les meilleurs joueurs clavier/souris et manettes.
This is Team Module. We are a Fortnite Team on the rise. If you would like to take on this challenge with us of growing to be the next big team join up.
Welcome to The Slavic Association.

Our unique server offers a variety of engaging community discussions on the topic of pretty much anything, of course primarily based around Slavicism and such.

No, we are not communists, but we certainly do approve of the ideology.
Our main goal as of right now is to seek additional members to help fuel our community's overall environment and activity, with an ultimate dream of reaching a stable, protected and active stage of peace.

Keep in mind anyone can join this server - being of Slavic origins is not a necessity whatsoever! It is a widely accepting, LGBTQ+ safe environment. Our moderation is strong in order to ensure the safety of our members.

Even if you don't decide to join, please do have fun with the rest of your day.
*| Impulse is recruiting ! |*

- Competitive players with placements.
- Professional Designers and Editors.
- Content Creators.
- Hosts for customs.
- ***ALL*** management.
- Competitive: minimum $200 earnings.(Fortnite & COD)
- Designer and editor: Be able to design for Xyla members and have good. business and good designs, (of course. Same for an editor).
- Content creators: Stream and/or upload daily and minimum of 1000 followers .


This is a clan that is all games and all systems NAE and NAW based though we have a great mod team and if you need anything we are always available