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#Bonjour à toutes et à tous, je vais vous faire la description de la Mistix.
**1. Qui sommes-nous ?
Nous sommes une team qui a étais créé le 05 juillet 2020, Nous sommes actuellement dans les 10 membres c’est pour cela que je fais appelles à vous nous avons de grandes ambitions.
2. Nos ambitions ?
Nous voudrions faire des ShowMatchs des tournois et s’entraîner en scrim pour plus de perf dans la team et toujours plus nous améliorer.
3. Que recherchons nous ?

Actuellement nous cherchons :
Des joueurs CS :5 joueurs
Des joueurs consoles :7joueurs
Coach :0/2
Des Modérateurs : 0/2

4. Autres

Malgré que nous allons créer le serveur il n'y a pas si longtemps nous avons déjà bien développer le serveur, nous sommes déjà à 10 membres dans le serveurs c’est pour ça que je fais appelles à vous pour vous demander si vous pourriez faire un petit tour dans notre serveur. Nous sommes actuellement baser sur le jeu fortnite battle royale en mode compétitif. Nous ne savons pas encore si nous allons nous diversifier dans d’autres jeu.
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**Notre serveur discord :
-Cordialement la Mistix
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Founded in July 2020 | Gaming Organization | | [email protected] | | Nock-till-luce-ent
Hello, I am the owner of Team Vex Official (a gaming community) if you want to join you can, the Community creators highly recommend it. For example it consists of Great and welcoming staff, Moderator applications, and Giveaways if we get donations and many more different and interesting people inside. Join now to see and find out what other secrets our Team has!!! Also you might get some free stuff!!! 0-0
**Gaming clan ~ Tempest**
*Tempest is a new Gaming clan, multi-platform looking for skilled players*

**1. Why join us? **
Tempest offers a variety of unique concepts .
- We have custom tournaments weekly as well as zone wars.
- These tournaments may hold cash prizes depending on the amount of people.
- Tons of clan wars against other fortnite clans.
- On top of this, we have active staff and community.

**2. How to join? **
- To join Tempest you will 1 vs 1 a member of the clan and if you do well you will be in Tempest.

**3. What we are looking for? **
- We are looking for active members.
- Competetive fortnite members
willing to take part in clan wars and scrims.
- Players who can help our clan grow.

**4. Requirements for Tempest **
- Be good at zone wars and pubs.
- Be prepared to take part in clan wars and scrims.
- Be loyal and trsutworthy.

**Finally, enjoy your stay at Tempest. If you have any questions feel free to ask!
Qui sommes nous ?
- La AFX_esport est une team sérieuse basée sur Fortnite.

Qui recrutons-nous ?
- Nous recrutons UNIQUEMENT des joueurs de très bon niveaux qui font des performances dans les compétitions Fortnite.

Quels plateformes recrutons-nous ?
- Nous recrutons 8 Joueurs PC et 8 Joueurs console ( PS4/XBox).

Quel est notre but?
- Notre but est de devenir connu et passer sous la loi 1901.
We are a discord server that focuses on fortnite. We are a team, and host some tryouts. Our server also has a self promo channel, helping you grow. We also host customs and giveaways on stream.
Do you main a Spirit Blossom champion in League Of Legends? and want to get tips from other main. or just be in a nice community? then join now.

⠀In our Server🌸:
🌼 Challenges⠀
🌸 Find someone to play with
💮 Tribes
🌼 Friendly
🌸 Choose your own roles ⠀
💮 Bot Commands
🌼 Music
🌸Share Your Art
💮Week Challenges
🌼Play Of The Week
🌸Fun Bots
🌸And More And More!
Hey, While you're looking add it. Why don't you join for a bit and come chill in our r6 lobbies. We are a r6 focused team. We have multiple needs for hire: A GFX artist for our logo, a Team Coach, and a team (ofc). We have space for up to 6 ranked teams, 6 casual teams and a learning spot for all the new guys.

Come check it out.


Head of Pagea eSports
C'est un serveur créer pour réunir la communauté Gaming. Vous pouvez rencontrer des gens pour jouer ensemble.
🎉 Faite ta pub devant plus de 2000 membres 🎉

💻 Des salon Communauté jeux vidéos 💻

👥 Des partenaria youtuber et discord 👥
👉👉 rate pas tous sa 👈👈

⎈══════⎈ ABOUT RV⎈══════⎈

Rv Is An Upcoming Esports Team, This Team Was Founded At 8/8/2020, Our Main Goal Is To Give A Chance To Underrated Players To Prove Themselves, We Try to provide our players with the best enviroment to develop themselves, We Are An Invite Only Team And Based On Your Performance You Will Be Invited

⎈══════⎈ INTRODUCTION⎈══════⎈

The sole purpose of this Team being set up was for the development of a healthy gaming community. We try and provide players with the right environment to help them develop themselves. At present our main focus is fortnite and we are most active on the middle eastern servers. We host tournaments from time to time (Powered By Clarity)
Current Tournament: Dreamhack Online

Team Salty is a new Fortnite and Overwatch team created by @saltychubs and his partner @chxlyl on Instagram. The clan Is open for tryouts from 11am EST to 9pm EST. We are constantly looking for:
•Competitive Players
•GFX Editors
•Creative Warriors
•Creative Map Builders

What we can offer:
•A Friendly Non-Toxic group
•A Competitive Team
Hello everyone this server is a Fortnite clan. In this server, people will be able to play competitive Fortnite and play Fortnite just for fun come join us to have fun
Serwer 14+ dla ludzi z dystansem do siebie
Luźne rozmowy na każdy temat ❤️
Ogarnięta administracja
Spoko atmosfera
If you are finding for a SO2 family then we are here......lets binod togather lmao...
Welcome to Valorant EU:

- Talk / Chat with people
- Make friends
- Find people to play with
- Ranked & Unranked Voice channels
- In-Game Rank roles
- Patch notes
We are a competitive and content creating fortnite clan looking for new members! We host tourney clan wars and are very active!
Førbidden™️ was founded by an experienced and compromised group of players, looking to establish ourselves as one of the best eSports clans in North America, our goal is to achieve a highly competitive and professional environment for our players to push their boundaries.
This Is A Discord Server That Supports Search And Destroy If you Are Looking For A Server Where You And You're Friends can talk threw This Is The Thing For You. We Also Have Lots Of Cool Bots Channels, Roles And Lots More Come Join The Server You Wont Regret It!
Welcome To The Team InVerse! Disboard Page
-We offer good cracked/NON-TOXIC Players and freinds
-We are a new and Upcoming Team Owned by Me Amnesia And My Girlfriend!
-We are setting up to become a top tier Team JOIN NOW!!