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Welcome to the DbDRP server! We're happy to have you here!

**This server is only meant for those who are 18 or older. If you are found out to be a minor by any of the mods, you WILL be banned both from this server as well as all the other partnered servers! This is your only warning!!**

Welcome! This is a roleplay server based around the horror game, Dead by Daylight! Spectators are welcome to join as well! We welcome anyone who is a fan of the game! Crossovers, OCs, and AUs are also welcome! There are color roles, meme channels, NSFW channels, gaming channels, and even venting channels for everyone. We also welcome kins and systems, and even have categories especially for them.

Depending on the number of people that join, we will host a variety of events with giveaways as rewards! These events will include art events, gaming events, and roleplaying events, and the rewards may be DLC content for DbD!

We also have fun, random daily Q&As for characters. You may answer these questions about your characters for development purposes as well as to help others know more about your character and how you choose to portray them!

There are many fun bots to interact with, including Groovy, Nekobot, Dank Memer, qtChan, Pluralkit, Toddbot, and more!

We hope you join and enjoy your stay!
𝗕𝗿𝗶𝗺𝘀𝘁𝗼𝗻𝗲 ✶ 𝗖𝗮𝘃𝗲 is a Discord server ran by my socially-awkward self to attempt at making friends and a community for horror-fans. You are much welcomed to join this little server which has a lot of growing and SCREAM your love for horror, out loud! We may not have much right now, but with your help we can make this an active and growing horror-related server for all of us to enjoy. Pretty much anything creepy or scary is allowed, but slasher stuff is still favoured.
So what are you waiting for? Come and tell us about everything you LOVE about horror because it is one great genre!
Hello and welcome to DBD Roleplay!

Now while this server is mainly for RPing it is also open to people just talking about and enjoying the game as a whole. So we really welcome anyone here!

Please remember to check the rules when you first enter and all that fun stuff! Anyways I hope you enjoy our server!

🔸 Slightly strict server
🔸 Roleplay server
🔸 Dead by Daylight
🔸 Be nice and we’ll be nice back!
An 18+(nsfw for violence. Sexual themes will not be allowed.) Horror roleplay server where you can roleplay different slashers or just hang out and talk about your favorite movies, video games, or other horror related topics!
In this rp server it doesn't follow the plot as any horror fandom but you can use characters in them. If you do join hope you have fun we also have friendly and active staff
Feel free to join if you enjoy slashers~ share art, cosplay, headcanons, and other fun stuff! :^)
This is the server, fully redone and updated, for OC characters and maps. Main server link
A server with random people and my friends. This was particulrarly made to be cringy, neither it's holy church of morals. Just chat, share, (shit)post, cringe and inhumane. The only rules - don't post something that covers more than 2 scrolls at once and don't behave like an angsty teenager or stalk people.
A new server for fans of the horror genre, from movies to books, to games and everything in between.

We do have an rp channel!
In the town of Harrison (no relation to the real town), a curse was placed upon an abandon warehouse by an unknown darkness, it was filled with malice and the darkness of the magic which lays underneath the eyes of humanity. This horrible place was hidden by a powerful shaman who tried to remove the evil from it after some reports of people disappearing inside, and it was completely wiped from the maps. People in the town were safe from it for decades, blissfully unaware, but, there was a bit of a hidden problem with the magic, it can be pierced by the people with most disturbed minds, and even attracted them. Since the dark forces within the warehouse knew that they wouldn't get too many opportunities to kill people by just sitting passively in the run down building, they turned whoever wandered through their door, into a horrible monster, filled with power that was beyond human strength, and released them to hunt down as many people as possible and kill them to spread the influence of evil, starting with the small little town. That is where all of you step in, teenagers, cops, parents, whoever you are, this is your chance to help break a curse that has been placed upon this world for years, and possibly prevent the deaths of hundreds, hell maybe even thousands. But, remember, these killers are everywhere, they stalk you, hunt you, they have there own little fetishes that they follow so they won't kill you instantly, but the clock is short and it is either them, or a community of people. So, grab your weapons and make sure to double tap as you are thrust into this game of death.
This is Slasher and we need some scares on here so come here and get your scare on! The Doctor is waiting...
🎃 | Welcome to FRIGHTFUL, A place where you and your friends can indulge in quality Horror RP! {STILL IN DEVELOPMENT}
Hey! Welcome to the “Horror Creatures Who Need Luv” server!
Here you can:
•Talk to others
•Roleplay (as ocs or the characters)
•Just chill

From what you can tell from the title of the server, we just talk or even roleplay about our favorite underrated monsters of horror!

But we of course have rules:

•Do not bully
•Cursing is allowed
•Don’t hate each other’s opinions, it’s childish
•Just have fun and enjoy your stay!