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ShadowHaven is a Shadowrun 5E living community where PCs take missions from a job board and are put into temporary teams to complete these tasks. This simulates the in canon aspect of freelancers working together in the short term. Our setting has memory and events impact the direction of the overarching story. Make decisions that impact the fall of corps, the rise of anarchists and who will own the drug trade. Join ravenous advocates for less fortunate people and corporate managers organizing megamergers in a cyberpunk dystopia. Make personal choices for your PCs that will either reverse the flow of Ponzi schemes and bring comlinks to under served communities or gather lobbyist allies, corporate power and black markets serving your whims. Use your faction reputation to have the police falsely arrest enemies or have hacktivists spread forbidden corporate knowledge and drive down stock prices. Discover insights in our role-playing rooms where players share details to reveal hidden plots. Explore our history with an extensive player driven wiki. Join our discord and have helpful staff help you build your first PC!
The year is 2080, and the world has only gotten meaner. Magic came back into the world nearly seventy years ago, bringing orks, elves, trolls, dwarfs, dragons, and all kinds of spells and magical critters. Dragons and megacorporations alike gather their hoards, uncaring of who they stomp on to amass their treasure. Government power has faded as the corps wrap international economies around their bejeweled fingers. Most people survive by selling their souls to the megacorps, slaving away for their entire lives to stay safe and fed.

Some people, though, aren’t willing to sell out. They don’t fit into the mold the corporations have prepared for them. They live in the cracks and margins of society—in the shadows. To survive, they do the things others won’t, performing the grey ops the megacorps need in order to keep up with the competition.

You are one of them. There are cracks in the world. They’re slender, dark, and often cold, but they are the only things that keep you hidden. Keep you alive. They are the shadows of the world, and they are where you live. You are a Shadowrunner, thriving in the margins, doing the jobs no one else can. You have no office, no permanent home, no background to check. You are whatever you make yourself. Will you seek justice? Sow seeds of chaos? Sell out to the highest bidder? It’s up to you, but this much is certain—if you do nothing, the streets will eat you alive.
So, chummer, think you got what it takes to make a name for yourself in the shadows?
In 2080, Delirium City was named number 1 party town in the United States, with it's collection of bars and other hot spots it quickly became a haven for crime and corruption.

Cyberpunk RP/hangout server.
Shadowrun 2080 is a Shadowrun Living Community server for Shadowrun 5th Edition. We run games almost every day of the week, and try to stick as closely to the core rules as possible (No endless pages of house rules to learn!). We welcome everyone from veterans of the series to brand new players who have never heard of shadowrun before now. Come join us and be part of one of the biggest, most active Shadowrun communities online today!
Critical No ist der Versuch, eine Pen & Paper Online/Discord Community aufzubauen, in der man sich jederzeit zu einer Runde Pen and Paper verabreden kann. Viele kennen das Problem, dass entweder der Freundeskreis kein ausreichendes Interesse am Pen & Paper hat, oder einfach die Zeit nicht reicht, um sich jede Woche mit der Gruppe zu Treffen. Aus welchem Grund auch immer die eigene Gruppe nicht zusammenfinden kann, Online Dienste wie Discord sind eine gute Alternative. Selbstverständlich ist es nicht dasselbe wie an einem Tisch zusammensitzen, allerdings deutlich besser als gänzlich auf Pen & Paper zu verzichten. Aber auch für Neulinge ist es eine gute Methode in die Thematik einzusteigen.
Gewürfelt wird mit einem Bot, also per Chat Befehlen, alternativ können Gruppen natürlich zu Diensten, wie Roll20 oder Tabletop Simulator greifen.
Wir bieten für alle möglichen Systeme eigene Raumgruppen an, in denen man sich über das System unterhalten kann und andere Interessierte für eine Runde finden kann.
Bisher bieten wir unter anderem Call of Cthulhu, Dungeon and Dragons, Shadowrun, Savage World und noch viele mehr. Sollte euer Lieblings System nicht dabei sein, schreibt ihr einen Admin an und wir erstellen eine eigene Sektion dafür. Desweiteren gibt es für jedes System eine Spieler und eine Game Master Rolle (Game Master - Spielleiter). Je nachdem, was gebraucht wird, erleichtert dies die Suche.

Bei Fragen und Ähnlichem, einfach an die Admins wenden, oder mal auf dem Server vorbeischauen.