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Welcome to New World. Our current time is in the year 2040. Humanity has drastically changed from our own time. We have become more advanced. Create a nation. Fight wars for land. Negotiate with other countries. Launch rockets.
- AnimePanda Server Owner
So, when I was ever so young a girl, in the days when AOL ruled the internet and away messages were still a thing, we had roleplay chatrooms. My personal favorite was a particular fantasy-themed one, a tavern where all manner of fantasy creatures could come to play. (This was an AOL chatroom, of course. AOL keyword Tavern or something, lol.) There were witches, there were weary leatherclad travelers from the woods, there were gnomes, there were changelings, there were dark angels like my character I invented when I was get the idea. I had glorious battles with people and drinks at the bar. It was just utterly grand. :D

I really miss that, I'm kind of sad during these weird times, so here I am, opening a virtual pub. <3 It's time to re-open: The Tavern.

All manner of fantasy creature and character are welcome. Strong preference given to OCs, and there are no limits on how many limbs you can and can't have, or tails, or wings. The bar serves everything from blood for the vampires to essence of luck, distilled from the farthest meadows of the Salmarine. It is always open.

Most roleplaying will occur in the main common room, with the bar and the front door, with lots of cozy chairs around and a roaring, warm fire. There are also breakaway private rooms designed for groups, and smaller ones for guests to stay overnight. They are all named after fantasy creatures.

The server is completely SFW; you may request a partner for NSFW RP off-server but the server itself is SFW and therefore open to all ages.

I will be playing my dark angel character as well the innkeeper so everyone can get their drinks and have someone built-in to interact with. My bartender is a steadfast woman named Bexa, and my dark angel is a master swordswoman with twin silver rapiers and silver wings.

If anyone else has a burning desire to play a bartender or otherwise work at The Tavern - as a maid or a barback or something - just let me know.

There are good rules and moderation; I don't stand for harassment of any kind, especially of women. There's a mini fighting system as well for battles.

Come one, come all: the doors of the Tavern welcome you. <3
Welcome to our Interplanetary Boogaloo! (18+)

Here in our semi-futuristic world you might encounter various aliens, cyborgs, technology, and (of course) humans. Technology hasn’t quite reached advanced AI in androids yet, but you might bump into a basic droid. Mecha suits aren’t commonly used, and have been outlawed in most territories. You won’t find any supernatural beings here, although some species have cracked the art of science-that-looks-like-magic, and sometimes even feats such as telepathy! Come on in, park up, and enjoy your adventures...

The general idea for this server is to provide locations for no strings attached interaction. All sexual NSFW content should be taken to DMs (the server remains an **18+ only** server). It’s basically a big old meet’n’greet!

Full rules are visible upon entry, as well as descriptions of our locations. So far we have:
~ Jessie's tavern
~ St. Jaker's hospital
~ The Fyshick Brother's junkyard
~ Lavender Deep Space Casino
~ Landing Bay/Market
~ The Alien planet Mertula
~ An underground fighting arena
~ Luxury/Middle/Lower tier housing

Feel free to suggest new locations too! We’re only just starting out – I hope to see you soon.
Milan Italy, a place overgrown with ivy colored walls beautiful buildings and secrets behind every door. The mafia runs the background, families compete for the top while the feds try to stop them. Will they be successful? Will one family rise to the top? Find out in our server Mafia: a race to the top.
-Multiple rp and interactive channels!
-Friendly environment with helpful staff!
-Chances to head your own mafia family!
An open RP server for any level of role-player! Rashida Pride is a lion pride for all ages! We promote activity among users and plan on hosting events for all sorts of goodies!
Welcome to Hope's Peak! You've heard it all before, this is a school just waiting to lure you in, Monokuma ready to watch the bloodbath begin!

-2 OPEN SPOTS, and infinite spots for those wishing to spectate!
-2nd gens allowed!
-limited DR CHARACTERS allowed! (returning students- you could say)
Set years after the final Killing Game, and where the Future Foundation had rid the world of Despair, it seemed Hope had finally won. Though, beneath the surface, Despair laid dormant, until an individual by the name of Hana Uteki sought to spread Despair once more, just as Junko Enoshima did. However, this mission started small. And, it all started with Class 93, where 16 students were kidnapped, wiped of their memories, and instead were given fabricated ones.
Here, the Killing Game awakens.
Welcome, to Hectic Hope Academy, the school for talented Ultimates.
Welcome to the Hectic Hope server! Here we have started on Season 1 of our role-play, where all spots are available! Here, we provide self-assignable roles, a mystery-like role-play, channels for spoilers, art, memes, and so on! You don't have to know Danganronpa to join as well, the information channels hold enough to grasp the concept of the role-play. Hop on by and be a spectator, or participate in the new Killing Game. We hope to see you soon!
In this Dragon Ball World anything can happen and it's your decision to make it happen. This is your Story this world takes after Goku's Journey comes to an end. This is 100 Years in the Future and from here on out what you do will affect the DB Multiverse.
Welcome to the fairly new BNHA rp server!
We invite everyone to join our little server for a fun rp experience, we are planning some events and looking to have people come and enjoy them.
Here are our rules:
1. You can pick one or more secondary characters after being active for over a week.
2. no god modding.
3. Try not to keep your rp partners waiting with no notice.
4. if there is anything that makes you uncomfortable, please let the @admin know and we will do whatever we can to make you feel comfortable.
5. Discrimination in any way is not tolerated. This rule if broken is grounds for being removed from the server.
These rules are important to making sure no one is being treated badly on the server and everyone is having fun!

If any of these rules are broken we have a three strike rule. If you break any of these rules more than three time you will be kicked off the server.